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Camp NaNo – Day 9


Previous totals: 408 sentences; 6,584 words

Day 9

  • Goal: 85 sentences (approximately 1,275 words)
  • Actual: 38 sentences; 744 words
  • Written: 3 sentences for Day 63 (Mar 4), 5 sentences for Day 64 (Mar 5), 6 sentences for Day 65 (Mar 6), 7 sentences for Day 66 (Mar 7), 8 sentences for Day 67 (Mar 8), 9 sentences for Day 68 (Mar 9)
  • Notes: Had to run errands today which wore me out physically so I really didn’t get much done in the way of writing. Maybe tomorrow will be better?
  • Total sentences for the month: 446 of 2,252 (20%)
  • Total words for the month: 7,328 (including rewrites)
  • Actual “days” finished: 16 of 67 (24%)
At This Rate You Will Finish: May 22, 2019

Six Sentence Sample

He’d been so caught up in his own fear that he didn’t hear Tarvek’s hastily whispered reassurances to find the truth. Tarvek had to have known he was in a lot of trouble, but his first instinct was to protect Gil and Gil had-

He swallowed hard, finally meeting Tarvek’s hard eyes across the table.

-he had betrayed him while Tarvek was still trying to protect him.

Gil quickly looked away, mouth dry because if he had just listened maybe things would have been different. Then again, maybe not.

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More info about my Camp NaNo project here.
To catch up on “Uncalled For Actions”, a Girl Genius fanfic told in sentences, start with Part 1.

Part 8 is now available.

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