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Camp NaNo – Day 11


Previous totals: 572 sentences; 8,982 words

Day 11

  • Goal: 82 sentences (approximately 1,230 words)
  • Actual: 82 sentences; 1,197 words
  • Written: 19 sentences for Day 78 (Mar 19), 20 sentences for Day 79 (Mar 20), 21 sentences for Day 80 (Mar 21), 22 sentences for Day 81 (Mar 22)
  • Notes: I actually made my goal for the day despite only writing the last forty-five or so minutes of the day thanks to a doctor’s appointment and other errands wearing me out in the morning and forcing me to take a nap in the afternoon.
  • Total sentences for the month: 654 of 2,25 (30%)
  • Total words for the month: 10,179 (including rewrites)
  • Actual “days” finished: 29 of 67 (43%)
At This Rate You Will Finish: May 9, 2019

Six Sentence Sample

“My own sister! I can’t believe it.” He slumped against the wall. “Of course, I can believe it–she’s always up to something.” With that thought, he slid to the floor feeling like he’d been run over by a train. An emotional time-bomb of a train set in motion by Holzfäller.

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More info about my Camp NaNo project here.
To catch up on “Uncalled For Actions”, a Girl Genius fanfic told in sentences, start with Part 1.

Part 8 is now available.

Part 9 is now available!

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