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Camp NaNo – Day 17


Previous totals: 933 sentences; 15,430 words

Day 17

  • Goal: 33 sentences (approximately 495 words)
  • Actual: 20 sentences; 239 words
  • Written: 20 sentences for Day 92 (Apr 2)
  • Notes: Having a numb hand is more troublesome than I’d anticipated. It makes typing extremely difficult so I didn’t intend to do any writing for today, but I decided at the last minute to print off a few paragraphs I’d recently done and work on it long-hand. I managed to get something done like that so I’m trying it again tonight.
  • Total sentences for the month: 953 of 2,252 (42%)
  • Total words for the month: 15,669 (including rewrites)
  • Actual “days” finished: 39 of 67 (57%)
At This Rate You Will Finish: May 13, 2019

Six Sentence Sample

Tarvek took another paper that Gil snatched away from him, tearing it nearly in half. “Let me rephrase that in a way your small brain will understand–I don’t need your help. I don’t want your help.”

Grabbing another sheet, Tarvek snorted. “You don’t want it, but you definitely need it if you plan to eat any time today.”

Gil growled–hating Tarvek even more for being right.

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More info about my Camp NaNo project here.
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Part 8 is now available.
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Part 11 is now available.

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