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May Round-up

All things reading and writing.



I finished one full novel. I know, overwhelming. I just got busy making things for the baby (who should hopefully be here this weekend). I did also read several chapters of Unsounded (a webcomic) which is actually a lot. It’s taken me the better part of the last week or so to do that. That’s something.



Nothing. Well, as close to nothing as possible. Besides the first two days where I wrote blog updates, I only wrote two other days for less than 100 words each day. Editing. Pathetic but not a total loss, I guess. I’m still embarrassed that I didn’t even try. A grand total of 1,014 words for the month!


YTD total: 67,118

Streak: Still going strong with journaling at 881 days (since January 1, 2017)!


Hey, I actually did some editing. That’s progress. But only two days and nothing came of it. I did work on Heaven Can’t Wait and Girl Genius story I wrote last year.


Nothing. I never got around to typing up all Uncalled For Actions I have written because of the numbness in my hands.

Six Sentence Sample


Six sentences in the middle of what I was editing yesterday:

When he reaches for the box, Jasper backs into the hall, banging into Heaven on his way out.

She growls, baring her teeth. It’s adorable and manages to calm the anger building in his gut. “Enjoy it while it lasts,” he finishes, waving at Jasper who sticks his tongue out at each of them. Heaven mirrors the move in the fiercest way possible.

One of the kids on the table snickers.

From chapter 38 of Heaven Can’t Wait.

It’s been a long time (six months) since I even looked at this story. I got stuck and stressed out about it, but I’m hoping the new season will get me more inspired to work on it and figure out why I got stuck.

Six Sentence Sample


I decided I liked doing the sample posts at the end of working on something so every time I write something or edit a story, I’m going to post the six sentences right in the middle as proof I did something.

Here’s from a Girl Genius story I edited yesterday:

He tossed the book to the foot of the bed. It was open to a picture of a couple kissing. Ew.

Tarvek shoved the book off the bed. “What do you want to do now? We could play chess?”

May the Fourth Be With You


May Goals

Recap from April:

Reading: Well, I read one book. 50% is a fail, huh?. F
Writing: I still haven’t missed a day of my journal and my streak is still going strong, but I didn’t manage to catch up on Uncalled For Actions. I came really close, though. B-
Finishing/Editing: I completely forgot I was supposed to look at something other than my NaNo project. Oops. I edited some of the stuff I wrote, but thanks to a pinched nerve in my hand, typing everything up to post has been slow going. C
Posting: I didn’t quite do this because of the above mentioned pinched nerve. I can only type so much with my fingers constantly going numb so I’m behind on my editing/posting of what I did write. C

A lot of my issues this past month were health related. Between the numb hands and chronic fatigue, I’ve had to make a lot of changes in how I work and learn to live with having a lot less energy than I used to. It’s been a learning experience. D

May Goals:



  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • catch up on the days I still have missing from April for Uncalled For Actions
  • write all of my sentences in May for Uncalled For Actions


  • edit a story other than Uncalled For
  • type up and edit as much of Uncalled For as my hands will allow


  • post the chapters of Uncalled For that I get done
  • post one other story

Camp NaNo – Day 30 Finale Update


So Camp is finally over. I didn’t win. I didn’t really think I would, but I’m satisfied with how much I did get done although I probably could have gotten more if I’d put a little more effort in. Or played a lot less Sims.

But every NaNo event teaches me new things about writing and my limits. I’m currently learning to live with this chronic fatigue that eats all the energy I have physically and mentally. I can no longer expect 5k days and 50k months. I just can’t do it. My best day for April was the 27th when I wrote over 2,500 for the story. I did nearly 3k total for the 12th but half of that was rambling blog posts.

The worst part of the whole thing is I didn’t quite catch up with my sentences. I’m still six days behind so I can’t really let up yet. I’m so close I can taste it, though.

Day 30

  • Goal: 380 sentences (approximately 5,700 words)
  • Actual: 37 sentences; 589 words
  • Written: 29 for Day 114 (Apr 24), 8 for Day 115 (Apr 25)
  • Notes: Not much got done because my sixteen-year-old daughter convinced me to play Pandemic Legacy with her on our new dining room table. Board games are even worse than the Sims as distractions, but better because it’s spending time with the kids, I guess?
  • Total sentences for the month: 1,953 of 2,252 (87%)
  • Total words for the month: 29,659 (including rewrites)
  • Actual “days” finished: 62 of 67 (93%)
At This Rate You Will Finish: May 6, 2019

Six Sentence Sample

With a laugh, Gil patted Tarvek’s cheek as he headed towards the door. “I beat you oncce already.” Tarvek shoved him hard in the back, but Gil was expecting it, easily hopping with the momentum and staying on his feet. “See you in the morning, Sturmvoraus–I have a party to get back to that I was very much invited to.”

He waggled his fingers over his shoulder and slammed the oor seconds before something hit it with a dull thwump then fell to the floor.

“You owe me new trousers,” Tarvek shouted from the closed lab.

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