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Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~*~Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, in progress, for your cat — whatever.~*~

From Uncalled For Actions:

“Well, I think those memories were a little too much for Tarvek to manage yesterday–it happens when we’re away from our loved ones. They call it home-sickness.”

“Oh,” Gil said again even though he had no understanding of homesickness.  Castle Wulfenbach was the only home he knew, and there was no one here that he would miss if he left. Except Tarvek. The thought of being away from him even for one night left his stomach roiling and his heart aching.

Six Sentence Sample


From a future chapter of Uncalled For Actions I was working on last night (yes, I was actually writing!):

Miss Ziegler and several of the kids nodded in agreement, but Tarvek only stared at his paper, brow furrowed.

“And why’s that?”

His frowned only intensified, but then he took a deep, steady breath. “When I was little–before I came to Castle Wulfenbach–my father would get really busy so my mother would take my sister and me on picnics. It didn’t matter the weather. Even in the dead of winter, we would sit on wool blankets and eat steamy bowls of chowder in the snow.”

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