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Six Sentence Sampler



More from part 17 of Uncalled For Actions:

“Talk to me, please.” Gil felt tears welling in his own eyes and blinked them away–Tarvek needed him to be the strong one now. “Did I do something wrong again? I don’t understand–you know I’m stupid when it comes to, well, being around people.”

Tarvek shook his head, apparently unable to answer then just walked right past Gil into the small forest. Gil followed a few feet behind, his bloody fingers worrying the edge of his waistcoat.

On a side note… I’m almost caught up with my backlog of sentences for this story. I got horribly behind in March and nearly caught up in April, but never got the last six days done. Then I took all of May off. I now have only two more days from April left to write and then I’ll be into the June sentences which are resetting back to one sentence on the 1st. That should be quick to catch up. I’m hoping to be back on track this weekend (with part 17 posted today).

Of course, my daughter is being induced tonight so who knows when this baby will get here and how that will throw a kink in the works.

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