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Camp NaNo Strikes Again

2019-writerfacebook_coverOops, I was supposed to pick a goal before today, wasn’t I? July really snuck up on me this year with the new grandson, hurt cats, and lots of projects to get done. Not to mention still feeling constantly fatigued but trying to get the yard fixed up despite it. No rest for the weary.

I’m probably not in any condition to do NaNo right now, but since I failed in April, I’m going to try again. And probably fail again. Oh well. Can’t succeed if you don’t first try. Amirite?

So I’m going back to my goal from April: get caught up on Uncalled For Actions.

Back in April, my goal was to finish all of my sentences for February, March, and April before the end of the month. Well, I’m sad to say, despite all of that work, and only needing six more days at the end of April, I still haven’t finished those April sentences.

I have 34 left for April 30. Then I decided to take May off because I was burnt out and wanted to work on stuff for the baby. But because I never caught up with April, I also haven’t done any of the June sentences. So I’m way behind again. I could just call June a loss and start with one sentences today, but I’m going to try and get this done.

So the goal for July Camp is 1,925 sentences. 34 for April, 465 for June, and 1,426 for July. That will finish chapters 18 – 24. It comes out to 63 sentences per day which is slightly less than for April Camp.

That is if the story is still going. Based on where I am and what little I’ve plotted in my head, I should have plenty left to write. This story could be going on forever.

And don’t forget, if you’re participating in Camp NaNo or just want some fun motivation with your writing, check out 4thwords.com.


It’s a great writing site set up like an RPG game where you are a character fighting monsters with your wordcounts. During NaNo events, we run month-long special events with unique monsters, quests, and prizes that are only available for that event. So now is the perfect time to check out the site.

wignow_mdThere’s a 30-day free trial (perfect for doing NaNo), and after that, it’s $4.99/month. A good deal if you ask me. I’ve been a member since December 2015, and my writing and productivity have both increased greatly. I owe my 911-day streak of writing to 4tw. That’s 2 1/2 years or writing every day.

The site also has a forum filled with great writers of all genres and experiences. From the newbie fanfic writer to professional authors that actually make money (it’s a thing). I’m a mod there (@justanotherjen) so I’ll be around.

If you decide to check it out, use this referral code: WVBIY23608 that way if you decide to stick around and buy a subscription, we both get extra c-crystals (currency in the game used to by subscription time and cool goodies for your forum avatar).

July Goals


Recap from June:

Reading: Didn’t read the two novels I’d planned, but I did catch up on all of my webcomics. So… C?
Writing: Well this started out going great and then it all fell apart. I nearly caught up with the April days for Uncalled For but got stuck on the last day. It still isn’t finished which means I didn’t write any of the sentences for June at all. As for the journal… I actually forgot to do a day. Completely. I did make a blog post that day, but I never did the journal. It hurt, but I got over it. I kept my streak because of the fortuitous journal entry, but it was a reminder to be more diligent. F
Finishing/Editing: So, I did do part one of this goal. I edited a Red vs Blue fic. WIN! And I did type up all of Uncalled For that I wrote in April. Edited all of it as well. But I only barely glanced at Heaven Can’t Wait. Another C I guess.
Posting: Posted three chapters of Uncalled For that I wrote back in April (but also never got around to finishing/posting ones that were supposed to go up in June). And I posted another story so this is more of a win, I think. B

June was busy. My daughter was induced on June 5, so we spent most of the 6th and 7th at the hospital. The baby was born on the 7th. Then there was a period of recovery for me (my ankles swelled so huge I could barely get my shoes on from being on my feet for two days–sitting at my desk made it worse).

After that, one of our cats got hurt, so I took on some crochet projects for cash to afford the vet. The little shit got better on his own before I could get paid. But then all six cats got a cold. Most of them have recovered before I got paid. So all of this for… I still have two more projects to finish by the end of the week, and then, it’s just personal projects I started for the baby. Hopefully, I’ll find time to write this month. C (for effort despite the circumstances)

July Goals:



  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • catch up on the days I still have missing from April and June for Uncalled For Actions
  • do all of the days for July (for Camp NaNo) for Uncalled For


  • edit a story other than Uncalled For
  • edit/finish two chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • edit Uncalled For days as I finish them


  • post the chapters of Uncalled For that I get done
  • post one other story

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