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August Round-up

All things reading and writing.


A bit of success this month, finally. Finished up five books and caught up on all my webcomics. Nice.


Well, my writing wasn’t great this month but better than last month for sure. I did good the first week or so–writing every day–but then I just gave up. Until the end of the month when I decided to combine writing with walking. I used writing to break up the walking so when I’d get to a park or something, I’d stop to write a day’s worth of sentences for Uncalled For Actions. It really helped get me caught up and made me want to walk more so I’d do more writing.

Of course, I’m paying for it now with swelled feet and bum knee, but whatever–I got some writing done. 3,370 for the month.


YTD total: 78,447

Streak: Still managed to keep this up with journaling at 973 days (since January 1, 2017)!


Managed to edit and post part 19 of Uncalled For. I didn’t realize I actually wrote enough to do the next chapter until last night which is now edited but not yet posted (because that takes forever to format for all of the sites I use).


Uncalled For Actions, Part 18

Six Sentence Sampler

“Thank you, sire,” she mumbled then hurried away, snatching up the discarded tray and mugs from the floor.

Gil watched her go with relief before turning his attention back to the still smug-looking prince. “Why do you have to be like that?” he asked, matching Tarvek’s defensive posture.

“Why did you have to lie?” Tarvek countered.

Gil bristled. “I wasn’t lie-“

Six Sentence Sampler

“It’s okay, really–I’m fine.”

“I- I’m s- so sor- sorry,” she stuttered, sniffling. “If you’ll allow, I’ll have your shirt and waistcoat replaced immediately.” Her watery eyes slid up to his as her voice dropped to barely a whisper. “Please don’t tell.”

Gil’s eyebrows shot up under his unruly fringe of bangs.

Six Sentence Sampler

He needed to keep away from Tarvek for his own good.

His fingers fiddled with the vial in his pocket as he walked the mostly empty halls of the castle. Poisoning Tarvek for what that crazy Smoke Kight did to him was the opposite of emotional control. It was beneath him as the heir of the Empire, and it would make Tarvek mad, and a significant part of him hated the thought of Tarvek being even more mad at him.

That thought brought him back to the party last night. He touched his lips with a grimace as he remembered Anevka’s kiss.

Uncalled For Actions (18/?)

Days 120 – 126 of the experiment.


[PARTS 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 ]

Gil smiled in his sleep, childhood memories overwhelming him with familiar scents but unwanted feelings. He rolled to his side, hugging his pillow to his face.

Slowly, the familiarity waned and Gil pulled himself awake, slightly confused when he didn’t find himself in the greenhouse on Castle Wulfenbach. Or with Tarvek laying at his side, toes in the grass.

Just a dream, right.

With a heavy sigh, he sat up, stretching. The scent of wet grass hung in the air still from the open window near the bed. Gil peeked out, finding a misty rain coating everything including the sash.

He closed the window before setting about his day, pointedly not thinking about rain and picnics and best friends he could never have back. Read more…

Six Sentence Sampler

He swallowed hard–he hated lying to her, but he couldn’t tell her the truth. “Where is this coming from?” he asked instead. Coward.

She suddenly appeared at his side without a sound, face unreadable. “Answer the question.”

After everything that had happened the last few days, he wasn’t in the mood to deal with this.

Six Sentence Sampler

Tarvek rolled his eyes. I don’t care what people are saying about me.”

“You should. Immature, unstable, crazy–just some of the words overheard, and that was just visiting grandmama. You need to be careful.”

Tarvek turned, eyes hard on his little cousin.

August Goals


Recap from July:

Reading: I’m caught up on my comics which was half of my goal so…  C?
Writing: Complete failure. I wrote nothing except my journal (so I guess not a total failure then but nothing really productive creatively). F
Finishing/Editing: FAIL! I didn’t even look at any other stories so there was no finishing or editing of any kind for any story.F—
Posting: Also a complete and total failure since I didn’t edit anything, nothing was posted either. F

July was just… bad. I don’t have any excuses except I’ve just felt so worn down, especially towards writing. This chronic fatigue is annoying and confusing. Sometimes I have energy but for nothing of importance. I can never focus it towards writing. I did start walking the last week of the month thanks to a friend suggesting I download Pokemon Go again. I hadn’t played it since it came out because my phone couldn’t handle the app. Well, new phone, new goals. I walked 10km the first week and have already walked over 13km this week, usually with my daughters who have also gotten addicted.

This is major for me considering I can barely get out of bed most days. At the least, I can walk to the playground down the street that has a Pokestop. It’s something. Now if only I can get back to writing on a regular basis. F





  • edit a story other than Uncalled For
  • edit/finish two chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • edit Uncalled For days as I finish them


  • post the chapters of Uncalled For that I get done
  • post one other story

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