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It took me a while to figure it out–exactly who I am as a writer. Who am I? What do I write? What do I want to be known for writing? It all jumbled together, and I was unable to pull the knot apart. Then it hit me:


My identity as an original fiction writer is tightly intertwined with my identity as a fanfiction writer. Trying to separate the two is like trying to cut myself in half–it can’t be done.

My life as a writer didn’t really begin until I was thirty-four. In 2011, I began writing fanfiction for Stargate SG-1, with which I’d become more than a little obsessed. Having pre-made characters and settings along with a built-in fan base allowed me to focus on storytelling techniques while getting feedback and support. That year alone, I wrote over one hundred short stories. I found out I adore writing fanfic and will probably continue to do it long after I’ve become rich and famous (I can dream, right?).

Besides writing, I like to watch TV (where else would I get ideas for my fanfic), knit, and take pictures of my kids. I’m originally from Chicago, but live in a small town in Washington state with my husband, five children (who are now 19, 18, 17, 13 and 9), and one grandson (born June 2019). I’m a big sci-fi geek; Joss Whedon would be my god if I believed in gods. I’m also a hopeless romantic and love to read and write young adult fiction.


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