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about jen

It took me a while to figure it out–exactly who I am as a writer. Who am I? What do I write? What do I want to be known for writing? It all jumbled together, and I was unable to pull the knot apart. Then it hit me:

My identity as an original fiction writer is tightly intertwined with my identity as a fafiction writer. Trying to separate the two is like trying to cut myself in half–it can’t be done.

My life as a writer didn’t really begin until I was thirty-four. In 2011, I began writing fanfiction for Stargate SG-1, with which I’d become more than a little obsessed. Having pre-made characters and settings along with a built-in fan base allowed me to focus on storytelling techniques while getting feedback and support. That year alone, I wrote over one hundred short stories. I found out I adore writing fanfic and will probably continue to do it long after I’ve become rich and famous (I can dream, right?).

After a couple of years, I felt confident enough to set out into the world of original fiction. I wrote my first novel, Whatever It Means, in 2013. It’s the story of a girl dealing with the fall-out from the death of her sister, and her confusion over her growing feelings for her sister’s boyfriend. I’ve written other novels (all for NaNoWriMo) since then.

Making the Best of It, written in 2014) is a YA love story with a lot of miscommunication and mistaken identities when Kylie wins a fanfiction contest to meet the stars of her favorite television show. Too bad she never entered it, and her younger sister has stolen her identity. Now the lead thinks her sister is her, and Kylie is stuck hanging out with Lane, the “bad boy” on the show who has secrets of his own.

In 2015, I wrote Boys Like Mine about Skylar whose TV star older brother comes to live with her and their father, destroying the quiet life she’s built in a sleepy Pacific Northwest town.

I’ve yet to get one through revisions because I always get distracted by shiny new ideas.

Besides writing, I like to watch TV (where else would I get ideas for my fanfic), knit, and take pictures of my kids. I’m originally from Chicago, but live in a small town in Washington state with my husband and five children (who are now 16, 14, 13, 10 and 6). I’m a big sci-fi geek; Joss Whedon would be my god if I believed in gods. I’m also a hopeless romantic and love to read and write young adult fiction.


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