Day 190 of Isolation: A Sad Day in History

The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg died today.

A true American hero. I had hoped she’d hang on until after the election, but that’s selfish of me.

She was a truly amazing woman that girls could look up to and who fought for our rights. She will be missed.


Day 189 of Isolation: I Can Haz Keyz?

Last year, the right shift key on my fairly new laptop started acting up. It only worked some of the time, and then, it only worked if I banged on it for several seconds first. And then it just stopped working all together. I’m self-taught with my typing and only ever learned to use the right shift key so I had to retrain my muscle memory to use the left shift key. It was a pain, but I survived.

But then more keys started acting up. I noticed the right bracket key and the =/+ key stopped working all of the time. Then several keys on the number pad including the 2, ., – and the home and end keys weren’t working along with the number enter key.

Worse yet was when stuff on the left side decided to go out, namely, the 2, W, S and X. You do not realize how many Ws and Ss you use until you can’t type those letters. Sometimes they would start to work after pressing them a few times. Other days, it would take ten or more minutes of me randomly hitting them and the keys next to them in a blank file until they started working. And on those days, they would only work if I held the key down and pressed the one to the right which would type both letters so then I had to go back and delete the unwanted letter. But they “worked.”

Well, things were getting worse and worse with the keys working less of the time and taking longer to get them functioning every day. I had already researched plug-in keyboards as a workaround but my desk is very tiny. I don’t have space for a second keyboard. And this laptop is like two years old. It should not be broken yet.

I read something about the connections inside the laptop being lose causing the same keyboard issues in this model all over the place so I took the back off, shook out the crumbs and checked all the connections. They seemed tight, but I pressed on each one.

That got the keys working again, including the right shift.

For about three days. Then different keys started going out again.

At that point, I was resigned to either using an external keyboard for the rest of the time I have this laptop or expensive repairs. Then last night, I decided to play Sims 4 for a bit.

As soon as I got a house loaded, I remembered that the home and end keys don’t work which would make raising and lowering the walls in the house kind of annoying. Out of habit, I tried using them anyway. Low and behold, they worked. I tested them several times just to be sure. And when I typed in a cheat code, I had no issues with S or W. Weird.

I exited out of the game that night to do some writing only to find that every key on my keyboard worked just fine, including the right shift which was the first of the keys to stop working again after I “fixed” things. And even after that fix, the home and end keys, only worked for a couple hours. They’re mostly working just fine now. How I missed being able to use those keys to jump around text or websites.

Not sure what Sims did to the internal workings of my laptop besides heat everything up to burning your finger temperatures, but it worked. Next time the keys start acting up, I think I’ll just play a few minutes of Sims and see what happens.

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Day 159 of Isolation: Sleep Update

It’s been almost two weeks since I started my new meds. I’m still often sleepy, but the chronic fatigue seems to be lifting at least a little.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed is with my sleep. For years, I would go to bed at 1am then not fall asleep until 2am then have to force myself out of bed around 10am. Sometimes, I regularly slept until past noon.

For the last week, though, I’ve woken between 6 and 7am. Normally, I would have gone back to sleep after waking at that time, but instead, I just got up. I’ve been up before 7am every day this week. That gives me so many more hours during the day to do stuff which is really important with winter coming when it gets dark at 4pm.

The only problem has been that apparently the mood stabilizer for my bipolar causes drowsiness. I was directed to take it with dinner, but we eat dinner at 5pm. It’s been causing me to nearly fall asleep by 8pm which I just can’t do. It’s still daylight out, and if I’ve been going to bed at midnight and waking at 6:30am, how early would I end up waking if I went to bed at 8pm?

I’m going to start taking the medication at 10 or 11pm to see how that works. If I start feeling drowsy two hours after taking it then 10pm should be a good time. Then I’ll be ready for bed at 12am, sleep for 7 hours and be up by 7am which is what I’ll need to do when school starts

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Day 155 of Isolation: Another Knitting Project!

Yeah, I know… I already have several active knitting projects and a new cross stitch project started. So of course, I started something new.

While looking through Ravelry, I found some patterns for knitted afghan blocks that looked interesting. I don’t normally knit afghans because knitting takes so much longer than crochet, but these blocks looked doable. I don’t have the correct kind of yarn that the project calls for so I’m doing them in worsted weight using size 7 needles. The blocks are coming out at 5.5″ square or close to it.

I decided to use the yarn I picked up at Joann’s along with a little bit of other colors I had on hand. I’m going to do two blocks of each design, and it looks like they’re releasing two designs each week (I’m already behind).

I’ll post some pictures once I have some of the blocks finished.


Day 72 of Isolation: Girl Genius Being Genius


I’m love the last week or so of updates for Girl Genius. Like loving them. It’s been everything that I fell in love with when it comes to this comic–the absurd outfits, sweet romance, scheming, and most of all…

Gil and Tarvek bickering and bantering like an old married couple. Then turning on a dime to scheme against Martellus. –>>

Friday’s page, though, is a treasure. It pretty much has everything. You got Gil and Tarvek being idiots. Martellus being put in his place by his sister.


And then back to Gil and Tarvek being Gil and Tarvek right into Tarvek being the scheming weasel he is. I also love that despite Violetta being firmly in Agatha’s corner professionally (she wears the Heterodyne sigil now), she’s still very loyal to her cousin and is rooting for him to win Agatha’s heart.



Of course, tomorrow’s page totally screwed up Tarvek’s well-played plan. He totally underestimated Gil who has apparently learned that opening his mouth around Agatha is a bad idea.

It’s only a matter of time, though, because Gil is a complete idiot around Agatha. Tarvek miscalculated because he also doesn’t know their history–one of Gil and Agatha’s first interactions was to dance together in his lab.

Anyway, I’m loving the recent updates. They’ve included almost everyone except where’s Bang? She still has to finish her vendetta against Zeetha. And will Master Payne’s Circus make an appearance while they’re in Londonium?

Sigh… so many questions, so many new plot twists to get lost in. Can’t wait for the next update.



Day 68 of Isolation: “This Will Be the Day”

I had to watch my grandson for a bit the other night while my daughter took a shower after work and everyone else was busy. He was tired and cranky and just cried because I’m not Mom or Pop-pop (his favorite person in the world).

I managed to distract him for a bit, but eventually, he went back to whining and crying for his mama. I picked him up which didn’t help because he doesn’t really like me (sadly). Then I remembered back in November or December when he was around 5-6 months old, I was holding him and had an episode of RWBY playing. He seemed to really like the theme music. At least, it held his attention for several seconds and got him to stop crying, and he might have bopped his head a bit (his father is a musician so it’s in his blood).

Out of desperation, I found a compilation of all of the RWBY theme songs mixed with some of the other music from the show on YouTube.

And he LOVED it. He immediately stopped crying and started bopping to the beat. Right until he fell asleep in my arms (aww). His mama came and got him 20 minutes later, but I kept right on listening to the music.

And now, I’m completely obsessed. I put the whole hour-and-half long video on loop and just played it the rest of the night and the next day and have played it off and on all day today as well.

I don’t know what it is about the music that soothes and makes me feel good. Maybe because it links to the show which makes me feel good? Maybe partly because I can’t understand half of what is being said in the songs so they don’t all get stuck in my head like most music (the main reason I avoid listening to anything).

I don’t know, but I instantly feel better when I put it on, and with the way things are nowadays, I need anything that can boost my spirits.


Day 62 of Isolation: Distraction

Seguing from yesterday’s lament about reality, I thought I’d post a little about the things I’ve been doing to distract myself while in isolation, and especially, while in quarantine and alone for two weeks.

Besides Netflix/Disney+ and hanging out on Tumblr (which often has many of the disadvantages of Facebook because of the inundation of political posts), I’ve played a lot of games on my phone.

Egg-inc-iconRecently, my new favorite is a game called Egg, Inc. which is just a really dumb game where you own a chicken farm and have to earn enough to get better eggs to earn even more.

You start with regular ol’ eggs that are worth $.25 each and then just start producing as many chickens as you can. You then use the money earned to research how to have more chickens, how to lay more eggs, get more space in your hen houses and vehicles, and earn more per egg. You have to build more and bigger hen houses to keep the chickens and buy bigger vehicles to deliver all the eggs. Occasionally, you get gifts of money, “boosts” and other things to help you or you can watch short (like a few seconds long) videos to also get these gifts.

It’s a little slow going at first because you don’t earn much, but once you get enough money, you can upgrade to a better egg that gets you more money. You have to start the research all over. Then you move to the next type of egg. Eventually, you stall out, though, because things cost way more than you can earn so there’s this thing called “prestige.” While you’re earning regular money for the eggs, you’re also collecting “soul eggs” to activate when you prestige. Which means you start over from the first egg but keep some of your bonuses. You earn a lot quicker with soul eggs activate.

I’ve gotten most of the way through the eggs in just a few days, although I’m playing for long spats of time because I’m so bored. Continue reading “Day 62 of Isolation: Distraction”


Taking a break

Apparently, I get a surge of energy at the start of each month that dwindles by the middle.

I wore myself out editing these old stories. It doesn’t seem like it would be a lot of work, but for some reason, rereading my old work is more emotionally exhausting than I expected. There’s a lot of cringe-factor involved with how I used to write then the stress of trying to bring that writing up to my current standard without completely rewriting the thing. Then the formatting that needs to be done and just ugh.

So, anyway, taking a bit of a break but have decided I’ll continue to post LOVE stories into March until I get bored or run out of stories.

Come back for more revised stories and maybe some new ones, too.

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[REPOST] Stargate SG-1 fic: Don’t Drink the Wine

This story is being reposted from 2011 as part of this endeavor. It’s been lightly edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar and for clarity. See the original here.

It’s cliché but so much fun when “aliens made them do it.” Daniel and Vala get caught after participating in a wedding ceremony on an alien planet. He really should know better by now.
834 words | [PG-13]

“Up and at ‘em, Jackson.”

A boot connected with Daniel’s side. He groaned and rolled away, snuggling deeper into his sleeping bag. His head was killing him—felt like a full marching band playing the 1812 Overture in there, complete with canons. The boot nudged him again, a little more insistent this time.

“Go ‘way,” Daniel mumbled. He was vaguely aware of other voices around him but had neither the will nor want to get up or even to try and understand what they were saying. After a short discussion, the foot ground into his back and shook violently.

“Get up.” Daniel recognized Mitchell’s voice, but he sounded like he was speaking from a great distance. And through cotton. His brain fought to catch up to his senses while the treads of his commander’s boot dug into his tender flesh. Daniel frowned into the soft fabric of his bag. Flesh? Something wasn’t right.

He reached a tentative hand over his body and let it drift over his back and around the boot still planted there. Where the hell was his shirt? The foot moved, and then he felt someone squat down next to his head. When Mitchell spoke again it was softer and closer to his ear.

“That’s right, Daniel, wakey-wakey. Time to get up and face the music.”

What was that supposed to mean? And why the hell was he naked? The realization that not only was his shirt missing, but his pants as well finally broke through the dense fog in his head. He pushed up on one arm and looked around—his vision still fuzzy from sleep. Continue reading “[REPOST] Stargate SG-1 fic: Don’t Drink the Wine”