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cats in the sun


Mother (Lilah on the bottom) and son (Silver) cuddling on the front porch.

Normally, Lilah attacks any of the male cats (the other two are her brothers) if they even look at her, so it was really sweet to see them like this. Silver is always desperate for her attention, though.

July Goals


Recap from June:

Reading: Didn’t read the two novels I’d planned, but I did catch up on all of my webcomics. So… C?
Writing: Well this started out going great and then it all fell apart. I nearly caught up with the April days for Uncalled For but got stuck on the last day. It still isn’t finished which means I didn’t write any of the sentences for June at all. As for the journal… I actually forgot to do a day. Completely. I did make a blog post that day, but I never did the journal. It hurt, but I got over it. I kept my streak because of the fortuitous journal entry, but it was a reminder to be more diligent. F
Finishing/Editing: So, I did do part one of this goal. I edited a Red vs Blue fic. WIN! And I did type up all of Uncalled For that I wrote in April. Edited all of it as well. But I only barely glanced at Heaven Can’t Wait. Another C I guess.
Posting: Posted three chapters of Uncalled For that I wrote back in April (but also never got around to finishing/posting ones that were supposed to go up in June). And I posted another story so this is more of a win, I think. B

June was busy. My daughter was induced on June 5, so we spent most of the 6th and 7th at the hospital. The baby was born on the 7th. Then there was a period of recovery for me (my ankles swelled so huge I could barely get my shoes on from being on my feet for two days–sitting at my desk made it worse).

After that, one of our cats got hurt, so I took on some crochet projects for cash to afford the vet. The little shit got better on his own before I could get paid. But then all six cats got a cold. Most of them have recovered before I got paid. So all of this for… I still have two more projects to finish by the end of the week, and then, it’s just personal projects I started for the baby. Hopefully, I’ll find time to write this month. C (for effort despite the circumstances)

July Goals:



  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • catch up on the days I still have missing from April and June for Uncalled For Actions
  • do all of the days for July (for Camp NaNo) for Uncalled For


  • edit a story other than Uncalled For
  • edit/finish two chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • edit Uncalled For days as I finish them


  • post the chapters of Uncalled For that I get done
  • post one other story

May Round-up

All things reading and writing.



I finished one full novel. I know, overwhelming. I just got busy making things for the baby (who should hopefully be here this weekend). I did also read several chapters of Unsounded (a webcomic) which is actually a lot. It’s taken me the better part of the last week or so to do that. That’s something.



Nothing. Well, as close to nothing as possible. Besides the first two days where I wrote blog updates, I only wrote two other days for less than 100 words each day. Editing. Pathetic but not a total loss, I guess. I’m still embarrassed that I didn’t even try. A grand total of 1,014 words for the month!


YTD total: 67,118

Streak: Still going strong with journaling at 881 days (since January 1, 2017)!


Hey, I actually did some editing. That’s progress. But only two days and nothing came of it. I did work on Heaven Can’t Wait and Girl Genius story I wrote last year.


Nothing. I never got around to typing up all Uncalled For Actions I have written because of the numbness in my hands.

May the Fourth Be With You


What to do with words?

I like to think of myself as a writer–a fanfic writer, sure, but still a writer. But I do have other hobbies that take up my time. I tend to rotate through them depending on my mood or resources.

Lately, that’s been crochet (and some knitting) thanks to my first grandchild arriving soon (due June 2).  I have to make all of the cute baby things for him before he gets here.

Besides all of the baby hats, sweaters and blankets I’ve been making, I have year-long projects I work on that have special meaning to me as a writer. It’s the way I combine my two favorite things to do.

You might have seen or heard of those mood scarves or temperature blankets (and the many variations thereof) where each row of color represents your mood or the temperature that day. Well, my mood sucks 365 days of the year so a solid blue scarf would be boring, and the temperature/weather here is pretty steady so I came up with the wordcount blanket using the same concept since I already track my words every day thanks to the Get Your Words Out challenge.

Doing my first wordcount blanket in 2016 was kind of a spur of the moment thing I started at the end of the year. I chose a corner-to-corner pattern because they’re fun and you can see your project growing the first half and then rejoice as it gets smaller and smaller.


Read more…

November Goals

Recap from October:

Reading: Hahahahahahahah. F
Writing: Did my journal (of course). Wrote two of the Girl Genius stories but didn’t edit or post them. And did absolutely nothing else on the list. D-
Finishing/Editing: So, finished editing Attention to Detail (YAY!). Edited chapters 35 & 36 of Heaven and started 37 but have been distracted by Halloween stuff (Boo!). Only edited 3 of the Girl Genius stories (eh). And I think I finished like one of the stories from last month. C
Posting: Got three of the four chapters for Heaven Can’t Wait. BOTH of the chapters for Attention to Detail and four stories. A-

October was a horrible month for writing (for various reasons). But I survived. Onto November and NaNoWriMo. C

November Goals:


  • read four books (fingers crossed)
  • finish reading the Girl Genius again


  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • at least 1667 words every day
  • write chapters 38 & 39 and 42-70 of Heaven Can’t Wait


  • edit chapters 37-42 of Heaven Can’t Wait


  • Post four chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait

October Goals

Recap from Septemberr:

Reading: Nothing. Sad face. F
Writing: For the most part it was a good writing month. Just not for hitting my actual goals (I should probably start writing these down for myself). I did my journal every day so that’s good, but I missed the 100 words every day. There were 11 days under 100–seven of those were 0s. Better than last month, though. As for the Girl Genius stories… I did a few but not all of them. C
Finishing/Editing: I only edited one of the Girl Genius stories. I did edit chapters 32-35 of Heaven Can’t Wait. In fact, I edited all the way through chapter 37 and started to write 38. I didn’t work on Attention to Detail at all. C-
Posting: I only got two chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait up and zero of Attention to Detail. That’s pretty bad. But I posted six other stories. C

September definitely went better than August, especially at the end. Things really improved once I decided to redo the fanfic50 stores (written for Camp NaNo in April 2017) since I didn’t think I would get around to finishing the originals. Right off, I got through two of them and started a third. C-

October Goals:


  • read four books (fingers crossed)


  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • at least 100 words every day
  • write four stories for Girl Genius week on tumblr (October 8-13)
  • write three “kiss” stories
  • write chapters 38 & 39 of Heaven Can’t Wait


  • edit the stories for Girl Genius week
  • edit chapters 35-37 of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • edit chapters 5 & 6 of Attention to Detail
  • finish the stories I started last month


  • Post four chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • Post two chapters of Attention to Detail
  • Post two other stories

September Round-Up

All things reading and writing.


And back to not reading. Sigh. I read some of a book but got distracted with writing. Which I’m okay with because I’d barely been writing lately.


September was so much better than August. Still not great because I missed a few days, but it’s okay. I also finished up some stories and worked on the fanfic50 prompts. And there was one really great day (as you can see on the graph) where I hit 5,000 words. Yay!

Totaled 24,000 for the month, bringing the YTD total to 211,248.


Streak: My streak is now at 638 days (since January 1, 2017)!


I did a lot better here, too. I finished up a couple Girl Genius fics but didn’t get to editing them. I did write, finish and edit a couple The 100 fics, and did editing on five chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait.


Two chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait and six stories.

Heaven Can’t Wait

Hope for the Future (The 100)
The Beginning of Again (Girl Genius)
Hope is a Four-Letter Word (The 100)
Penny For Your Thoughts (The 100)
The Distance Between Us (Girl Genius)
Where the Green Grass Grows (The 100)

September Goals

Recap from August:

Reading: Fourteen books out of zero pledged! W00t! A++
Writing: Other than keeping my streak, August was a complete failure. I missed more days than I wrote and a lot of those weren’t even 100 words. I didn’t even work on Heaven Can’t Wait–I’m still stuck editing chapter 32. I’m hoping with the kids going back to school (eventually if this strike ends), I’ll have more time to concentrate. F
Finishing/Editing: I think I hit somewhere in the middle of this goal. I didn’t do any editing on Heaven which is a failure, but I got two chapters of Attention to Detail done and finished and/or edited six stories. So, a solid C, I guess.
Posting: Not good. No chapters of Heaven, only two of four for Attention, and technically only two other stories in August. I saved the third I edited to post today. D

August was as bad as July. This depression is killing my creativity, but I’ve been away from many of the stories long enough that they’ve been easier to edit. I’m hoping for a better September. C-

September Goals:


  • read four books (keeping it simple even though I’m 16 books behind schedule)


  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • at least 100 words every day
  • write six stories for Girl Genius week on tumblr (October 8-13)


  • edit the stories for Girl Genius week
  • edit chapters 32-35 of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • edit chapters 5 & 6 of Attention to Detail


  • Post four chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • Post two chapters of Attention to Detail
  • Post two other stories


Attention to Detail – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The third warning probably should have been the fact that Church’s new body couldn’t hold its liquor. But Church was having too much fun to notice any ominous signs. It’d been a long time since he’d tasted food or felt the loosening effects of alcohol. He hadn’t realized how much he missed it until he was stuffing his face with nachos and staring lazily across the table at Carolina as they both knocked back their third shot of whiskey.

Carolina causally flipped her glass and set it on top of the other two. Church slammed his down, lost his balance, and nearly fell out of his chair. He was too drunk to care that his friends were laughing at him again.

Wash managed to set him back in his seat without injury. “I’d watch it, Church. Carolina has drank every Freelancer under the table at one time or another. Even Maine.”

“I don’t like to lose.”

Church hiccuped. “I can take her,” he slurred.

Wash patted his back. “Sure you can, buddy.” Read more…

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