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Stargate SG-1 fic: Take This Job and Shove It

I found this in my WIP folder from 2014–apparently written for a friend on LiveJournal but never posted.

Take This Job and Shove It

181 words | [PG]
Jack & Sam at work.

“Carter,” O’Neill barks from the door to her lab.

“Sir?” Sam looks up from the report she’s working on from her last mission.

“I need you to get those reports to me faster.”

“Faster? But I turn them in as quickly as I always have. Way before Daniel-”

“Well, I need them faster.” He taps his fingers against his leg in an uneven pattern.

What’s his problem? Sam’s had a long day on P4X-whatever-it-was and just not in the mood to deal with a cranky colonel so she pierces her commanding officer with a steely glare. “They will be done in the timely manner in which they always have been.”

“But, I-”

“I will have them done when they are done.” She doesn’t break eye contact.

O’Neill swallows, finally looking away as his face heats up. “Right, of course you will,” he mumbles. “I’ll be waiting.” He practically runs out of her lab.

Sam smirks at her computer and hits send. She was done with the report anyway—she just wanted to watch the colonel squirm for once.


The 100 fic: Running Out of Reasons to Pretend


638 words | [PG]
The morning before Bellamy and Lincoln make their daring attempt to infiltrate Mt. Weather, Bellamy has a quiet moment with Clarke. He doesn’t know what to say to her anymore, but he’s tired of pretending he doesn’t care. 

Bellamy pulls the worn shirt over his head. The fabric stretches across his chest. He’s not sure where they found these clothes, but half are too small, and the other half are too big. He looks ridiculous, but it’s the best plan they have. As much as he pushed to go on this mission, he has to admit he’s terrified. He’s not sure what scares him more—the Reapers or the Mountain Men. Either way, he’s sure this is going to get messy.

The flap to the tent opens behind him. Clarke. He cocks his head to let her know it’s okay to come in while he tugs on the Grounder boots. Too big. He feels like a clown. Clarke’s gaze burns into his neck, but he continues to tie his shoes as slowly as possible. He’s not sure what to say to her. Things have been so crazy the last few days, and his emotions are all over the place with this mission coming up. He wishes he could read her mind so they could skip the inevitable awkward conversation.

Read more…

The 100 fic: Weather the Storm With You


1828 words | [PG]
Bellamy gets more than he bargained for during a hail storm. Like a wet, angry, sobbing Clarke in his tent. Started for Camp NaNo 2017: inside.

The rain came out of nowhere—the kind that drowns out all other sound and pulverizes the ground into a muddy mess in seconds. And to think, Bellamy used to like the rain. Thought it was magical and refreshing that first night on the ground. Now he just feels wet. He throws open the flap to his tent, grumbling about rain and mud and anything else he can think to curse.

They’ve been on the ground less than two weeks and have already endured a hurricane and countless other storms. He’s tired of being cold and wet all of the time. His jacket catches on his arms when he tries to take it off. He slams it onto the ground in frustration when he finally gets unstuck then runs a hand through his hair, pushing it out of his eyes with a sigh. He really, really hates being wet.

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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 23

<< Chapter Twenty-TwoTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Four >>


Chapter Twenty-Three – Last Chance to be Happy

The earlier crying wears Heaven out, and eventually, she goes slack against Bellamy’s chest. Trying to get comfortable is difficult with thirty pounds lying across his bruised ribs, but he manages as best he can. His hand smooths down her hair like he did that first night. She moans, reaching out for him but doesn’t wake so he slides her higher until her fingers twist in his hair and she lets out a sigh.

The infirmary is quiet. That should be a good thing—no new catastrophes today—but it’s leaving Bellamy with nothing to do besides think. And remember. That’s always dangerous.

He’s lost track of how many people he’s directly and indirectly killed. Hundreds at a time by misguided decisions. Dozens by his own hand. He shivers, remembering the first. Read more…

Red vs Blue fic: Burnt Toast


Wash/Carolina | 1013 words | [PG]
Two years ago, they shut down Project Freelancer for good, saved the people of Chorus from mutual annihilation, and stopped Hargrove from destroying more lives. Now Carolina and Wash have to figure out how to live with everything that happened and each other. 

The sun slants through the kitchen window of Blue base at just the right angle to reflect off the stainless steel counters, brightening the dull gray space. Carolina leans against the sink, sipping coffee, watching the dust moats float in the strip of light as it moves slowly across the room, her coffee getting cold along the way.

“Hey, Boss,” Wash mumbles as he enters, stumbling towards the coffee maker. He’s still in his pajamas—plaid flannel pants and faded t-shirt—hair plastered to his face. He practically moans at the first taste of his coffee.

“You’re up early,” Carolina finally says. Her coffee is completely cold now, but she drinks it anyway.

Wash shrugs, hopping onto the counter across from her. “Just thought I’d watch the sunrise. Get a jump on the day. You know.”

Carolina knows. The whole base knows. Probably the entire moon. It was one of those nights again. Wash’s screams echoing through the halls. They don’t talk about it because what’s there to say? They all have nightmares—flashbacks to the horrors of their past lives. Just Wash has more than one life to account for in his head. That means three times the number of sleepless nights. He looks awful, bloodshot eyes staring blankly at the floor. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 22

<< Chapter Twenty-OneTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Three >>


Chapter Twenty-Two – We’ve Been Looking All Over For You

Bellamy hears a keening noise in the distance before they turn the last corner to Medbay. His heart catches when he realizes what the sound is, and he picks up his pace without waiting for Kane. He’s nearly to the door when Jackson rushes out.

“There you are,” he says with a relieved sigh. “We’ve been looking all over for you.”

He follows the doctor inside, heart racing. Abby is pacing back and forth across the room with Heaven in her arms. The little girl is screaming, back arched, face red and tear-stained.

“Found him,” Jackson shouts over the crying.

“What’s going on?” Bellamy asks although it’s pretty obvious.

And just like that, the screaming stops. Heaven’s head snaps around. She squirms until Abby puts her down then she runs, bare feet slapping against the cold deck, right into Bellamy’s arms. She buries her face in his neck and starts bawling. Read more…

Red vs Blue fic: Shut Up and Dance

rvb_shutupanddance1684 words | [PG]
A mission without armor and weapons? Instead, there’s black ties and gowns. Schmoozing and dancing. Sounds like Carolina’s worst nightmare. Specifically, the dancing part. York, though, is loving every bit of it. Especially, the dancing part.

Carolina studied the invitation in her hands. It was clear plastic with holographic ink that shimmered when the light hit it just right.


Verdidad Museum of Human Culture

100th Grand Gala


Their next mission. Words spun in her head. Museum. Gala. Black tie. Ball. No armor. Dancing. She didn’t like any of them. Some less than others.

York caught up with her in the hall. “Hey, you were awfully quiet in there. Everything okay?”


He laughed. “I’ve never seen you zone out in a briefing before.”

She frowned at him. “I wasn’t zoning out. I was thinking.”

“Whatever you say, boss.” When she didn’t respond, he tapped her arm. “Come on—something’s on your mind. You can tell me.”

“This mission doesn’t-” She considered her words before finishing. “I don’t know, rub you the wrong way? Fancy gala. No armor. We’ll be vulnerable.”

“Oh, come on, Carolina, it’ll be fun. We get to dress up, and look, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chamberlain.” He waggled his eyebrows—a goofy smile on his face. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 21

<< Chapter TwentyTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Two >>


Chapter Twenty-One – Like a Coward

Somehow Bellamy ends up in the cargo hold. It’s as good a place to hide as any.

Hide like a coward.

He doesn’t remember hitting the wall, but pain screams up his arm. He ignores it, sliding down the wall to sit. He jams the heels of his palms into his eyes until they feel like they might explode. Color blobs pop in his vision when he opens them again.


He needs to get a grip, but the sick feeling in his stomach won’t settle. He takes deep breaths, counting to ten before letting each one out like his mom taught Octavia to do when she was scared.

It’s not doing much for him now, though. He bangs his head against the wall as the tears finally fall. He hasn’t let himself cry before. Not over this. He doesn’t get to cry over this. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 20

<< Chapter NineteenTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-One >>


Chapter Twenty – The Question of the Day

No one answers Raven. Miller picks up his chair and sits back down next to Bryan. Bellamy scoops Murphy’s spilled food into his discarded bowl with a sigh. Clarke just stares at the table. Her knee isn’t touching his anymore, and it leaves him feeling cold.

Raven keeps looking around the table. “What? What did I miss?”

“We’re going to have to do something about him,” Bellamy finally says, pressing at the sore spot between his eyes.

“Murphy?” says Miller. “I say we jump him out back and steal his lunch money.”

Bellamy sighs. “I mean Jasper. He’s not getting better. And he didn’t want to be in here in the first place. He’s a loose cannon.”

Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 19

<< Chapter EighteenTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty >>


Chapter Nineteen – We’re Not Calling Her Petunia

As they walk to the mess hall, Clarke rubs it in that he missed some real food at breakfast. Eggs and ham and spinach. He tries to look angry, but the smile on her face sets his heart fluttering, and he has to spend the entire time trying not to grin like an idiot.

A shot of energy bolts through his arm when she accidentally brushes against him.

Get a grip, Blake, the voice tells him. Before she realizes you’re a desperate fool.

Probably too late for that.

When she continues to bump into him, he starts to wonder if maybe it isn’t an accident. The flutter in his heart moves to his stomach. She grins up at him when she realizes he’s staring.

Like. A. Desperate. Fool. Read more…

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