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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine – In Too Deep

The mood kind of crashes after that.

Miller coughs. “On that note.” He looks like he wants to say more but just turns and leaves.

Bellamy and Clarke lean against the table, shoulders brushing. He fingers one of the holes in his jacket. There are a lot of them. “Lucky my mom was a seamstress, huh?” he says, hoping to break the tension.

Clarke smiles sadly. It’s clear her mind is somewhere else. Bellamy takes the opportunity to watch her unabashed.

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Stargate SG-1 fic: A Little Note of Advice


708 words | [G]
Sam’s leading her first mission, and the colonel has quite a bit of advice for her. Given in typical Jack O’Neill fashion.

Sam nearly collides with someone as she turns the corner into the conference room. She looks up into the colonel’s mischievous, twinkling eyes. The corner of his mouth curls up in an adorable crooked smile that sets butterflies loose in her stomach. Blood rushes to her cheeks, and she has to look away before he notices. “Sorry, sir, I didn’t see you.”

“Not a problem, Carter. I was just on my way out.”

“Out, sir? Aren’t you staying for the briefing.”

“Unfortunately, no,” he says with an exaggerated sigh. “Apparently, I’m needed in Washington.”

Sam cringes. “My condolences.”

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The 100 fic: Don’t Look at Me That Way


The 100 | 590 words | [PG]
Things are running smoother on the ground thanks to Clarke’s effect on Bellamy.

They’ve been on the ground two weeks. Despite the constant threat of grounder attack, Bellamy thinks things are running a lot smoother. Working with Clarke instead of against her probably helps the most. He went from avoiding her to seeking her out for her opinion on just about everything. She always makes him see things from a different perspective. Which is a good thing because his brain seems to only want to see things a certain way. His way.

He’s man enough to admit that the first few days on the ground were a disaster. Looking back, he’s surprised more kids didn’t die. The thought chills him. They’ve already lost so many. Too many. But with Clarke’s help, they finally have things under control. Mostly.

Bellamy crosses his arms over his chest and watches the two boys hammer out some difference. With their fists. Henry and Justin. Both fifteen. He has a feeling this fight has been brewing since long before they landed on the ground. He’s tired of playing referee with these kids so he stands back and does nothing.

Then he sees Clarke across the clearing, watching. Not the fight. No, she’s watching him. Great. Just what he needs. He tries to ignore her, but he can feel her eyes drilling a hole right through him. He glances at her again. She shakes her head, a sad look on her face. No, not sad. Disappointed. He bites his lip, brow furrowed. He doesn’t like the feeling creeping up his chest. At first, he isn’t sure what the problem is but it doesn’t take him long to pinpoint it.
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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight – Baby Whisperer

Bellamy glares at Abby. “You don’t say.” He turns his attention to the little girl, tucking her hair behind an ear so he can see her face. Her eyes flash up to his. “It’s okay. Abby’s going to take good care of you. She’s got a bed and some food. It’ll be nice.”

She can’t understand the words, but he thinks she gets the meaning because her grip tightens and her lower lip starts to quiver around her thumb. Prying her fingers loose from his neck, he sits her on the table. She reaches for him, but he gathers her hands in her lap and squats down in front of her.

“You’ll be safe here. Abby and Jackson and Clarke are my friends. They won’t let anything happen to you. I promise. I need to go to work, okay?”

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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven – I Think She Likes You

Abby and Bellamy watch Clarke stalk out of the room. They don’t point out that Jackson is already looking at Miller. Abby shakes her head in amusement then turns her attention to Bellamy. The girl shines the light into his eyes, blinding one after the other until all he sees are blobs of white. He blinks faster and faster, making her giggle.

“You’re really good with her.”

“Clarke? Yeah, she’s a tough cookie to crack, but once you get under her skin, it’s easy to annoy her.”

Abby snorts. “I meant the girl.” Bellamy just gives her a goofy grin. “Let me look at your shoulder,” she says after a moment.

The girl seems more agreeable with Abby handling his wound. She sits next to him, swinging her legs and shining the light on everything.

“Did everyone make it back?” Bellamy asks as Abby pricks him with an anesthetic. She’s quiet far too long. “Abby?”

She spends a few more seconds numbing his shoulder before answering. “No. There are still three teams out. They must have gotten caught in the storm and taken cover.”

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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 6

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Chapter Six – A Little Sidetracked

David and Miller haul Bellamy to his feet. He feels faint but manages to stay upright. David falls back to give Abby a report while Miller walks next to him in his underwear, still wiping at his skin. “God this burns.”

Yeah, it does. Like a sonofabitch. He squeezes the tiny body in his arms. He’s overwhelmed with worry when she doesn’t respond. He can feel her shallow breaths against his chest, but she’s not moving. Not sucking her thumb. Not pulling at his hair. When did that become comforting?

Abby catches up with them as they get to Medbay. “Over there,” she says, pointing at an exam table.

Miller hops up on another one. Abby ignores him, following Bellamy. He tries to put the girl down, but she finally comes to life, clinging to him—nails digging into his already raw neck. He grits his teeth. “Come on, kid, we’re not going to hurt you.” His words come out clipped with an edge on them that he hadn’t intended. She starts to cry. No, don’t cry. Please don’t cry. Shit.

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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 5

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Chapter Five – Finally Got Something Right

Bellamy keeps one eye on the gathering clouds to the west and the other on Alpha Station towering over the trees to the southeast. Still a few miles to go. Anxiety twists his stomach. There’s no shelter between them and Arkadia. Not this time. They left the dropship behind hours ago, and Bellamy’s body aches from carrying his pack and the little girl clinging to his neck. He thinks she understands the urgency because she hasn’t made a peep since the butterflies.

Jogging next to him, Miller is equally quiet. Bellamy’s not sure if it’s from exertion or fear. In the distance, lightning snakes across the sky, thunder rumbling softly behind it. It sounds miles away, but Bellamy knows it’s a false security. The storm is traveling fast, gaining on them every hour. At that speed, it’ll be on us in thirty minutes. Maybe less. His breath catches. We’re not going to make it.

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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 4

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Chapter Four – Don’t Get Attached

Bellamy wakes again with a jolt. He notices right away his arms are empty, his jacket in a heap next to him. There’s a lot of banging downstairs followed by a string of curses from Miller. Bellamy is on his feet in seconds. What now?

Halfway down the ladder, he pauses to laugh at the scene. Miller is standing in the middle of the room, hands on his hips, glaring at the little girl. She’s on one of the lopsided crates, growling and snapping at him—her hair and eyes wild.

Miller turns his glare on Bellamy. “Shut up and do something with her. She’s evil. I caught her going through my pack, and when I tried to stop her, she bit me.” He holds up his hand as proof.

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The 100 fanfic: Heaven Can’t Wait

heavencantwaitThe 100 | [PG-13]
Canon divergent. With the Apocalypse banging at their door, the Arkadians and what’s left of Trikru take refuge in the remains of Alpha Station and hope for the best.

Over 500 souls crammed into a tin can, but there’s only one that has Bellamy wrapped around her little fingers. Written for Camp NaNo: heaven.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Can’t Save Everyone
Chapter 2 – One Live Saved Is One Life Saved
Chapter 3 – Not Alone Anymore
Chapter 4 – Don’t Get Attached
Chapter 5 – Finally Got Something Right
Chapter 6 – A Little Sidetracked
Chapter 7 – I Think She Likes You
Chapter 8 – Baby Whisperer

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 3

<< Chapter Two | Table of Contents | Chapter Four >>


Chapter Three – Not Alone Anymore

What was that?

Bellamy jerks out of the first solid sleep he’s had in weeks. Something woke him, but his foggy brain is struggling to catch up. He blinks bleary eyes around the dark dropship. Miller is curled into a ball on the other side of the room, a bottle of Monty’s moonshine cradled in his arms. Where the heck did he find that? A loud bang from above brings him out of his sleepy stupor. He sits up straight and goes for his gun, heart racing. Then he looks down at his jacket discarded over his legs. The girl.

He grabs a lantern and quickly climbs the ladder, searching the darkness for a small body. “Hey kid,” he calls softly. “Where’d you go?”

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