Red vs Blue fanfic

last updated: 5/22/20

This is a comprehensive list of my Red vs Blue fic. Listed in the order they were written.


The Completely Inaccurate Misadventures of a Part-Time Blue and Full-Time Smartass
Epsilon might not be a full AI, but he makes up for it by being a full idiot most of the time. These are some of his misadventures after crash-landing on an unknown planet. Canon AU after crashing on Chorus… sort of.

WIP | [R]

Of Macaroni Art and Making Grown Men Cry
It’s Father’s Day, and Caboose has a plan. It goes about how you’d expect a Caboose plan to go, so Wash reluctantly comes to the rescue. 
828 words | [PG]

Save the Last Dance for Me
York’s not sure what to think when Carolina puts his dancing lessons to use because she looks amazing twirling across the floor. And he’s not the only one noticing. A sequel to Shut Up and Dance.
695 words | [R]

Unfair Advantage
Watching Carolina spar on any day could leave a man breathless, speechless, and probably a little brain dead from the blood rushing out of his head to other parts of his body. But watching Carolina spar against Wyoming sans armor. That’s something else entirely.
798 words | [R]

Attention to Detail
After their last Eleventh Hour Hail Mary mission, Grif had plopped down right among the dying enemy soldiers and said he wasn’t moving until he got some leave. He wouldn’t even budge for Sarge’s shotgun.
“We’ve saved the galaxy enough times. I think we deserve a vacation.”
No one could come up with a logical rebuttal for that so they headed to the nearest resort planet.
9,737 words | [R]

Left Behind
Carolina and Tex get left behind after a mission gone wrong.
607 words | [PG-13]

There are still a lot Wash has to learn about the inner workings of Blue base now that Epsilon is gone. Like Caboose’s sleeping habits.
561 words | [G]

Midnight in the Garden of Our Past Lives
It’s late, and Wash can’t sleep. But he’s not the only one. Maybe what him and Carolina really need is someone to talk them through the dark night. Cuddling also works.
1,440 words | [PG-13]

Burnt Toast
Two years ago, they shut down Project Freelancer for good, saved the people of Chorus from mutual annihilation, and stopped Hargrove from destroying more lives. Now Carolina and Wash have to figure out how to live with everything that happened and each other. 
1,013 words | [PG]

Shut Up and Dance
A mission without armor and weapons? 
Instead, there’s black ties and gowns. Schmoozing and dancing. Sounds like Carolina’s worst nightmare. Specifically, the dancing part. York, though, is loving every bit of it. Especially, the dancing part. [Revised 2020]
1,685 words | [PG]

Better Late Than Never
Yet another mission shot to hell, but Carolina’s having a hard time staying mad at York. What with his flowers and awkward flirting. [Revised 2020]
1,002 words | [PG-13]

Rockets Red Glare
The one where the DVD collection is a mess and Caboose thinks it’s the 4th of July.
WARNING: language
639 words | [R]