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Stargate Atlantis Fic

This is a comprehensive list of all my SGA fanfic. In the order they were written.


No Fault But His Own
Just another mission with Rodney putting his foot in his mouth resulting in a mad race back to the Stargate.
(631 words) [PG]

The Atlantis jumpers are good for a great many things. Taking long flights between planets is not one of them. Now Rodney is stuck in the small compartment with his team with flashbacks to an ill-fated college roadtrip.
(1076 words) [PG]

The Tenth Time
The sixth time they ran into each other, Sheppard had assigned Lindsey to keep an eye on McKay during a night time op. Rodney had spent the night whining and complaining. Lindsey had dutifully not shot him out of irritation. It would look bad on his performance reviews.
(768 words) [PG]

Dust, Doom and (Almost) Certain Death
(Daniel, Rodney)
What’s Daniel doing in Atlantis? Probably saving McKay’s butt, of course. An SG-1/SGA crossover. Based on this gif by basric: http://imgur.com/upIsW.
(1379 words) [PG]

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