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alternate reality stories

This is a list of my Stargate SG-1 fic that takes place in alternate universes or realities.

Heaven was Needing a Hero
From the prompt: Jack is the one who ascended, not Daniel, requested by meteorfire at comment_fic.
(576 words)[PG-13]

Jack gets to experience an alternate reality and it’s just a little on the weird side.
(100 words) [PG]

Doing It Wrong
(Jack, OC!kid)
Jack’s on a mission and he’s, “doing it wrong,” so says his little side kick. Just a little snippet into Jack’s retirement.
(856 words) [G]

Ashes of Tulsa
The world is burning and there’s nothing for Daniel and the rest of SG-1 to do except keep fighting because this time it’s their world that’s on fire.
(9570 words) [PG-13]
{thanks to nymaeria for the beta}

To Carry On
Jack loses the most important member of his team but he has to find the strength to carry on for his friends, for Earth… for her. Inspired by this Harry Potter quote: “We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, Harry, but battle on.”
WARNING: major character death.

(503 words) [PG-13]

(Jack/Sam UST)
AU where Sam has married Pete and Jack is just as good about holding a grudge.
(505 words) [PG]

Jack the Spoil-sport
An alternate ending to the shower scene in the Broca Divide. [Revised 2020]
(485 words) [R]

So Wrong
(SG-1, Janet)
Jack gives birth to a baby that is a combination of Jack and Daniel’s DNA just days after Sam and Janet each have their own baby. This is the extended version and a continuation of We’re Going to Need a Bigger Nursery.
(1795 words) [PG-13]

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Nursery
(SG- 1, Janet)
When one hears the words, “I’m pregnant,” it doesn’t usually prelude a spiral of mind-twisting insanity. Unless you are Jack O’Neill that is. Absolutely no point to this.
(2476 words) [PG]

From the Personal Journal of Daniel Jackson
[fourth in The Great Ring series]
Daniel journals after his first day with the newly renamed SGP.

(710 words) [PG]

Concerning Command
[third in The Great Ring series]
The newly formed Alpha Team heads out on their first mission, a simple survey trip. Things don’t end well. Can the premier team figure out their issues and keep their team intact and the Program running as planned?

(3881 words) [PG]

A Very Good Place to Start
[second in The Great Ring series]
The Ring Program is established by the president and the first teams are formed. But can the Alpha Team figure out a way to work through their differences before they can even make it through the Ring for the first time?

(2021 words) [PG]

Work of Fiction
[first in The Great Ring series]
In an alternate reality where the Stargate is nothing more than a curious artifact on display outside the Smithsonian Institute the lives of four people are about to change drastically when they find out aliens really do exist and the Great Ring is much more than it appears.

(6953 words) [PG]

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