cracky stories

This is a list of my Stargate stories that are a little on the cracky side.  You have been warned.

Boredom Buster of Galactic Proportions
(gen, crossover)
Missions have gotten kind of boring since the defeat of the Ori but SG-1 has finally gated to a planet that offers something interesting to ponder. Cracky crossover with Farscape.

(517 words) [PG]

SG-1 COMIC: We Need Help
Not a story, per say, but it’s pretty funny.

So Wrong
(SG-1, Janet)
Jack gives birth to a baby that is a combination of Jack and Daniel’s DNA just days after Sam and Janet each have their own baby. This is the extended version and a continuation of We’re Going to Need a Bigger Nursery.
(1795 words) [PG-13]

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Nursery
(SG- 1, Janet)
When one hears the words, “I’m pregnant,” it doesn’t usually prelude a spiral of mind-twisting insanity. Unless you are Jack O’Neill that is. Absolutely no point to this.
(2476 words) [PG]

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