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This is a list of my gen/team fics (can possibly be some ship in them):

Take This Job and Shove It
Jack & Sam at work. For ami_ven
(181 words) [PG]

When I’m Gone
Just a little team miscommunication courtesy or Jack’s twisted sense of humor.

Fade to Black
Daniel’s died so many times he’s lost count, but this might be the last time. For phantisma.

(Not) What You Signed Up For
Vala said the mission would be a piece of cake. She could get what they needed. Why did Cam ever believer her? Nothing ever goes to plan. Written for winterjameson
(690 words)[PG-13]

Daddy’s Little Girl
(SG-1, Jacob)
This is why you never work with family. For ami_ven
(135 words)[PG]

The One About Feelings
(Jack/Daniel friendship)
“There are things I want to talk about, things I’d like to tell him. Serious stuff.” Daniel and Jack are spending some time at Jack’s cabin but Daniel has other things on his mind than fishing. Not slash.
(516 words) [PG]

“Carter, it’s as good a place as any.” Too bad he was wrong.
(98 words) [PG-13]

The Mountaintop
(Cassie, Jack)
It’s Father’s Day and Cassie is finally understanding the significance of all these Earth celebrations. All it took was a little trip to the top of a mountain.
(1118 words) [PG]

The Brave Little Alien
Cassie has to learn that brave doesn’t mean not being scared when she finds out she will be starting school soon. Written for from the prompt: Cassie, school on Earth.
(2987 words) [PG]

Stargate SG-1 Meta Fic:

  • Shipper Wars
    All dialogue: SG-1 discusses something Cam found on the internet that disturbs him. Just for lulz.
    (437 words) [PG]
  • Vacation Fic
    All dialogue: Sam, Jack, time alone and a laptop = fanfic! Trust me, Jack is just as surprised.
    (165 words) [PG]
  • Of Mary Sues and Twisted Panties
    All dialogue: Cam tries his hand at fanfic writing, Daniel is unimpressed.
    (346 words) [PG]
  • Worse Than Vampires that Sparkle
    dialogue only: Sam and Jack stay up all night reading crappy fanfic—it’s not for the faint of heart.
    (439 words) [PG]

Not What I Planned
Last thing I remember is standing in line at the grocery store. And then I wasn’t. Instead I found myself staring out a window looking down on Earth surrounded by a bunch of strangers.
(1007 words) [PG]

Locked Down
Another day, another lockdown. Just another normal night at the SGC apparently.
(600 words) [G]

To Wish Upon the Wings of a Bird
Everyone has a past, a childhood full of memories and potential. Some people spend a lifetime figuring out what they want to do. Some know right from the start.
(372 words) [G]

Too Early For An Apocalypse
Looks like the world is going to end…again, but Jack really needs his coffee first to give the latest apocalypse a second glance. Just for lulz.
(413 words) [PG]

Waiting For Death
Sometimes the torture is the means of escape because living is too painful.
(130 words) [PG-13]

Boredom Buster of Galactic Proportions
(gen, crossover)
Missions have gotten kind of boring since the defeat of the Ori but SG-1 has finally gated to a planet that offers something interesting to ponder. Cracky crossover with Farscape.

(517 words) [PG]

Jack gets to experience an alternate reality and it’s just a little on the weird side.
(100 words) [PG]

Liberator of Treasure
(Cam, Vala)
Cam gets stuck with babysitting Vala on a mission. He should know nothing good will come of that.
(381 words) [PG]

Close Call
Another mission, another close call. Nothing ever changes for SG-1.
(304 words) [PG]

Ten Random SG-1 Drabbles
(various, mostly Jack/Sam)
Ten random drabbles I wrote for a fictionland drabble tree challenge.  Mostly Jack/Sam of varying degrees but others make an appearance.
(~100 words each) [PG]

By the Seashore
(new team)
The team have some downtime off-world and decide to enjoy the setting for once. Cam’s having seconds thoughts about that, though.
(464 words) [PG]

A Lack of Clothing Always Complicates Things
(new team)
Vala does things her own way and the rest of the team is just going to have to get used to that. Set post series after Sam has left for Atlantis. Slight Daniel/Vala if you squint.
(576 words) [PG- 13]

Ashes of Tulsa
The world is burning and there’s nothing for Daniel and the rest of SG-1 to do except keep fighting because this time it’s their world that’s on fire.
(9570 words) [PG-13]
{thanks to nymaeria for the beta}

Seven Sins
Jack is hit by a blast from an alien device and begins to act very strangely. Can his team figure out what is wrong with him before he does something he’ll regret?
(7650 words) [PG-13]

Three Dialogues
(team, Jack/Sam)
Three separate little stories that are dialogue only. Contains:
There’s a Reason (team)
In the Dark (Jack/Sam)
Because (Sam/Daniel friendship, Jack/Sam).

(303, 296, 112 words) [PG to PG-13]

Walk of Shame
(Sam, Vala)
Sam goes out on the town with Vala but it doesn’t end well… as if going out with Vala ever ends well.
(1384 words) [PG]

Living the Nightmare
(Cassie, Sam, Daniel)
Cassie finds out her mom won’t be coming back from her last mission but Sam and Daniel are there to help her through the nightmare.
(1094 words) [PG]

Of Mutant Squirrels and Humiliation
(new SG-1)
Daniel and Cam are attacked by a fierce creature in the woods. Can they make it to the safety of the Stargate in time? And what exactly was it that attacked?
(1177 words) [PG]

Five Things about Jack and Cassie
(Jack, Cassie)
Not really a story just two lists of facts about Jack O’Neill and Cassandra Fraiser.
(271 words) [G]

So Wrong
(SG-1, Janet)
Jack gives birth to a baby that is a combination of Jack and Daniel’s DNA just days after Sam and Janet each have their own baby. This is the extended version and a continuation of We’re Going to Need a Bigger Nursery.
(1795 words) [PG-13]

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Nursery
(SG- 1, Janet)
When one hears the words, “I’m pregnant,” it doesn’t usually prelude a spiral of mind-twisting insanity. Unless you are Jack O’Neill that is. Absolutely no point to this.
(2476 words) [PG]

From the Personal Journal of Daniel Jackson
[fourth in The Great Ring series]
Daniel journals after his first day with the newly renamed SGP.

(710 words) [PG]

Concerning Command
[third in The Great Ring series]
The newly formed Alpha Team heads out on their first mission, a simple survey trip. Things don’t end well. Can the premier team figure out their issues and keep their team intact and the Program running as planned?

(3881 words) [PG]

A Very Good Place to Start
[second in The Great Ring series]
The Ring Program is established by the president and the first teams are formed. But can the Alpha Team figure out a way to work through their differences before they can even make it through the Ring for the first time?

(2021 words) [PG]

Work of Fiction
[first in The Great Ring series]
In an alternate reality where the Stargate is nothing more than a curious artifact on display outside the Smithsonian Institute the lives of four people are about to change drastically when they find out aliens really do exist and the Great Ring is much more than it appears.

(6953 words) [PG]

Man in the Box
(Daniel, gen)
Daniel slowly goes mad while held captive by a crazy Goa’uld that wants something from him. But nothing is how it seems.
Warnings for mentions of torture, rape, violence against children and adult themes.

(17,654 words) [R]

Contagious Stupidity
Daniel does something incredibly stupid and Jack isn’t very happy.
(858 words) [PG]

The Odds
The SGC personnel are active betters and the next mission up for wager is a routine trip for SG-1…what could possibly go wrong? According to Trace Mars…nothing. But who the heck is Trace Mars?
(963 words) [PG]

Off Limits
[drabble] Jack wonders why they never go to tropical worlds.
(155 words) [PG]

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