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Jack/Sam fanfic

[updated 3/2/20]

This is a list of my Jack/Sam Stargate SG-1 fic:


Just to See You Smile
After everything they’d been through, in the end, Jack would do anything for Sam, just to see her smile. Even if it meant giving her pre-wedding advice. AU after Affinity.
(1297 words)[PG]

A Little Note of Advice
Sam’s leading her first mission, and the colonel has quite a bit of advice for her. Given in typical Jack O’Neill fashion.
(708 words)[G]

Home Improvement
(Jack & Sam friendship)
Sam gets a surprise visit from the colonel and his tools.
(341 words)[G]

Inarticulate Speech of the Heart
The Tok’ra called. Sam went running. Jack followed. The world almost ended. Things will never be the same. Written for tokra_kree for the prompt: 103. SG-1, Sam/Jack, Sam returns from a mission – as a host. What does her husband Jack say?
(2630 words)[PG]

Can’t Fight This Feeling
Sam’s always known where her heart resides, she’s just always tried to ignore it. Maybe now it’s time to unlock that door and see what happens.

Heaven was Needing a Hero
From the prompt: Jack is the one who ascended, not Daniel, requested by meteorfire at comment_fic.
(576 words)[PG-13]

Girls in their Summer Clothes
It’s summer. It’s hot. What did he think she was going to wear—a parka? Written for obsessed_psyco.
(555 words)[PG]

Heat Wave
The air is heating up and Jack needs some cooling down after running into Sam at the store.
(480 words) [PG-13]

The Moments Before Leaving
What happened after Sam found about her transfer to Atlantis? [Revised 2020]
(626 words) [PG-13]

Future Imperfect
Future fic: Sam isn’t quite satisfied with the life her and Jack have developed but he thinks he might have found the cure. Inspired by the song, “You’re Still the One,” by Shania Twain although, in the end, the story has almost nothing to do with the lyrics.
(1588 words) [PG]

There’s something shiny in Jack’s life that is in desperate need of a purpose.
(398 words) [G]

She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful
It’s one of those “dress up” missions that SG-1 really despise. Except this one goes a little differently for Jack and Sam. Jack will never look at those missions the same way again. [Revised 2020]
(2,448 words) [PG]

Harsh Reality
“This shouldn’t be happening. His one real fear when he took command of the SGC was not being there to save his team. Four months in and the nightmare was unfolding around him.”
(1064 words) [PG-13]

Stargate SG-1 Meta Fic:

  • Shipper Wars
    All dialogue: SG-1 discusses something Cam found on the internet that disturbs him. Just for lulz.
    (437 words) [PG]
  • Vacation Fic
    All dialogue: Sam, Jack, time alone and a laptop = fanfic! Trust me, Jack is just as surprised.
    (165 words) [PG]
  • Of Mary Sues and Twisted Panties
    All dialogue: Cam tries his hand at fanfic writing, Daniel is unimpressed.
    (346 words) [PG]
  • Worse Than Vampires that Sparkle
    dialogue only: Sam and Jack stay up all night reading crappy fanfic—it’s not for the faint of heart.
    (439 words) [PG]

Back in Action
Jack’s feeling a little down when it takes longer than usual for him to heal after a mission. But Carter shows up to raise his spirits and help him out. If only his body can handle that on top of the injuries.
(1522 words) [PG-13]

The Promise
If there were ever words Jack O’Neill regretted more he couldn’t think of any.
WARNING for major character death
(753 words) [PG-13]

Luck of the Irish
May good luck be your friend in whatever you do and may trouble be always a stranger to you. Sam and Jack find they don’t mind taking part in some alien traditions.
(4009 words) [PG]

The Trouble With Pink
There’s something different about Carter and it’s going to cause Jack a lot of trouble.
(201 words) [PG]

The Logic of Picking Up Women
Jack’s finally got some time off from work and intends to spend a quiet week at his much neglected cabin in Minnesota but the woman sitting next to him in the diner has other ideas. Set during SGU time. [Revised 2020]
(1,575 words) [PG-13]

(Jack/Sam, Sam/Pete)
Pete is just realizing he’s the 3rd side of a complicated love triangle. But it might just be worth it. Episode tag to “Chimera.”
(456 words) [PG]

Something So New
Tag to Threads. Sam and Jack take a little stroll up at his cabin…and begin a new phase in their relationship.
(536 words) [PG]

Holdin’ On to Love (To Save My Life)
Some missions don’t go as well as you hope but SG-1 has a knack for getting out of trouble by the skin of their teeth.
Title from a Shania Twain song.

(544 words) [PG-13]

Happiness Is a Lie
Nothing was right about the situation. And nothing would ever be right again. Sam/Jack angst set in season 8. Sam’s engaged to Pete and they will both have to learn to deal with that.
Written for obsessed_psyco at livejournal

(1813 words) [PG]

To the Bone
Jack’s reaction to Sam and Pete’s potential engagement.
(100 words) [PG]

Making the Best of It
Jack and Sam get stranded off world when the Stargate falls into the ocean. Now they need to learn how to get along with each other.
(1561 words) [PG]

Doing It Wrong
(Jack, OC!kid)
Jack’s on a mission and he’s, “doing it wrong,” so says his little side kick. Just a little snippet into Jack’s retirement.
(856 words) [G]

Howling at the Moon
The moon has a direct effect on natural forces, like the tide, but it’s also said that it exerts a force over humans as well. On a mission, Jack finds out exactly how true that is, and he hopes Sam will never remember it.
(2227 words) [PG-13]

Ten Random SG-1 Drabbles
(various, mostly Jack/Sam)
Ten random drabbles I wrote for a fictionland drabble tree challenge.  Mostly Jack/Sam of varying degrees but others make an appearance.
(~100 words each) [PG]

Jack comes down with something on a mission and kinda, sorta confesses something to Sam. Much to her astonishment (and delight).
(472 words) [PG]

Jack tries to talk Sam into taking over as head of the SGC but Sam has other ideas. [Revised 2020]
(995 words) [PG-13]

Fishing is Good
Jack and Sam enjoy a leisurely mission along a lake. I’m sure there has to be some fish in that water.
(572 words) [PG]

Amongst the Dust
“Carter’s eyes continued to move swiftly from his eyes to his lips, and he did everything in his power to not mimic the movement himself.” [Revised 2020]
(528 words) [PG]

The Art of Denial
(Jack, Daniel; hint of Jack/Sam)
Jack is living in the State of Denial and Daniel’s not going to be the one to convince him to move.
(286 words) [PG]

Three Dialogues
(team, Jack/Sam)
Three separate little stories that are dialogue only. Contains:
There’s a Reason (team)
In the Dark (Jack/Sam)
Because (Sam/Daniel friendship, Jack/Sam).

(303, 296, 112 words) [PG to PG-13]

SG-1 COMIC: We Need Help
Not a story, per say, but it’s pretty funny.
Just written for silly giggles.


Seeing Past the Red
(Jack/Sam friendship)
Jack’s done some horribly things in his life but Sam tries to get him to see past, to understand they don’t tell who he really is. Inspired by this Harry Potter quote: “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
(571 words) [PG]

To Carry On
Jack loses the most important member of his team but he has to find the strength to carry on for his friends, for Earth… for her. Inspired by this Harry Potter quote: “We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, Harry, but battle on.”
WARNING: major character death.

(503 words) [PG-13]

Deepest Desires
Jack finds a mirror that gives him a look at his deepest desires.
(499 words) [PG]

(Jack/Sam UST)
AU where Sam has married Pete and Jack is just as good about holding a grudge.
(505 words) [PG]

Distraction From the Black
(Jack/Sam friendship)
The third Sunday in June is a day Jack would rather skip over but Carter is there to help take his mind off of things.
(924 words) [PG]

Healthy Fear of the Dark
Jack and Sam are trapped in the dark. What to do to bide their time? [Revised 2020]
(923 words) [PG-13]

Jack the Spoil-sport
An alternate ending to the shower scene in the Broca Divide. [Revised 2020]
(485 words) [R]

Playing the Game: Rules are Meant to be Broken
Jack visits Sam on Atlantis after she takes command. (With the premise that they didn’t get together after Threads.) [Revised 2020]
(1,524 words) [PG]

Making Up For Lost Time
Years ago Jack and Sam made a big mistake but now they’re going to make it up to each other… it’s going to take more than just one weekend, though. [Revised 2020]
(605 words) [PG-13]

Talk of the Town
(Jack/Sam UST)
Sam and Jack get stranded on a planet when the Gate malfunctions. What to do with their time? [Revised 2020]
(2,6931 words) [PG-13]

(Jack/Sam UST)
Sam has a very vivid daydream that leaves her a little flustered when suddenly interrupted.
(902 words) [PG-13]

25 One Sentence Stories
(Sam/Jack UST)
Just 25 sentences based on prompts that each tell their own story and combine to tell a larger story.
(1159 words) [PG]

Blame it on the Heat
(Jack/Sam UST)
There are some excuses that are just as overused and unbelievable as, “the dog ate my homework.” Too bad Jack had to constantly try and convince the general that they were true.
(2059 words) [PG-13]

Color of Distraction
Sam’s home on some leave but Jack can’t seem to take his eyes of her hair. Something’s different and it’s very distracting. Takes place during SGU time.
(3555 words) [PG-13]

Not Her Idea
(Jack/Sam UST)
When Sam finally accepted the colonel’s invitation to visit his cabin she didn’t imagine it would be like this.
(2834 words) [PG]

Down the Aisle
A church, his dress uniform, a woman in a white gown… what’s there to be nervous about?
(1422 words) [PG]

Last Chance
It was supposed to be a short jaunt across the galaxy in a recovered cargo ship but when Sam and Jack crash their routine mission becomes anything but. (a sequel is in the works)
(16,677 words) [PG-13]

Plans Change
Sam’s Christmas plans change unexpectedly. But that can be a good thing. A Christmas fic.[Revised 2019]
(4,955 words) [PG]

9 thoughts on “Jack/Sam fanfic

  1. beth on said:

    Hi there – did you ever manage to finish the sequel to your brilliant story “Last Chance”?


    • Jen Connelly on said:

      Actually I did not. I started one but I didn’t like how it was going and then moved on to other stories. I have been making a list of stories I want to finish and I will definitely put this on it. I’ve gotten new ideas since I scrapped the first sequel.


  2. beth on said:

    Hi Jen – I would be most indebted if you could possibly move this awesome story to the top of your list (lol). You are an incredibly talented writer and this story was simply AWESOME!!!!! kindest regard, a devoted fan 😀


    • Jen Connelly on said:


      Wow, thanks. I have to get through NaNo next month first but then I’m going to sit down and go through my unfinished stories/series and make the list. I’ll put Last Chance at the top.


  3. beth on said:

    YAY Jen – many thanks for this! I can’t wait so see the sequel! (squeals with delight!!!)


  4. Wow, this is quite a list! I am actually surprised I have never read any of them before, but then again you don’t seem to post to fanfiction.net. 😛 I’ve only just recently gone on AO3 (didn’t even know it existed, to be honest).

    Anyway, long story short: I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!! You are a fantastic writer! Thank you so much for putting all the stoires together here, now I have my reading list for the next days, because there are so many I don’t know yet. 🙂


    • Jen Connelly on said:

      Thanks. I used to have them at fanfic.net, but I got tired of the crap going on over there and pulled them all about two years ago. Now I post to AO3, here, and at my livejournal.

      livejournal is my main place to post.

      Just so you know there’s about 6 stories posted that haven’t been put in the lists. They’re just a little ways down on the blog. 🙂


      • Yes, ff.net has started up some pretty annoying stuff – starting by the rule of not putting up MA-rated stories anymore. When I signed up in 2004, that was still perfectly alright – as long as the stories were accordingly labeled.

        I don’t even write anything extreme (like rape, violence, non-conseual or the like). Just normal romances, with sometimes a bit more detailed, though tasteful, sex scenes. However, due to the rule change which occurred around 2011 I think, that’s not allowed anymore. >.<

        So I end up having to create a 'censored' and an 'unabridged' version of my stories. Which isn't always easy, because sometimes there are developments or nuances during the sex (character realizing she has deeper feelings, character development, etc.), which simply get lost in the uncensored version.

        Now I am contemplating the idea to not pur abridged versions at all into fanfiction net, but just post a very short chapter containing the note that the chapter can be found on my website, since ffnet doesn't allow it anymore. It's a real annoyance though…

        The rating M does mean mature already – so doesn't that imply some kind of violence or sexual scenes? It seems to me, ff.net has turned the meaning of the rating M into a second T (Teen) Rating. I don't know…

        I also noticed that a lot of authors keep posting stories with explicit sex scenes on there – not sure if they get in touble or not. But that's why I've searched for other options and discovered AO3 about a year or so ago.

        I'll have to check your LiveJournal as well and follow you there! I'm not on LJ very often anymore these days, but maybe I should be considering all the stories I'm missing. 😉


  5. Jen Connelly on said:

    Yep, that’s about when I left. They did that random, unannounced purge of anything they deemed “unfitting” and a lot of people’s stuff that didn’t break the rules got caught up (including friends’ stuff) and I just got fed up.

    I think what happened with the M rating thing was people were using it to mean explicit sex and violence–straight up porn and stuff. I think they had a rating for that–MA which wasn’t allowed. Buy, yeah, they went all crazy.

    It’s too hard to find good fic there anyway. The stuff I read is mostly from friends and through recs (either from friends on LJ or at Gateworld).

    LJ has kind of lowed down over the last couple years because of the crap they’re doing over there (changing everything around for the worse), but it’s where I found all my Stargate friends so I stick around. I haven’t been on as much until the last couple weeks. I had been running a writing challenge group and just got burnt out. Once we (me and my co-owner) handed it over to others we both disappeared for awhile. Well, she had a baby so she had a good excuse. It’s not the same as it was before, though.


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