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The 100 (TV) fic

[updated 3/1/20]

This is a comprehensive list of my The 100 (TV) fic. Listed in the order they were written.


100_trustinyourheartTrust in Your Heart
Canon-divergent with the Ark never coming down, leaving the 100 on their own through the winter. Bellamy is on a mission, and Clarke isn’t totally sure she can trust his motives. But she knows she can trust him with her life so that has to be enough. At least, that’s what her heart is telling her. 3,834 words | [PG-13]

100_wherethegreengrassgrowsWhere the Green Grass Grows
Three years after settling on New Earth, Bellamy and Octavia finally find themselves at ease with life and looking forward to the future. 1079 words | [G]

Hope is a Four-Letter Word
Clarke had Bellamy once upon a time and took it for granted. Now she’s paying the price. Or she could listen to Madi (and Echo) and take a chance.
300 words | [PG]

100_hopeforthefutureHope for the Future
Four years after they lost everything, Bellamy and Murphy have a quiet moment to remember and find hope for a future that may never happen. Canon-divergent from the end of season 4. A little glimpse of what life might have been like on the ring. 470 words | [PG]

No Place Else I’d Rather Be
When Bellamy and Clarke get stuck in the mud, it’s finally time to have a conversation that’s been brewing far too long.
2585 words | [PG-13]

100_iwannabeI Wanna Be Your Left-Hand Man
An accident takes something from Bellamy that he can never get back, but he has Clarke to get him through.
1597 words | [PG]

100_wontsayWon’t Say I Told You So (But I Totally Did)
Things would run a lot smoother in camp if people would just get their heads out of their asses and listen to Clarke. And by “people” she means Bellamy. Takes place in the first weeks on the ground but without them ever contacting the Ark. 1779 words | [PG]

runningoutofreasonsRunning Out of Reasons to Pretend
The morning before Bellamy and Lincoln make their attempt to infiltrate Mt. Weather, Bellamy has a quiet moment with Clarke. He doesn’t know what to say to her anymore, but he’s tired of pretending he doesn’t care. 638 words | [PG]

100_weatherthestormwithyouWeather the Storm With You
Bellamy gets more than he bargained for during a hail storm. Like a wet, angry, sobbing Clarke in his tent. [Revised 2020]
1,817 words | [PG]

dontlookatmelikethatDon’t Look At Me That Way
Things are running smoother on the ground thanks to Clarke’s effect on Bellamy. 590 words | [PG]

heavencantwaitHeaven Can’t Wait
Canon divergent. With the Apocalypse banging at their door, the Arkadians and what’s left of Trikru take refuge in the remains of Alpha Station and hope for the best. Over 500 souls crammed into a tin can, but there’s only one that has Bellamy wrapped around her little fingers. Written for Camp NaNo: heaven. 23 of ? chapters | [PG-13]

falltopiecesFall to Pieces
Canon divergent. After a year on the ground, Bellamy and Clarke are finally ready to confront their feelings. As long as Bellamy doesn’t break his neck first. 1,461 words | [PG]

A Hero Without a Sunset to Ride Into
The war may be over, but the battles never end. Bellamy contemplates the consequences of war. Post-season 2 finale.

608 words | [PG-13]

Us Against Everything
Canon divergent. With a brutal winter ahead, Bellamy realizes there might be more than friendship growing between him and Clarke. 1539 words | [PG]

endofthelineEnd of the Line
An alternate scene in episode 1.07. Clarke and Bellamy disagree on how to handle the captured Lincoln. Because there’s no coming back once you cross that line.
690 words | PG-13

Octavia doesn’t need anyone to tell her who she is–she already knows.
523 words | PG-13



Wash Away the Pain
Clarke has too much blood on her hands, but Bellamy is there to help wash it away. [Revised 2020]
1,280 words | PG-13

40daysForty Days to Gone
Bellamy contemplates the first forty days on the ground with Clarke.
(462 words) | [PG]


handlewithcareHandle with Care
Set not long after s1e10. Clarke is left to clean up the dropship on her own, but Bellamy thinks there’s something more important that she should be doing.
(886 words)[PG]

alwaysAlways & Forever
(Bellamy & Octavia)
Just a little snapshot of a cold night on the Ark for young Bellamy and Octavia.S02e16.
(673 words) | [G]

interludeMid-morning Interlude
They’ve been on the ground a week, and Clarke has had enough of the whining. She needs a break. Too bad Bellamy can’t seem to leave her alone. Too bad she sort of likes that about him.
(1570 words) | [PG-13]

everytimeEvery Time We Say Goodbye
Saying good-bye gets harder and harder. Bellamy hopes this one isn’t forever. Episode tag for S02e16.
(586 words) | [PG]

followFollow You Down
(Bellamy/Clarke friendship)
There are a lot of dangers on the ground, but Bellamy found out quickly that the scariest one was Clarke Griffin. She had ways of hurting him he’d never imagined, and yet, he keeps going back for more. Like a moth to a flame in the center of hell.
(849 words) | [PG-13]

sleepAt the Center of the Night
(Bellamy/Clarke friendship)
Sleepless nights send Bellamy and Clarke on a crash course to finally fixing their friendship. Post season 3. [Revised 2020]
(2,054 words) | [R for language]


Meanwhile, Life Goes On
(Bellamy/Clarke friendship)
With two new graves dug, Bellamy finally realizes he’s going to need help keeping everyone alive, but first he has to get everyone inside the walls.
(1108 words) | [PG]

friendsFriends in Low Places
(Clarke & Murphy)
Murphy and Clarke are locked in her room in Polis, but they need to escape before the next Heda is crowned and the kill order goes into affect. Or worse. Tag for s3e07
(836 words) | [R for mild language]


Every Time I Turn Around
Since she came back, Clarke is always there whenever Bellamy turns around, even when he doesn’t know he needs her. Bellamy’s thoughts during his emotional conversation with Clarke in s3e13.
(272 words) | [PG]

wornWorn Around the Edges
(Bellamy/Clarke friendship)
Bellamy tries to be the friend that Clarke needs while she deals with what happened in The City of Light even if it tears apart his heart.
(3013 words) | [PG] WARNING: spoilers for season 3


All These Things I’ve Done
(Bellamy & Clarke friendship)
Takes place shortly after the events of the season 2 finale.
Picking up the pieces of your life isn’t as easy as watching them fall apart, especially when there’s no one there to help you.

(398 words) | [PG]
WARNINGS: spoilers for season 2

hug_foundagirlI Found a Girl
Bellamy’s been walking all night, carrying the weight of the world and the lone survivor of Factory Station. His mission to find Clarke has failed miserably. And another member of the group died on his watch. He’s not looking forward to this homecoming, but Camp Jaha has a surprise waiting for him.

My take on the reunion scene in episode 2.05: Human Trials. I fudged the details just a little—call it poetic license. (Title: I Found a Girl by Jan and Dean.)
(495 words) | [PG]

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