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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 28

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Chapter Twenty-Eight – There’s More Going On

When she’s finally done with Harper, Abby wheels her supply cart over to their table. “You two are my last patients.” She grins. “Until the next catastrophe anyway.”

Bellamy laughs, but he feels her stress. It’s always one thing after another on the ground. If they go longer than a week without an emergency, he’s shocked.

Abby turns her smile to Heaven. “Well, don’t you look adorable. I love the hair.” Her fingers skim over Heaven’s head then she pulls back the bangs.

“Oh, here,” Bellamy says, fishing the barrette out of his pocket. He tries to clip back her hair, but Heaven takes it out almost immediately.

Abby goes still, sparking Bellamy’s anxiety. “What? What’s wrong?”

A second later, Abby shakes herself out. “Nothing. Everything’s fine. Just a memory from another time. They sneak up on you sometimes.”

Bellamy doesn’t know what she means, but it’s obvious she doesn’t want to talk about it. His pulse slows now that his heart isn’t leaping into his throat. He needs to get a grip. Read more…


Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

Fudging it a little with seven sentences. The gang visits a resort planet that doesn’t allow armor making things a little difficult for Church and his robot body. (Does not fit in canon at all but was fun to write.)

“Well,” Tucker said, “the way I see it, you have two choices–you can either be a mime or just stay on the ship. Brooding. But, hey, at least you’ll have your morals to keep you company.”

Church turned to Carolina and Wash leaning against the wall. “You know, you two could like back me up or something here.”

Wash slipped into a leather jacket and shrugged. “I think Tucker makes a solid argument.”

July Goals

Recap from June:

Reading: Nothing. F–
Writing: Kept my streak. Didn’t write 100 words every day (missed twelve days–eek). Didn’t write any new chapters of Heaven. Completely forgot to fill a Writerverse prompt. Uh… D?
Finishing/Editing: Well, got chapters 26 & 27 finished and rewrote chapter 28 (but didn’t edit it). So fail. I did finish two other stories and edit at least a third. D+
Posting: Posted 3 of 7 chapters of Heaven. Posted 2 other stories! B

Crappy month but not a complete loss. Guess I’ll give myself a D for effort. Hopefully, July is better.

July Goals:


  • read four books to make up for missing February’s goal
  • read four books to make up for missing March’s goal
  • read four books to make up for missing April’s goal
  • read four books to make up for missing May’s goal
  • read four books to make up for missing June’s goal
  • read four books for my Goodreads challenge
  • (Is there even a point to this one anymore?)


  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • at least 100 words every day
  • write chapters 33-39 of Heaven Can’t Wait


  • rewrite/ready chapters 28-32
  • rewrite/1st edits chapter 33-36
  • finish and/or edit four other stories


June Round-Up

All things reading and writing.


Does fanfic count?



I fell way behind with this. Well, not “way” behind but behind where I wanted to be. I’ve just been feeling like crap with my moods all over the place and always tired (starting to think there might actually be something wrong with me). I didn’t write creative words every day, but it wasn’t a complete failure because I still managed to journal. Totaled 11,793 for the month, bringing the YTD total to 170,370.


Streak: My streak is now at 564 days (since January 1, 2017)!


I managed three (and a half) chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait which means I’m behind again. Oh, well. I also finished up one of the April 2017 Camp stories and two for Red vs Blue that I wrote this month. I worked on editing a few others, but nothing got completely finished.


Two stories and three chapters of Heaven

Heaven Can’t Wait:

Won’t Say I Told You So (But I Totally Did) (The 100)
Nightlight (Red vs Blue)
Gross Family (Red vs Blue)

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

“My people are very superstitious, and this child is nothing but bad luck.”
Bellamy’s whole body tenses.  How could they say that? She’s a little girl for crying out loud.
“Apparently,” says Octavia, “people around her tend to die. They believe anyone that interacts with her will suffer the same fate.”

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 27

<< Chapter Twenty-SixTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Eight >>


Chapter Twenty-Seven – Way More Drama Than I Can Deal With

“Bellamy!” someone shouts as he turns the corner into the public area of the station. Harper.

Now what? “Yeah?”

“Hey, we’ve been looking for you. We called you on the radio.”

“I don’t have a radio.”

She snorts. “We eventually figured that out. Abby wants to see us in Medbay. Checkup.”

Great. He sighs, falling into step next to her. She fiddles with the bandages on her hands then shoves them under her arms when she catches him watching. She looks way too much like a kid for his taste—small and lost. He doesn’t like it. “How are you, Harper?” he asks. “Really?”

“Hands still hurt like a bitch but-” She trails off for a moment, thinking. “I’m alive so I guess I’m okay.”

He continues to watch her out of the corner of his eye. Her gaze is locked to the floor in front of them, brow furrowed. There’s a scar that runs down her jawline—pale against her tanned skin. The tip of the iceberg. With Harper, most of her scars are buried deep, hidden beneath the visible ones. He hates that he couldn’t protect her from that. Read more…

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

I’ve been editing this story from April 2017 camp.

“After yesterday, I didn’t think you’d come.” He looks away, biting his lip.

“We had a fight. We fight all of the time–it’s kind of what our entire friendship is built on.”

“We’re friends?” he asks, still with that small voice.

How could he not know that?

Red vs Blue fic: Nightlight


561 words | [G]
There are still a lot Wash has to learn about the inner workings of Blue base now that Epsilon is gone. Like Caboose’s sleeping habits.

The knock on the door is light. For a moment, Wash isn’t sure he heard anything, but there it is again. A soft tap, tap, tap. He rolls over, checking the time on his computer terminal. 0124.

“This better be important,” he grumbles, hauling himself out of bed. “I was sleeping good. Sort of.”

He’s ready to dress-down the idiot waking him up, but it’s Caboose standing there, shifting from foot to foot and fiddling with the edge of his t-shirt.


“Oh, hey, Agent Washington. Did I wake you up?”

“Yes, you did. It’s one-thirty in the morning, Caboose. What’s wrong?”

“Oh.” He pulls on the hem so hard it tears. His shoulders slump. “I was just kind of having a problem.”

Wash’s brain is still fuzzy from sleep, and he really doesn’t feel like dealing with Caboose tonight, but he pulls in all his frustration. “What kind of problem?” Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 26

<< Chapter Twenty-Five | Table of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Seven >>


Chapter Twenty-Six – Treading on Dangerous Ground

Nicole’s quarters are on the far side of the station. As they walk, Cara attempts to teach Heaven how to skip. The younger girl tries enthusiastically but only manages to run, stop and hop with both feet. Cara finds it hilarious and keeps trying. When Bellamy glances at Nicole, she has a wistful smile on her face. She’s a great mom.

“So where are they moving you to?” he asks as they turn the corner into one of the residential areas. Cara grabs Heaven’s hand and pulls her towards a door decorated with magnets.

Nicole punches in the lock code. “Only up one level. It shouldn’t be too hard of a move.”

Bellamy frowns. “B deck? That’s mostly single rooms.”

“I know.”

“They know you’re having another baby, right?”

She laughs. “Actually, we volunteered. With the influx of new Grounder families, they needed the extra space.”

Bellamy looks around the room—it’s about the size of the one he grew up in so he knows how crowded it is already with just three of them. Adding another child would have made things tight, but now they are moving to an even smaller one? That’s going to be rough with two kids. Read more…

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

From an unpublished fluff fic. Caboose tries to explain his fear of the dark to an exhausted Wash.

“It’s not the dark that’s scary, but the not being able to see anything. Church used to… sometimes he would stay with me and be glowy so it wasn’t so scary. He wouldn’t talk unless to tell me to stop snoring, but he would stay. Then I had a flashlight. It wasn’t as good as glowy Church. It died.”

…just like Church. 😦

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