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Throwback Thursday

First day of school 2008


Owen (1st), Meagan (3rd), Brenna (kindergarten), Nora (age 2)

They looked so adorable in their uniforms, but I’m glad they are out of that Catholic school.

Back to school

School started on Monday for the kids.  Today was their first full day of school.  It’s been…different.  I have 3 kids in school this year in kindergarten, 1st grade and 3rd grade.  Last year was a breeze getting them up and ready.  I’d wake them at 7am and they did the rest.  The older 2 are very self-sufficient and would get their own breakfast and get dressed with little effort from me.

But this year my 5yo needs extra attention in the morning.  She is a bed wetter and wakes up smelling like pee so has to jump in the shower every morning to clean up.  Then she can’t pour her own cereal or milk (she is just klutzy and spills everything) and her brother and sister are done eating by then.  I also have to get my 2yo ready because my husband went back to work today (after being off for an entire year with a back injury) so she has to come with us in the morning.  Winter is going to suck trying to get 4 kids in boots and hats and stuff.

Monday morning: 7:30am
Owen starting 1st grade, Meagan starting 3rd grade, Brenna starting kindergarten and Nora, 2 years old.

And because Nora just looked so cute…or evil, I can’t decide:

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