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My super awesome daughter

My middle daughter, Brenna, is almost nine years old.  She is such a great kid.  She so sweet and caring and helpful.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  She was a lifesaver when I was pregnant with Jack.  At the end when I was so uncomfortable I could barely move she took up the slack, doing a lot of the household chores for me without me even asking.  She was 7 at the time.  She amazes me every day with the depth of her compassion.  She is a very special little girl.

Today she also reminded me that she is a very strong, brave girl, too.  She was at the park with her friend and just came home a few minutes ago.  She was a mess.  I guess she wiped out on her bike.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  She limped in covered in dirt and blood, tears streaming down her face.  But did she errupt into a fit of screaming?  Nope, she got herself a paper towel and started cleaning herself up even though I could see she was going into shock.  She was pale and shaking and trying to control her voice.  I stayed back and let her do her thing as I tried to talk her into sitting down.  I noticed the more I tried to get her to sit the more wavery her voice would get.  When she was focused on cleaning herself up she was strong and solid.

She just amazes me.  She didn’t really break down until I woke my husband up (he had the door to our room locked and I needed to get in our bathroom where I had some gauze and other supplies).  When she saw the look of shock on her face she just started bawling but quickly recovered.  She’s now resting on the couch, still covered head to toe in dirt.  Her friend was with her and they patched up her knee with some bandaids (about 6 of them).  I haven’t looked under them yet but it must be bad.  She had blood running all down her leg when she got home (lots of blood).  And on her one arm from an inch long gash at her elbow.  Both arms and legs and her clothes are just covered in dirt.

I have no idea what she was doing or how she fell all I know is that my brave, strong little girl got herself up despite the pain and fear and got herself home and was able to start fixing herself up.  It was a proud day for me.  I know I’ve taught her well if she can do all that on her own.  But I also know it has to do with her, as an individual.  Like I said to my oldest if it had been her that got hurt the friend would have had to come get me because Meagan would have never gotten up and walked herself home.  She would have freaked out like she was dying and we probably would have ended up in the ER after a neighbor called 911 from the screaming.  She spazzes out over a skinned knee.

I was also so thankful we were home.  Our kids are allowed to stay home by themselves (mostly the older 3).  Usually they are in the house and can’t leave except to sit in the yard with friends.  But yesterday we ran to the store and Brenna was at her friend’s house.  We stopped by to tell her we were leaving and she said she’d be there or at our house.  This could have happened while we were out.  I know she would have cleaned herself up bravely and waited for someone to get home but I’m so glad we were home for this.  It’s one of my fears when we do leave them home alone.  Usually they are all together (rarely does just one of them stay alone although we allow it) so I know if one gets hurt the others are there to help but still…

Anyway.  I just wanted to tell everyone about my super special, amazing, brave little girl.  I’m almost in tears typing this because I am just so freaking proud of her right now.  And a little nervous about having to clean her up.  We’re keeping an eye on her because she said she banged her head and now is demanding to take a nap.  That worries me more than her physical injuries.

Here’s some pics of her injuries.  This was after she cleaned herself up.  There was so much blood all over her.

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