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TV time: American Horror Story

Is anyone else watching this show?

I’m so freaking confused.  Exactly how many ghosts are in the house?  They seem to add a new one every week or something.  I guess I could go to the website like they suggest and see the “family” or whatever but I’m too lazy.

So on my count there are like 20 deaths on the property:

  • The original owner (the mad scientist)–although I don’t recall actually seeing him but he did die in the house
  • The original owner’s wife
  • the mutant kid which I assume is the entity in the basement that mutilates people that wander in
  • The two nurses murdered by the serial killer
  • The twin boys that Addy warned not to go in the house
  • Moira (the maid)
  • Connie’s husband (although I don’t think he’s been shown)
  • The crazy guy’s wife and kids
  • Tate
  • The two gay guys
  • The two nutcases that tried to kill Vivien and Violet
  • Hayden
  • And now we find out that Connie had another son, Beau who was deformed that she had the crazy guy kill in the attic (HOLY FUCK HE WAS CHAINED UP AND SHE WAS UPSET THEY WERE GOING TO TAKE HIM AWAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Those are all the murders/deaths I remember in the house.  Although, I’m not sure if they’ve all appeared to haunt the house.  Most of them have at one time or another.  I liked the scene after Halloween of them all going back to the house after their one night where the line between living and dead is gone so they can roam the earth.  They all looked so dejected.

But still, I have no clue what the point of the story is except to be really fucked up.  Did the house always make people crazy or was it because of what the original owners did there (all the abortions and the mutant kid and stuff)?  Did that taint the house so that anyone that lives there eventually goes crazy?

And why hasn’t Tate figured out he’s a ghost yet?  The look on Violet’s face when he asked her if she thought ghosts were real was hilarious?  At least she kept her cool.  I sure wouldn’t want to set him off…the kid is crazy.

This show has no real plot and I have no idea what is going on but I tune in every week just to see what other weird thing they’re going to throw at the audience.  I was totally not expecting the whole Hunchback kid chained to the attic.  Connie is one sick bitch.  And why’d they have to kill off Addy.  She was so sweet…in a weird-breaking-in-to-people’s-houses-sta

lkerish kind of way.

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