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New Addition

Finally got some cute pictures to post of the newest family addition.

Introducing Arrow Finnegan…


Born June 7 at 12:47am. 7lbs, 3oz; 19″ long.


His daddy just adores him. Totally wrapped around his little fingers (just like grampa but totally not gramma, not at all).


Mom did great. Eighteen-years-old, and she made it look easy. Started induction at 10pm on the 5th, got the epidural around noon on the 6th, started pushing at 11:10pm, and he was born an hour and a half later. She’s a great mom–I’m so proud of her.

We finally broke down and got me a new phone. I’ve had the same one since 2013, and it’s been mostly unusable for the last two years with most of the screen untouchable. But the camera worked, and with a little trouble, I could get the photos onto my laptop to use, but when I went to upload the pictures of the birth, I couldn’t do it. My DSLR camera broke last year as well, so I was in tears not being able to take pictures of the little guy.

So I got a new Galaxy 10e. The quality is amazing (better than my old phone and the DSLR which is 12 years old). Can’t wait to get more pictures of this sweet boy.

scrapbook page of the day

This page I did for a color challenge in a group.  The challenge was to use only blue, white and black.

It’s the first time I ever did a blue pastel page and it looks so soft and sweet.  The picture is of my my oldest daughter, then 15 months old, meeting her baby brother for the first time the day after he was born in 2001 (he turned 7 on October 1).

baby brother

scrapbook page of the day

I know I slacked off there for awhile.  I’m just too lazy to go back and see which pages I’ve already blogged.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a new layout.  I just needed a break.  My head was starting to spin with too many ideas and challenges to complete.

Here is my first new layout since August 9th.


This is my neighbor, Justin, and his 6 month old daughter, Aubrey.  She is such a cutie and so photogenic.  She would bust out a smile any time the camera was pointed at her.  I’ve known the family for almost 20 years and met Justin when he was about 5 years old so I’ve known him most of his life.  Seeing him with a baby of his own is kind of strange.

The layout was done for the designerdigitals.com Saturday Scraplift.  I actually did two mockups of this photo based on the original layout I was lifting.  It took me awhile to decide which papers I wanted to use.  The 2nd design had a plain beige background (that was grunged around the edges) and the pink dotted paper as the accent and it stretched from top to bottom.  Both looked great with the photo and both really captured the softness of the original layout.  But I ended up choosing this design because I loved the star paper and I’m getting kind of bored of using plain paper for the background (trying to spice things up a bit).  I think it turned out pretty good.  It’s not spectacular but I like simple layouts without a lot of clutter.

scrapbook page of the day

A page I did for an ABC book for my youngest daughter.  I only got to letter E, I think.  I just can’t concentrate on projects like this but I still love this page.  The only problem I have with it is the journaling around the belly picture because PSE doesn’t have text on paths.  I might have to fix it with PhotoImpact (which does let your put text on a path).

Nora’s baby book

Since I mentioned it in my scrapbook page of the day post I thought I’d actually show the new pages.

So here’s the first two pages:

This is what they look like side by side.  I’m still not sure on the “title”…her name there.  I know there is more I could do with this.  Maybe I’m just tired and need to step back a few days and then look at it again.

I really like the first page.  I was doing this from a sketch at pencillines.com (sketch #1) and didn’t like the 3 pictures on the same page as the circles so I turned it into a 2 page spread.  It’s just missing something, though.

It was really weird looking back at these pictures.  It’s hard to imagine that tiny, wiggly little thing is now a loud mouthed, opininated toddler terror, lol.  She’s two going on 16, I think.

scrapbook page of the day

Here’s one I did back in 2006.  I think it was the first time I stuck almost completely with one cit (splendid by shabby princess).  The only addition was the yellow mats (that I made myself) and the monkey.  I forget where I got that.  It isn’t great but I still like it.  The layout was for a sketch challenge I believe.  I might use that again.

I’m actually redoing Nora’s baby book.  I’m not scrapping the old pages.  I’m just making new ones with my newer skills I have now.  I want to make one for my Aunt Nora, who my daughter was named after.  She’s only seen my Nora twice in the 2 years Nora has been alive (when she was 3 months old and when she was 16 months).

I’m not sure if this book will be any better, though.  I’m trying to do two page spreads and I just suck at it.  I also don’t normally put more then one or two photos on a page so trying to get more really boggles me.  Hopefully it will look good and then Nora can have two seperate baby books.

scrapbook page of the day

Here’s one of the first pages I did and represents my graphic style that I like.  (The black frame around it is just to see where the page ends…it isn’t there in the real page).

This is my husband and our three daughters in April 2006, the day we brought the youngest home.  I really liked the center picture.  I told them to all look down at the baby.  My favorite, though, is the one of my husband and Nora together (top right).  And I was lucky to get a nice one of Meagan because she threw an utter fit and refused to be in most of the pictures.  I was tired and in pain after my c-section and didn’t want to deal with her.

The layout is pretty simple.  Just thepictures with the black frames.  There are no shadows.  The only element I didn’t make was the little bow.  Everything else was done with PhotoImpact 8, I think (it was awhile ago so I don’t really remember).

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