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Writing a novel? Need some help?

editingjob I signed up at fiverr.com (because I’m a lemming and have to follow what everyone is doing on the internet) and have offered my services as an editor and cover designer. All for $5 each project. Crazy, huh?

So, maybe you are writing a novel. Or a short story. You want someone to look over it. Possibly you want a more in-depth critique with suggestions and honest comments to help develop your story to it’s possible perfection. And probably you are going to want some help with that. Then head over to Fiverr and check out my “gig” post.

Or, perhaps, you have a novel you want to publish on Amazon or some other ebook platform but you have no art for the cover. You could try to make something yourself but for $5 I could put something together for you with a photo of your choosing and some text like I did for Shona Lou.


$5 is a great price considering I charged her $20. And that’s really cheap.

I’m posting this as an advertisement for my services and also to get some clients over at fiverr. And maybe make a few bucks in the meantime.

If you’d rather not use fiverr, feel free to contact me about either service through wordpress. If you know anyone that can benefit from my services (I mean $5! Come on, you can’t beat that!) send them over to my gigs. If I could drum up a little business over there it will look better on my profile, if you know what I mean. Plus I enjoy doing both editing and design.


Book Covers

I know, I know, I’m way behind on updating and have like three book reviews to write and post but I want to show off what I made.

I started making digital scrapbook pages back in 2006, many are posted here. I really got into working with the photos and designing pages. So when I saw on NaNo last year that they had space to put a little picture of a cover for each of our “novels” I, of course, had to make some up. I showed off my best ones in the NaNo facebook group and volunteered to make some quick ones up for someone (without buying the rights to the pictures yet). She passed the word along and someone else asked me to make a cover. she bought the picture after I did a mock up for her so it’s all official like. I got a whole $20 for it, lol. I know I can get more but… eh, it’s Christmas time. And honestly, I didn’t realize I would do that much work on it.

Anyway, here’s the cover (which I have permission to share from the author):

ImageIt didn’t turn out quite as nice as the mock-up because I didn’t think to write down all the steps I took to create it. D’oh! But she likes it so I’m super happy. Of course I wasted like three days working on it instead of writing reviews or reading or writing. And I probably could have gotten $100 for the amount of time I put into it but whatever. I had fun.

After doing the first few I really wanted to minor in graphic design but they don’t have that online so I’m minoring in Communications which has a couple graphic design classes in it. And some day, if we have the money, I could go back and get my degree in Graphic Design if I want.

Designing simple covers will at least earn me a few bucks here and there.

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