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Book Review: Almost Mine

Review of Almost Mine by Lea Darragh

almostmineStarted: 10/13/13; finished: DNF

Goodreads rating: 1/5 stars

my rating: DNF

pages: 231

found: netgalley

The synopsis for this book had a promising hook for the kind of books I like to read:

Cate has always taken Nick for granted. Through a wild youth of mistakes, bad choices, and self-destructive behaviour, Nick has been the one thing that Cate could count on. She knows he loves her, but she can’t love him back. He’s too perfect, too strong, too caring. She has darkness in her that can’t handle that much light.

When an unexpected pregnancy forces them into a marriage of convenience, Cate hopes that Nick can love her enough for the both of them. But as time passes, Nick grows frustrated and finally decides to cut himself loose. Will his absence prove to Cate just how much she needs him?

It sounded like a cute little romance between two long time friends that develops despite all the crazy stuff that happens in their lives. I guess, maybe it could have been, but I couldn’t get past the first three chapters. I dislike writing harsh and negative review but ever since I tried reading this book all I’ve done is complain to my friends about how bad it is and how I can’t get through it. So I finally decided it was time to put it to bed.

My main problem with this book, or at least the first three or four chapters, is that is is sloooooow and so boring. It starts out with the main character, Cate, thinking about her life and how she wants to win back her husband’s affections despite the obvious chasm that has grown between them. Will doesn’t even stay in their house anymore but lives in the office near their winery/restaurant.

When her endeavors don’t work she goes into flashback mode. Except it’s the crappy kind of flashback. Chapter two starts with her telling us she has to explain how her and Will met and how they got to the point of the first chapter. Oooookaaaay. This is where my issues began. There’s nothing wrong with flashbacks in a novel. And there’s nothing wrong with starting a novel in the present and telling the rest of it in flashback. If you do it right. This was not done right. At least not as far as I got into it.

Chapter three was just her telling us what happened. There’s no actual action. Stuff happens but I felt so detached from it I couldn’t even begin to care about the events or the people. Chapter three was more of the same. By the end of that chapter I couldn’t take it anymore.

On goodreads it has pretty good ratings. Maybe I missed something by not finishing it. I kind of scanned ahead some but it was just more of the same and none of what I read held my interest and I greatly disliked Cate who was using Will throughout her life when it was convenient for her because Will was in love with her. Despicable (but also can be a good story).

So my ultimate rating is DNR so my review should be taken with a grain of salt. Read it yourself and decide if it gets better after the first three chapters. Maybe it will be your kind of book. It just wasn’t mine.

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