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Book Review: If We Were a Movie

ifwewereamovieTITLE: If We Were a Move
AUTHOR: Kelly Oram
PUBLISHER: Bluefields
YEAR: 2016
GENRE: New Adult romance
PAGES: 269
FOUND: my Kindle
TIMES READ: 2 (2016, 2017)
READ: 12/5/17 – 12/7/17
RATING: 4/5 stars

Another Kelly Oram book! And this one isn’t YA. I tend to stick with YA because I’m not into the gratuitous sex that seems to be in every mainstream book in any genre. Most of the time, I have to skip whole chapters to get past it then wonder why it’s even in there since it lends nothing to the plot. New Adult often goes that way as well.

But this one is a sweet romance that grows organically. No sudden love at first sight. Nate and Jordan are obviously attracted to each other, but their friendship grows first and Nate doesn’t have thoughts of cheating on his over-bearing girlfriend every five seconds. He’s almost oblivious to Jordan’s feelings until she practically hits him over the head with them.

What I love most about this book are the characters. They’re quirky but realistic. Nate is a triplet, and his brothers are severely co-dependent. Enough to follow him to a university they don’t even want to attend because they’re afraid of being without him. They’re both idiots but mean well. And he loves them unconditionally even if he can’t stand them half of the time.

Jordan is as obsessed with movies as Nate is with music which helps move their friendship along as they try to get the other to see their side. The titles of each chapter are movies that relate to whatever is going on. At least how Jordan sees things. I like Jordan because she seemed desperate to figure out her life but completely lost on how to do it. Nate grounds her.

Jordan also adds her friend Colin to the mix who was adorable. I loved how he related to Jordan and protected her when she didn’t realize she even needed the help. I even liked Sophie. At least as a villain. Until the end when she becomes super clingy. Talk about the psycho ex-girlfriend. And the stunt she pulls is incredibly cruel and immature which seems like a complete 180 from her character at the beginning of the book. It didn’t make sense to me other than to screw up Nate’s life just as it was getting on track.

The few things that got to me, besides Sophie’s antics, was the fact that everything turned out perfect. The “perfect” happy ending. Actually, there are a lot of conveniences in the book. Nate easily gets enough scholarships to afford NYU tuition-free. There’s some random scholarship just for triplets that makes it affordable to send two kids there and somehow manage to get all three of them into one room. What? Then Jordan just happens to have a beautiful condo. In Manhattan. That’s affordable to an NYU music student. Double what?? It just gets more unrealistic after that.

Despite that the book is cute. Lots of fluffiness with a touch of angst towards the end. I really felt for Nate as he struggled to be an adult. It’s been over twenty years since I was there, but learning to adult* is hard no matter what year it is. The book is worth it for the adorableness of Jordan and Nate together.

*I love the fact that “adult” is now a verb. Because adulting is hard.

Book Review: Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Review of Love Story by Jennifer Echols

lovestoryStarted: 11/15/13; finished: 11/16/13

Goodreads rating: 4/5 stars

my rating: AWWW with a touch of UGH

pages: 243

found: library

This book, at the title implies, is a love story. But not in the conventional sense. It starts with Erin in creative writing class at a New York university. It’s her turn to have her story critiqued. She’s used her own personal experience of growing up on a horse farm in Kentucky for the setting, the character modeled after her and the boy that worked in the stables with his father. A boy she’s always felt a connection with even though she rejected him as her equal when school started in seventh grade. She’s sure her dreams of becoming a famous author will begin this day after her classmates read her story.

And then her “stable boy” walks in to join the class. She’s mortified but no one knows they know each other. This sets of a chain of events where the two spin around each other, coming close only to be pushed away by one or the other. Their sparring reaches epic proportions as their stories for class get more and more personal and racy. Only their close friends know the truth. Things get harder as their feelings pull them closer and closer together. In the end all the pieces of their stories fit together to tell a love story—one still in the making.

Overall I think this book was sweet. I loved how Erin and Hunter play off of each other. Their friends are equally entertaining especially Manohar and Summer. I thought the book started out a little slow, though, and Hunter seemed way too cool and smooth. But even thought it’s slow it eventually starts laying out the history of the two and how the mistakes of their pasts of lead them to where they are—in the middle of a love story they are writing as they go along.

Both of them screw up countless times but it seems Hunter made the most effort to fix things. Erin just gave up or thought the worst of Hunter at every misstep which was kind of annoying. I really enjoyed the richly painted settings of New York City and Kentucky. I’ve never been to either (well I think we drove through Kentucky and Louisville when I was on a high school trip for orchestra one year) but I could completely picture these two places.

But I think what I loved the most was all the unresolved sexual tension and angst. I’m a junkie and can admit it.

The thing I hated the most was the end because it just… ENDS!!!! Maybe it’s just me but I wanted to see what Erin’s grandmother thought of the whole thing. To actually see Erin and Hunter work things out.

Book Review: If You Stay

Review of If You Stay by Courtney Cole

ifyoustayStarted: 9/30/13; finished: 9/30/13

Goodreads rating: 4/5 stars

my rating: OMG

pages: 220 (ebook)

found: my kindle library

I have to admit I first started this book a long time ago. I read the preview over at Amazon but wasn’t sure if I should by it. It has a lot of graphic sex scenes and language which usually isn’t my thing. But it went on sale back in April so I picked it up, rereading what I’d already seen in the preview. But then I just stopped. Not just this book but all books. I just didn’t feel like reading any more.

Well, last week I got back into it. When I finished the few library books I had out (with the library not opening for 2 days) I pulled up my Kindle app and looked at what I had. If You Stay beckoned me even with all the explicit sex.

And by golly, I fell in love with it. Amazingly the sex scenes didn’t bother me like they usually do. And make no mistake this book is NOT young adult. This is in the “new adult” category. The characters are in their early 20s.

If You Stay is the story of Pax Tate who ODs on a combo of coke, pills and Jack Daniels. He’s saved by Mila Mills who happens to be taking pictures on the beach that night. A few days later Pax is recovering in the hospital when goody-two-shoes Mila shows up to make sure he’s okay. There’s something about Mila that draws Pax in, unlike any girl before her.

Soon they form a tentative friendship over their experience but the attraction between them is undeniable. Mila’s sister, Maddie, is dead against the relationship but for once Mila doesn’t care. She’s falling hard for the bad boy that’s obviously broken. He needs help and she’s going to give it to him. Pax starts to realize that maybe is good enough for someone to love him until secrets from his past come to light and threaten to ruin everything he’s built with Mila.

This book is at once sweet romance and gritty, realism of the low times in life. The characters are realistic and flawed (especially Pax) but you can’t help but believe in them. In the end they are all changed by the events of the book… And maybe they will get their happy ending after all.

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