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Jenny McCarthy dishes about bullying in high school

The other day I came across this on a Facebook group.  It sparked a huge rant in the group because this is my high school she is talking about.  According to Jenny McCarthy she was bullied all through high school and treated terribly (actually she talks a lot about the bus and that would be public transportation–the CTA in Chicago).  The people in the group are alumni of the school and they think she is lying and the school is not like that.

Frankly, I don’t care if McCarthy is lying or not. The fact is bullying did happen at the school. I started high school in 1991, the year after McCarthy graduated (I believe). I grew up in the same neighborhood she lived in. In fact my kids went to the same Catholic elementary school she did and my friend’s husband was in the school at the same time McCarthy was. I went to a different elementary school because that one had no room when we moved to the area in 1989 (she would have been in high school by then, I was in 6th grade when we moved).
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