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Big Cat, Little Bucket


Bellamy is so weird sometimes. He insisted on sleeping in this bucket despite there being two perfectly good boxes with blankets right next to it:

boxes-092219 (2)


He wasn’t amused by my five minutes of laughter either.

Update on Bellamy

It’s been a week since my daughter woke me in hysterics because Bellamy was covered in blood and hiding under the sofa. He was such a mess those first two days that I honestly wasn’t sure he would make it.

But I’m happy to announce that he’s made a full recovery. He’s at about 90%. His jaw is still broken but doesn’t seem to bother him. He eats soft and hard food and finally started drinking water last night (his last hurdle).

The bites on his chest have all healed, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of infection. He no longer has a limp (that was there a week before this incident).

The only thing worrying me now is that he’s started sneezing a lot more. The doctor said that might happen because his nose was jacked up, but he’s doing it a lot more suddenly. My oldest daughter said she’s heard him coughing. And it obviously still pains him to swallow. I think he just needs time with the swallowing. The coughing could be a problem. He’ll need to go get a checkup soon so we’ll see about that then.

I think the vet is going to be shocked at how well he’s bounced back. She listed him in critical condition and gave him less than stellar odds of surviving the first few days.

He really is a trooper. He’s pissed at everyone because we won’t let him outside. Which means he’s being even more obnoxious than usual.

bellamy_022518showing off his shaved chest and leg… also stealing my chair (taken on 2/25/18)


My first scrapbook page in three years. Not half bad. Looks like I might have missed some shadows. This is my dumbass cat, Bellamy. He went missing overnight and had us all worried (some more than others). He eventually found his way home and was mostly just hungry.


I forgot how much I enjoy scrapbooking. I haven’t done any since I got my laptop in 2013 because it can’t run photoshop under that stress with the organizer open. It’s a pain to have to go through each folder I have looking for stuff. So I finally downloaded PSE onto our other computer which is much more powerful. Now I just have to get all of the stuff organized. That will probably take a couple weeks.

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