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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 6

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Chapter Six – A Little Sidetracked

David and Miller haul Bellamy to his feet. He feels faint but manages to stay upright. David falls back to give Abby a report while Miller walks next to him in his underwear, still wiping at his skin. “God this burns.”

Yeah, it does. Like a sonofabitch. He squeezes the tiny body in his arms. He’s overwhelmed with worry when she doesn’t respond. He can feel her shallow breaths against his chest, but she’s not moving. Not sucking her thumb. Not pulling at his hair. When did that become comforting?

Abby catches up with them as they get to Medbay. “Over there,” she says, pointing at an exam table.

Miller hops up on another one. Abby ignores him, following Bellamy. He tries to put the girl down, but she finally comes to life, clinging to him—nails digging into his already raw neck. He grits his teeth. “Come on, kid, we’re not going to hurt you.” His words come out clipped with an edge on them that he hadn’t intended. She starts to cry. No, don’t cry. Please don’t cry. Shit.

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