[REPOST] Firefly fic: Cap’n Scrooge

This story is being reposted from 2008 as part of this endeavor. It’s one of the very first stories I ever wrote which means the spelling, grammar, and punctuation were horrible. It’s been lightly edited for the above and for clarity. See the original here.


Christmas on board Serenity.
200 words | [G]

Despite Mal’s insistent protests that Serenity wasn’t a democracy, the crew voted six to two in favor of celebrating Christmas. Jayne was Mal’s lone support— grumbling something about wasting money on people he barely liked before skulking off to his room.

Two days later, as Kaylee and Shepard Book tried their best to decorate the common room with some twinkly lights and gaudy baubles they picked up at port the day before, Jayne strode in with several horribly wrapped packages and dumped them on the floor at the foot of the tiny flocked tree.

“Maybe I like y’all a bit,” he said with a smirk.

“Hmph,” Mal scoffed from the corner.

“Don’t be such a Scrooge, Cap’n,” Kaylee said.

That night, Mal slipped into the common room as quietly as he could. Carefully, he laid out eight small boxes covered in brown paper and tied with twine. He arranged them neatly with the other gifts around the little tree then leaned back on his heels with a sigh.

Suddenly, the lights came on. “Ha,” Kaylee hollered, “we caught you Cap’n.”

Mal’s face flushed. “We’ll y’all are family,” he mumbled.

“I knew you couldn’t resist,” whispered Kaylee as she hugged him.