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Stargate SG-1 comic: We Need Help

Or maybe it’s just me that needs the help, lol.  For the [info]stargateland  comic strip challenge.  This is my first comic strip and I almost didn’t do this challenge.  Not my kind of thing but I saw these caps when I was looking for stuff for my Sam icons and couldn’t resist.  I love Jack’s expression in the last one.

The story makes zero sense to don’t try to hard to figure it out.  It was just the first stupid thing that came to my head.  I should be finishing up my sg1friendathon story but, no, I’m making icons and comic strips instead.  At least I’m clearing out the challenges I have due this week so I can focus on bigger projects (and boy do I have a bunch… more on that in another post, though).  Without further ado:

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