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Day 39 of Isolation: A Comment

Got this comment on AO3 for Heaven Can’t Wait the other day:

This story is amazing. found link in tablet i bought. is there more somewhere?

heavencantwaitOn one hand, it’s another punch of guilt to the solar plexus because I haven’t added anything to this story in over a year.

On the other hand, this person bought a tablet and the previous owner had the story bookmarked. They found, read and loved the story because of complete serendipity.

I really had hoped I could find the energy to write a bit during April, but I’ve been more stressed with the kids’ schooling and my health deteriorating than I had anticipated. All I’ve done is keep up with this daily blog (which I honestly haven’t even been doing daily–most entries are back-dated).

I have so many unanswered comments on AO3 that are adding to my anxiety and guilt. People probably think I just abandoned all of my stories. I swear I haven’t. I just have a chronic illness that makes it nearly impossible to do anything creative. I swear I plan to finish it.

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