Year in Review

Another year ended and another just begun.

I haven’t been active lately. Decided for my mental and physical health, I needed a break from the self-imposed stress relating to writing. That included this blog. So no depressing monthly updates the last few months with nothing to show and all goals failed.

But it’s a new year, so I can at least make a review post of all of my work. That won’t hurt too much. I got some stuff done.


Goodreads goal: 52
Total books read: 16
Total repeat books: 3

Total webcomics caught up on: 6 (okay, that’s a lie–I still need to read December updates on all but one of them)

I didn’t really do much reading outside of the webcomics. Committing to a full-length novel seems beyond me right now. I have several that I started over the year and have never gotten around to finishing, including Pride and Prejudice. I either can’t get my brain to focus and therefore nothing sticks and I have no idea what is going on or I’m too busy doing other stuff. Changing my Goodreads goal to 25 this year because I didn’t even come close last year. Continue reading “Year in Review”

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the sunny but very cool Pacific Northwest.

My 9yo son, Jack, as Link and my 4mo grandson, Arrow, as a wizard. I made both costumes myself.

I had no patterns so for the wizard robes, I took on of his bathrobes and traced around it then just kind of winged it. His mother added a bunch of felt starts. Then I made the hat completely on the fly, deciding to add the hair and beard last second. Barely got it done in time to go trick-or-treating.

For the Link costume, I used the version from the Windwaker game because it’s a simple design. Again, no pattern. Just measured him and sewed, hoping for the best. Turned out better than I hoped. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the energy to solve the issues with the boots covering his toes and we got a flat tire right before Halloween so I couldn’t afford to buy the pants and undershirt I found at Target.

Hope everyone had a great day and didn’t get sick on too much candy.


Craft Progress Report – June 2019

All things crafting…

  • # of new projects started: 8
  • # of projects finished: 5
  • # of new projects left unfinished: 3
  • # of old projects finished: 0 (projects started in previous months)

Total number of unfinished projects: 10

Finished Projects:

More hats! These were made for cash originally to fund money to get one of our cats to the vet (he thankfully recovered from his injury on his own before I could finish these). All patterns were from Repeat Crafter Me except the face on the sloth which I designed myself (using the base hat pattern from RCM).

Started But Unfinished Projects:


Craft Progress Report – May 2019

This blog was originally for more than just my writing, but I’ve neglected other parts of my life recently (recently being the last like five years). So I thought I’d post some pictures of projects I’ve worked on in the last month now that I have a working phone.

All things crafting…

  • # of new projects started: 26
  • # of projects finished: 25
  • # of new projects left unfinished: 2
  • # of old projects finished: 1 (projects started in previous months)

Total number of unfinished projects: 9

Finished Projects:

Hats for my new grandson! The bear hat pattern is from Mary Hodges. The rest are all from Repeat Crafter Me.

Other baby items: booties from Croby Patterns, a heavily modified blanket found at Yarnspirations that I gave to my daughter’s friend who had a baby the same day, a romper by Laura Savastinuk Designs that still needs buttons, and adorable flip-flops by Elizabeth Mareno that were too small because baby has big feet.

Other finished projects without pictures:

  • Oliver Twist hat by Melody Rogers
  • newsboy hat by Jenni Designs
  • Presto hat that Arrow wore home from the hospital by Katherine Vaughan (also made one of these for my youngest son when he was born)
  • blue striped hat of my own design that matches the blue striped blanket above (gave it away before I got a picture of it)
  • placemat of my own design that now sits on our dining room table with a bowl of fruit on it

Started but unfinished:


  • Another romper like the yellow and gray one, but this one is bigger and will have longer legs.
  • Neon sweater (made one of these for Jack as a baby, but couldn’t find any of that stuff up in the loft of our garage
  • ripple wave blanket

With the new baby, I had a lot of motivation to get some projects done for him. Most of the hats were too small for his big head, though, so we’re going to get some twine and clothespins and hang them for decoration because they’re too cute.