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Day 53 of Isolation: Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Happy Cinco de Mayo from Eloise the Literary Raptor. Isn’t her tiny sombrero just the cutest? I found the pattern at Repeat Crafter Me. It’s supposed to be a keychain.

I made the first one (that she’s holding) according to the pattern, but it was a bit big for her so then I changed to a smaller hook and started with less stitches to get the perfect little hat for her.

Now I just need to make her some teeny tacos to eat for dinner. Or taco pizza like we’re having from Papa Murphy’s. Delish.

Day 13 of Isolation: Bunny Blanket

This cute pattern popped up on my Facebook and I just had to make it. I’ve never done filet crochet before, but it was a lot of fun, fast and easy. I got half of it done in one day but then ran out of that color yarn. Ended up finishing in a complementary color.

In the end, it used just about two skeins of Caron One Pound yarn.


It’s pretty big–almost 4′ square–and really warm despite all of the holes. Arrow seemed to like it. I really liked doing filet work. Think I might find some more patterns. But that will have to wait when I have more yarn because I’m just about out now (those two were my biggest, most complete skeins and now they’re gone).

Day 12 of Isolation: Useful Projects

So the other day I mentioned feeling guilt-tripped (unintentionally) because I don’t have the energy to do things like make face masks for hospitals. For the most part, I’ve spent the last few weeks crocheting. It takes minimal effort and projects tend to finish quickly so I feel like I’m getting stuff done.

The last couple days, I used up almost all of the cotton yarn I could find in my stash to make dishcloths for my family. It’s not to help other people, but I still feel like I did something useful for once because we only have two sponges left in the kitchen and they were cheap $1 ones that won’t last very long. Since we’ve been unable to buy more disinfecting wipes, all of the counters need to be cleaned with cleaner and a sponge. They wear out and get gross fast.

So I made dishcloths that can be used to scrub the counters, dishes, and floor (we don’t have a mop) and I won’t care about them getting messed up because they’re made of scraps.

The patterns I used were mostly found on Ralvery, others I just made up on my own.

I still have a bit of cotton yarn left so I’m probably going to make more of the round one and the fancy white/coral one because they were fun patterns. And maybe some more coasters for coffee cups.


Craft Progress Report – June 2019

All things crafting…

  • # of new projects started: 8
  • # of projects finished: 5
  • # of new projects left unfinished: 3
  • # of old projects finished: 0 (projects started in previous months)

Total number of unfinished projects: 10

Finished Projects:

More hats! These were made for cash originally to fund money to get one of our cats to the vet (he thankfully recovered from his injury on his own before I could finish these). All patterns were from Repeat Crafter Me except the face on the sloth which I designed myself (using the base hat pattern from RCM).

Started But Unfinished Projects:

Craft Progress Report – May 2019

This blog was originally for more than just my writing, but I’ve neglected other parts of my life recently (recently being the last like five years). So I thought I’d post some pictures of projects I’ve worked on in the last month now that I have a working phone.

All things crafting…

  • # of new projects started: 26
  • # of projects finished: 25
  • # of new projects left unfinished: 2
  • # of old projects finished: 1 (projects started in previous months)

Total number of unfinished projects: 9

Finished Projects:

Hats for my new grandson! The bear hat pattern is from Mary Hodges. The rest are all from Repeat Crafter Me.

Other baby items: booties from Croby Patterns, a heavily modified blanket found at Yarnspirations that I gave to my daughter’s friend who had a baby the same day, a romper by Laura Savastinuk Designs that still needs buttons, and adorable flip-flops by Elizabeth Mareno that were too small because baby has big feet.

Other finished projects without pictures:

  • Oliver Twist hat by Melody Rogers
  • newsboy hat by Jenni Designs
  • Presto hat that Arrow wore home from the hospital by Katherine Vaughan (also made one of these for my youngest son when he was born)
  • blue striped hat of my own design that matches the blue striped blanket above (gave it away before I got a picture of it)
  • placemat of my own design that now sits on our dining room table with a bowl of fruit on it

Started but unfinished:


  • Another romper like the yellow and gray one, but this one is bigger and will have longer legs.
  • Neon sweater (made one of these for Jack as a baby, but couldn’t find any of that stuff up in the loft of our garage
  • ripple wave blanket

With the new baby, I had a lot of motivation to get some projects done for him. Most of the hats were too small for his big head, though, so we’re going to get some twine and clothespins and hang them for decoration because they’re too cute.

What to do with words?

I like to think of myself as a writer–a fanfic writer, sure, but still a writer. But I do have other hobbies that take up my time. I tend to rotate through them depending on my mood or resources.

Lately, that’s been crochet (and some knitting) thanks to my first grandchild arriving soon (due June 2).  I have to make all of the cute baby things for him before he gets here.

Besides all of the baby hats, sweaters and blankets I’ve been making, I have year-long projects I work on that have special meaning to me as a writer. It’s the way I combine my two favorite things to do.

You might have seen or heard of those mood scarves or temperature blankets (and the many variations thereof) where each row of color represents your mood or the temperature that day. Well, my mood sucks 365 days of the year so a solid blue scarf would be boring, and the temperature/weather here is pretty steady so I came up with the wordcount blanket using the same concept since I already track my words every day thanks to the Get Your Words Out challenge.

Doing my first wordcount blanket in 2016 was kind of a spur of the moment thing I started at the end of the year. I chose a corner-to-corner pattern because they’re fun and you can see your project growing the first half and then rejoice as it gets smaller and smaller.


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