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Day 16 of Isolation: Waste Not, Want Not

Sometimes, I just want to strangle people. Right now, those people are my kids because they don’t seem to get it.

Either that or I’m starting to crack under the pressure of having everyone around all of the time. On one hand, being an introvert through this isolation thing is a benefit because I don’t care if I can go out or not (actually enjoying not having to do Parent-Teacher Conferences last week). On the other hand, though, I’m stuck in the house with other people and that can be overwhelming.

My current irritation is my kids wantonly wasting paper towels. It’s bad enough they do that under normal circumstances, but right now, stuff like paper towels and toilet paper and cleaning supplies, in general, are hard to come by. I was lucky to snatch up a 6-pack of Bounty back on March 13 before we were in mandatory isolation. I was hoping that would carry us through, but with all of the cleaning we do… it’s not going to last. I think we’re down to two more rolls.

Then today, I go into the kitchen to find three sections in the trash with only the middle one having a tiny bit of soil on one corner. A complete and total waste of paper towels. And they do it all of the time. We buy those rolls that have the smaller sheets because we also use them as napkins. There’s no reason they need to tear off 3 of them to wipe the corner of their mouth but that’s what they do. And that’s the 19yo. I catch her doing stuff like that all of the time.

I was so angry, I was cursing up a storm and ended up not actually cooking like I had planned when I went down there. I was just fed up.

Then later, when I went down to get something else, I found more barely-used paper towels in the trash. Apparently, the culprit didn’t hear my earlier rant. I’m ready to tear the entire roll into individual sheets and the kids have to ask me for one when they need it. I don’t know what they plan to do when we run out and can’t find more in the store.

Crazy Quirks

We all have them–those things we do that most people find odd but make perfect sense to us. One of my strangest quirks is the fact that I like to organize things. For most people, cleaning the garage is a chore. For me, once I get going, I bliss out with all of the organizing. I’ll work for six or seven hours straight without even realizing it.

When I get stressed out, I make spreadsheets to organize information. Or I go through and reorganize all of the folders in my documents folder on my laptop. I’ll alphabetize DVDs or clear out my junk drawer.

The other day, I found a website that keeps track of your writing projects and word counts. I was in heaven. I spent a couple hours just filling in all of the totals from my spreadsheet. Yes, I already have this information organized in detail, but I couldn’t resist going through it again.

I’m a little crazy like that. Anyone want to join me on the crazy train?

Misongynists Say the Darndest Things

If you’re lucky you’ve never heard of the MRA (Men’s Rights Activism) and the website A Voice for Men. The idea sounds innocent enough: advocating for the rights of fathers in divorce cases. Maybe that’s how it started… somewhere, at some time, but that’s not what MRA is about.

It’s about a bunch of misogynist dickheads patting each other on the back for their misogyny. And they say the dumbest (most infuriating) things.

Thanks to Man Boobz (a blog dedicated to mocking these nutcases) I found this nugget of an article at A Voice for Men.

The author, Clint Carpentier, rants on about how the poor, abused men are forgotten about when the women start pushing out babies. Who will think of the men!

Here’s some of his more douchey observations:

Giving birth is an amazing feat of zero skill, and it still amazes me. It amazes me that this is the epitome, the pinnacle, the supposed female trump card to all male accomplishments.

Your life is in jeopardy for a matter of hours, a few times in your life. The number is less than three if you’re an educated career woman. Of course lesser educated educated, less talented, less professionally accomplished women, tend to have far greater experience in the field of giving birth.

This is the only “job” affording prestige, praise, and credit, for just exercising a biological function. So, why is it a trump card? If I hadn’t spayed her, my dog could do it.

You see, if I am correct, and it is only fathers who suffer this abuse, then delivery of such injury is selective. I can see no call for it. In fact, fathers-to-be should avoid the maternity ward altogether, as they are obviously not welcome. If birthing is license to mistreat, abuse, or injure a father in the witness of medical professionals, then what deterrent exists, preventing continued abuse in private?

In just these four passages he really lets you know what he thinks: birth takes little skill, it’s just biology, nothing more; labor isn’t that big of a deal; stupid women have more kids; woman are barely above dogs (and possibly should be spayed); and believes that men have it harder in the delivery room than the women because of, “…have also seen the scratches and bite marks, on the fathers who braved the maternity ward.”

OMG! Scratches! Bites! He also mentions loud yelling. The horror. Can’t we think of these abused men? Their lives are in danger every time their wives give birth.

I’ve never gone through labor. I had five c-sections, though, and a miscarriage. The miscarriage was agony. The pain was almost unbearable and I didn’t have to push an 8 pound baby out of my vagina in the end. But the men!!! they might get scratched.

The really amazing part of his rant is that he mentions he got off easy because his wife had to have a c-section (which he did not attend). This guy has a wife? He procreated? I feel for this woman. She lives in a highly abusive house going by the things this guy said. His attitude towards women is that they are put on this earth to serve men, are inferior, stupid, unable to do anything without a man holding their hand, and most importantly, they are evil and trying to destroy men. God, I hope he didn’t have a daughter.

The whole time I read his article I kept thinking, “this can’t be real, no real man would say something so idiotic,” but sadly, I know these guys are out there. The number of responses agreeing with him confirms it.

They say it’s all women’s fault that the world is going to hell, what with them wanting to work and vote and be considered people. The shame.

But in reality, it’s pricks like this guy that are bringing the country down. They want to bring us back a hundred years when a woman “knew her place” and beating them wasn’t just legal, it was expected. Luckily, these stains on humanity are outnumbered by the many, many kind and respectful men out there.

I don’t normally advocate domestic violence, but in this case I hope his wife comes to her senses, kicks him right in the balls then takes him to the cleaners in the divorce. I’m sure that will give fuel to his indignation and more proof of the evilness of women. But, come on, this guy deserves it.


Just realized I kind of have gotten myself into a pickle between reading and writing. I’m really trying to get this blog back up and running. I used to post all about my scrapbooking on here but I don’t do that any more (who has time). And about my kids but that mostly goes on livejournal and facebook now. So it became another depository for my fanfic which I haven’t written in almost a year. So then I decided to start posting book reviews. Partly because I felt like getting my opinion out there and partly so I would remember why the hell I liked a book in the first place, lol.

Well, I’ve gotten myself a little in over my head, especially with NaNo creeping up in a few weeks. I’ve got TEN library books out, with another needing to be picked up tomorrow. I didn’t do it on purpose but all my books always come in at the same time it seems. Plus I got into NetGalley and was approved for 5 books so far.

On top of that I’m trying to figure out what to write for NaNo. I thought I was going to work on book 1 of my trilogy but after my epiphany earlier I have no idea. There are 3 other ideas besides those that I would love to do so I’m outlining all of them (sparsely).

And I just signed up to hopefully get an ARC of Julia Spencer-Fleming’s newest book coming out next month. If I get it I have to review it by early November. ARGH. But I really want that book. Another problem is I said before I read it I would reread her other SEVEN books.

There are not enough hours in the day for all of this. Someone stop me now!

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