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Another Scrapbook Page

I’m on a role. That first page inspired me to try another. This time with a photo my kids took while on a hike/picnic near out house. They took a lot of great photos so I’m going to have a lot to scrapbook.



My first scrapbook page in three years. Not half bad. Looks like I might have missed some shadows. This is my dumbass cat, Bellamy. He went missing overnight and had us all worried (some more than others). He eventually found his way home and was mostly just hungry.


I forgot how much I enjoy scrapbooking. I haven’t done any since I got my laptop in 2013 because it can’t run photoshop under that stress with the organizer open. It’s a pain to have to go through each folder I have looking for stuff. So I finally downloaded PSE onto our other computer which is much more powerful. Now I just have to get all of the stuff organized. That will probably take a couple weeks.

some more scrapbook pages

My Halloween mini-album continues with Halloween 2012 and 2011 (2010 coming soon). These are so much easier to make then a full page, especially since I’m sticking to simple, matching designs. Designing the first page takes the longest. After that it’s a matter of duplicating the page and swapping photos/papers then rearranging them.


beaver_072514_edited-1 Read more…

Scrapbooking Halloween

I got a bit of a bug up my butt earlier this week. For some reason, I just had to scrapbook something. I haven’t made a scrapbook page since 2010, but my brain insisted that this week I just must. I had forgotten how much fun it could be. Of course, it took away from my school work and the nine page paper I have to write.

I decided to do something small instead of a full 12 x 12 page. So I started with a 6 x 4 space and decorated it based on a scrapbook page I found at designerdigitals.com. At first I just did Nora’s, but I loved it so much I decided to do all the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes last year. The four mini-pages match with the same layout (the boys flipped horizontally), but in different colors that matched their costumes. I also made a lead page with all of them together. The plan is to take pictures from past Halloweens and make pages with them then print them and put them into one of those small photo albums.

Unfortunately school comes first so I only allowed myself these five pages.halloween2013_072314web





my first scrapbook freebie


There are 3 fixed date stamps.  One is square with days, months and years (2000-2009), another only has months and days and the third is a wheel (with years 2000-2010).

I also included the separate circles of days, months and years from the wheel so you can combine them how you please.



[originally published Nov 7, 2008]

scrapbook page of the day

I’m still having some major creativity block.  It’s taking days to do one layout (I’ve been known to do like 10-12 in just a day and a half).

But I got this one done this morning after starting it two days ago.
surviving life

I did it for a challenge at digi-dare.  The dare was to do a page about yourself and using only 7 words to describe what you are about.  Fun.  The title: Surviving Life One Day at a Time pretty much sums up my existance.

(click the pic for credits…takes you to my Flickr)

scrapbook page of the day

I need to get back into doing my page of the day.  No real reason other then I need to show off my work, lol.  I did this page the other day for the Feb. 10 daily challenge at Sweet Shoppe Designs.  The challenge was to use the rule of thirds in a page.  Well, I almost always use the rule of thirds so it wasn’t really much of a challenge, lol.  I always keep the rule in mind when I’m creating (you’ll notice I use groupings of 3 a lot and divide my pages into 3, etc).  It’s pretty natural to me.

This is my youngest daughter in January.  She got a Fisher Price camera for Christmas and just LOVES that thing.  She took over 300 pictures on Christmas alone, many of them were pretty good.  She must have the photography gene.  It runs in my family.  I have been taking pictures since I got my first camera at 8.  My dad was the real photographer of the family.  He even had a dark room in our basement when I was a kid.  And, from what I’ve heard, his mother liked taking pictures with her old Browning camera.  He said she always had it with her.  So my daughter is just one in a long line of photographers.

future photographer

all from Sweet Shoppe Designs

papers: melissa bennett, heather roselli, libby weifenbach
ribbon, ric-rac, frame: scrapkitchen designs
flowers: heather roselli, melissa bennett
stamp: robin carlton
buttons: heather roselli, scrapkitchen designs
date bits: misty cato
fonts: blackadder, fg frederick, giggles

scrapping the past

I have been having some serious creativity block lately.  I think it is in part because of my ADD and the sudden onslaught of new kits that I “have” to scrap with for my CT’s.  Too many choices cause my brain to overload.

And then I’m having a problem because I haven’t really been taking many pictures.  I’ve used most of my favorites from the last year and I’m just having a hard time finding ones to scrap now.

So I decided to go through some old photos my sisters-in-law gave me and an old album that belonged to my grandmother.  Wow…what a flashback.  They gave me some inspiration.

So there’s my scrap of the past:

A picture I found in my Gramma’s album. I’m the baby in the middle so the picture was probably taken in 1977. The other people are my cousins and my Gramma.
using valorie brown’s kit familiar times and a paper by scrapkitchen designs

A picture of my mother and father in law taken on their 18th wedding anniversary in 1983. I thought this was just the sweetest photo. They were so in love. My father-in-law died in 2003 just weeks after their 38th anniversary and mother-in-law has never been the same. It tore the family apart.

4 ever

using valorie brown’s new kit he LOVES me.

This one is a picture of my husband and his family from 1985. My husband is the little boy in the picture (8 years old). His one sister is to the left (12 years old) and his parents. His dad is holding his niece who was 8 months old at the time (his other sister’s daughter…she is now 24 and has 3 kids of her own who are 6, almost 5 and almost 2).
using a couple kids from valorie brown: he LOVES me and gift of love, ribbon from scrapkitchen designs, stitches from syrin, tags from corina nielsen

scrapbook page of the day

My latest page.  I did this for a speed scrap.  I always have problems doing speed scraps because they always pick elements I don’t normally use (like bows or frame wraps) but I was determined to step outside my comfort zone again.  I went with the layering and leafy objects (what I’m now calling “natural” looking items).  I’m also suddenly stuck on the jewel drops.  Pretty much the page is just random.  I just grabbed whatever worked colorwise and looked kind of rustic.


click on the pic to go to my Flicr and see the credits

scrapbook page of the day

I did this page last night.  It was for the weekly scraplift challenge at thedigichick.com.  The gallery we had to lift from was full of these kinds of pages and I’m not good at doing all the layering with these type of elements.  I picked a simple layout and did all the element choosing and layering before I even had photos in mind.  Once I had it the way I liked it I went to choose some pictures and realized I had no clue which ones to use.  I tried several and finally settled on pictures of Nora just after she turned 1 because the colors went well (after I muted them).  It took over an hour just to pick the photos, lol.


For the credits click on the pic (it takes you to my Flickr account where everything is listed…I’m kind of lazy today and don’t feel like typing it all out again).

I really had fun with this layout and got to use a bunch of elements that I normally wouldn’t (in fact I think the only things I have used before are the little orange flowers and the hanging hearts) use and I got to try a new technique.  And I liked it so much I might try it again.

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