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Day 53 of Isolation: Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Happy Cinco de Mayo from Eloise the Literary Raptor. Isn’t her tiny sombrero just the cutest? I found the pattern at Repeat Crafter Me. It’s supposed to be a keychain.

I made the first one (that she’s holding) according to the pattern, but it was a bit big for her so then I changed to a smaller hook and started with less stitches to get the perfect little hat for her.

Now I just need to make her some teeny tacos to eat for dinner. Or taco pizza like we’re having from Papa Murphy’s. Delish.

Poor Eloise


She’s so abused by the little monster in the house.

Happy Halloween to My Fellow Dust Warriors from Eloise

Eloise the Literary Raptor is getting in the holiday spirit.


Here she is in her spiffy necklace I found in the bark chips at the playground while Pokemon hunting. It really sets off the color of her… body.

Eloise took a trip to the backyard pumpkin patch while it was sunny and picked out some pumpkins to decorate.



She’s not the greatest artist. I mean, she’s a Literary Raptor, not a Sketching Raptor, but she got the job done.



She really loves her pumpkins, but Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a costume. Eloise decided to be a witch this year. Isn’t her wee hat just adorable?



Eloise is all ready for Halloween with her pumpkin bucket full of candy corn–a Literary Raptor’s favorite treat (of course she hasn’t tried my Christmas kolackies yet).


And for those of you joining me from 4thewords, here’s a photo just for you. Read more…

More Adventures With Eloise

I had to run to the library today to pick up a book and decided to do a little Pokemon hunting while in town. There are only like two stops within walking distance of my house and one gym that is a two-mile round trip walk (coming home is all uphill and exhausting), but downtown, has like a dozen stops and at least 5 gyms within a half-mile span.

Anyway, I grabbed my notebooks just in case I got some time to write and Eloise came, too.

We ended up sitting in the plaza to do some writing while waiting to see if my daughter would come walk with us (she lives a few blocks from there).


Eloise looked over my new book I’ll be using to help prep for NaNoWriMo.


When my daughter never showed up (probably napping–she’s a new mom), we decided to go on our own walk. Took down some gyms, caught a lot of Pokemon and discovered a tiny little park tucked up against the highway just a couple blocks from downtown.

Here, Eloise made a huge discovery…


Could it be a long lost relative? We’ll probably never know.

We walked for a little bit after that. My daughter finally texted me back (she was napping) but couldn’t come walking because the baby was still sleeping so Eloise and I went home.

Stay tuned for more of Eloise’s adventures.

Introducing Eloise

No, I didn’t have a baby. Nor did any of my children. This time.

Over at the NaNoWriMo forums, I found this very entertaining thread about forum badges. See, the new forums give out “badges” for things like adding your first emoji to a comment or making a new post or getting 50 likes on something (I’m one of two people with that one). Well, some of the badges come with titles that display next to your name, and this person wanted a velociraptor badge and title.

And they got one. Problem is no one knows how you get the velociraptor badge so this thread (if you can get it to load) is 1000+ comments trying to figure out and persuade the mods into getting a velociraptor badge. One of the comments linked to a pattern for a velociraptor, and I just couldn’t resist that and so was born Eloise the Velociraptor.


Now Eloise sits on my desk and is learning to keep my coffee warm and to herd rogue plot bunnies (I’ve heard velociraptors are good for that… or they eat them, not sure which one).

She’s also making friends with the other occupant of my desk–Silver, the cat.


I think they’re going to be best friends, don’t you.

Of course, the bonus of making and sharing Eloise has been this:


Yeah, that’s right, I’m a velociraptor. RAWR, bitches.

Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with my new friend. She’s going to help me write and go on adventures with me. I can’t wait to show her the world.

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