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plagued by injuries

I swear, the more I try to get healthy and work out…the more obstacles I run into. I know I’m out of shape. I’m 250+lbs so doing exercise is rough on my body, especially my knees and ankles.
The 2nd week of January I did great. I did 10 minutes of cardio every day and 7-10 minutes of strength training. I felt great and my pants already felt looser (that was one of the things that was really bugging me).
Then, while I was cleaning that weekend, I felt my right knee pop…not like they normally do. This was loud and it hurt. Since then I’ve been in pain. It’s been about a month and I’m still hobbling around the house.
A few days ago I was FINALLY able to bend it all the way but I still can’t straighten it all the way out. So it’s getting better. I think getting sick last week and doing nothing but sleeping and lying on the couch helped.
So, of course, now that my knee is feeling better and I can get back to some kind of exercise routine I suffer another injury.
The other day I got mad about something and I went into my room (and in total, immature melodrama) slammed my door. But the way I did it I slammed it with my left arm which meant I was reaching across my body and shoving it closed behind me.
Afterwards my shoulder started to hurt. I guess I pulled or tore a ligament in my shoulder. It really HURTS…all the time. It is killing me to type right now. I can only lift my left arm in certain ways and can’t pick much of anything up in it.
And every time it starts to feel better one of the kids jumps on me or leans up against me and it’s like someone is stabbing me in the shoulder with a screw driver or something.
On top of that, my youngest banged into my arm while trying to sit in the chair with me and now I have a pinched nerve. So I have this line of tingly pain from my shoulder down my arm and into my thumb.
I just want to be back to normal so I can start up the exercise routine again. I felt so much better when I was doing those 10 minutes of cardio a day.
I guess I’ll have to break out the Pilates DVD I have. That should be low impact enough to not hurt my knee, although I can’t do any upper body with my shoulder hurting this much.

New CT team (and other stuff)

Ever since Shen tapped me to be on her CT (a huge honor that pretty much knocked me off my feet and made November like the best month EVER…that and winning NaNo) I have put in some apps to different designers doing calls.  I sometimes wonder why I never thought to do that before.

Well, earlier this week I got accepted to a new CT.  I’m so excited.  I’m now working for Laura Burger, too.  You can find her stuff at gottapixel.com and acherryontop.com.  Again, I feel totally honored to join the group.  I can’t wait to start creating.


But just as when Shen offered me the position on her CT I find I’m totally lacking in time to actually start something new right now, lol.  When Shen contacted me NaNo had just started, Brenna’s birthday was in a few days and Thanksgiving was coming up.  Everything was going full speed and I wasn’t sure how I would fit her into my schedule.  Then my computer crashed…ugh.  But somehow the computer is holding together enough to scrap (yay!) and with the kids back in school I am wanting to scrap again.

But now I find I have 2 weeks worth of cleaning to do.  I did nothing over winter break since the kids were here to mess it all up again.  Now that school is back in I’m looking around the house and going “holy crap, what a mess!”.

I cleaned the kitchen on Thursday and did most of the living/dining room on Friday.  I almost had it done when my dad came down and we started chatting.  Crap.  That always happens and then I get nothing done.  I still have to get the dang tree in the basement (although, I finally got all the lights off).  Today besides finishing the living room I have to clean my room (because everything just gets tossed in there).  Then tomorrow I’m cleaning Nora’s room.  Then Monday the upstairs hall and bathroom and then Tuesday the big challenge: the kids’ room.

Plus I’m trying to keep up with my exercising.  My head was spinning this morning trying to figure out when to do everything.

Anyway, my point was I’m going to try and ease into this new CT spot.  There’s a lot more work with this one with participating in forums and stuff.  I’m going to have to make up a schedule and I HATE schedules but otherwise I’m going to lost track of everything I have to do.

I’m feeling pretty good today.  The kitchen is pretty clean (dishes are going but the floor still needs to be swept and mopped).  I have the living room to finish, my room to clean (I’m optimistic that both will get done).  The laundry is going.  The tree will get put away today.  I’ve already done 2 strength training videos (total of like 16 minutes or so so my arms and abs are pretty sore but it feels good).  When the living room is done I’m going to pop in the new country line dance video and have some fun (and burn some calories).  Oh, I might actually get to eat lunch in there somewhere, lol.

And then tonight it will all be done and I can relax and work on putting my new kits I’ve bought into the PSE organizer so I can actually use them.  Not to mention back everything up.  Or I might just watch Angel and have a bowl of popcorn.

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