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my little brother

I got to talk to my little brother yesterday.  I’m so happy.  I haven’t talked to him in…forever.  Usually when he calls he just talks to my dad or to no one at all because we’re all busy.

I miss my brother and talking to him yesterday just took me back to our younger days.  Like all the space and time between us just melts away and we’re teenagers sitting on the porch just talking.

The last time I actually saw him was in July 2006 when he came home after my dad had his heart attack.  The last time before then was in August/September of 2000 after my mom died.  Yep, in the last 8 years I’ve seen my brother twice.  In the last 10 years I’ve seen him 3 times.

It was a great talk.  I learned he’s still failing chem, hasn’t had a steady girlfriend in 3 years, really wants to move to Portland (OR) but the major he wants is only offered in the town he is already in (Corvallis) and got his lip pierced (to go along with several ear piercings, his eyebrow and his nipple which was a little more info then I wanted to know, lol).

Did I mention my brother will be 30 in January.  I just love him to death.  He is and always will be my baby brother and one of my best friends.

Yep, that’s my little brother…in 2006 at the age of 27.  Isn’t he a cutie.

Yeah, he’s a keeper (that’s my son in the background–4 years old)

1987 at the age of 8.

Here he is in 1985 rocking the Knight Rider big wheel.  How cool was he with the striped socks…and that plastic watch.  He was only 6 so…I guess it’s forgiveable.

Me and my brother in 1985.  He was 6 and I was 8.  I’m just too cool with that short hair cut and what is up with the pink coat…I HATE pink, lol.

scrapbook page of the day

I did this one for a challenge.  Something about your first ice cream memory or just an ice cream memory in general.  I didn’t have many pics of me as a kid on the computer at the time but I did have these.  That’s me there with the short hair and pink sweatshirt (LOVE the pink striped pants…man was I rockin’ 1985).

I think I did this early last year, right after I got my WACOM tablet (that I have since lost the pen to, err).  That effect of the main picture was completely accidental.  I was playing around with blending and opacity or something.  Ha, I don’t really remember.  I think I just took the eraser tool to it with the opacity in the middle and started erasing the paper (which was on top of the photo).  The texture comes completely from the paper.  I did nothing to the photo.

I made the cute little ice cream stickers myself and if I still had my pen I would make more little stickers but alas…That’s also my own handwriting where it says our names, yum and the date.  Oh, the glory.

I actually like these pictures.  Far from being embarrased by them, I enjoy seeing how my hair and style has changed through the years.  Now that I’m back at my dad’s house and have access to our treasure trove of photo albums I can scrap more vintage pics.  I already have a few from the 70s slated for scrapping just to showcase the awesome clothes.  Can we say red plaid polyester bell bottoms?!?

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