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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 31

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Chapter Thirty-One – Cursed

“Cursed?” asks Abby. “Why would they think that?”

Indra frowns. “My people are very superstitious, and this girl is nothing but bad luck.”

Bellamy’s whole body tenses. How could they say that? She’s a little girl for crying out loud.

“Apparently,” says Octavia, “people around her tend to die. They believe anyone that interacts with her will meet the same end.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Bellamy says before he can stop himself. “Why would they think that?”

“From what we’ve gathered there have been a number of mysterious deaths attributed to her. Her mother died in childbirth then the midwife disappeared. Another that wandered too close to their house was found dead days later. Her father, himself, died young. And the woman entrusted with her care after that perished in the City of Light.”

Bellamy shakes his head. “That’s all circumstantial. She wasn’t responsible for her mother’s death or what happened in the City of Light. She wasn’t responsible for any of that.”

Octavia shrugs. “To them, it all adds up to a curse.” Read more…


Attention to Detail – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It had been a long time since Church possessed a live person with their required breathing and uncoordinated appendages. He immediately lost his balance and fell into a very well endowed woman standing next to him. Unfortunately, his hands landed on those endowments.

“Hey,” she squealed, getting the attention of her hulking giant of a boyfriend.

Before Church could attempt an apology, a fist was in his face, knocking him flat on his ass.

“Son of a bitch,” he yelled, grabbing his nose.

“Next time, keep your hands to yourself, asshole.” The brute gave him a kick in the side for good measure before the couple stomped off.

Caboose came running over. “Church? Church is that you?”

Church groaned and staggered to his feet. “Yeah, it’s me.” He carefully pulled his hands from his face, expecting a gush of blood, but there was only a trickle from one side. He wiped it away with the back of his hand then squeezed the bridge of his sore nose. Nothing felt broken at least. He had forgotten what this kind of pain felt like.

“Are you okay, Church?”

He finally noticed the worried expression on his friend’s way-too-young-to-be-caught-up-in-this-crap face for the first time. He sniffed until his nose cleared some then patted Caboose’s shoulder. “Yeah, I’m fine. This guy’s going to have some serious shiners in the morning, though. Come on, let’s go find the others.” Read more…

Red vs Blue fic: Attention to Detail

After their last Eleventh Hour Hail Mary mission, Grif had plopped down right among the dying enemy soldiers and said he wasn’t moving until he got some leave. He wouldn’t even budge for Sarge’s shotgun.

“We’ve saved the galaxy enough times. I think we deserve a vacation.”

No one could come up with a logical rebuttal for that so they headed to the nearest resort planet.


Epsilon and the gang take a vacation, and it goes about as well as you’d expect.

rating: R for language 

attention (n): consideration, notice, or observation | detail (n): a part considered or requiring to be considered separately from the whole

Chapter 1

“Blackwater is a neutral planet,” Simmons read from an advertisement as they skimmed over a midnight ocean, heading to the biggest space dock on the southern continent—a tourist hot-spot apparently. He continued to read off a long list of rules and regulations for visiting Blackwater while Church and Caboose watched their clunky approach out a side window.

“Why do you think they call it Blackwater?” Caboose asked, thoughtfully. “Do you think it’s because the water is black? Or do you think the water is black because the planet is called Blackwater?”

“That doesn’t even make sense, dumbass,” Tucker said from Caboose’s other side. “Why would the water change color to black just because the name of the planet has ‘black’ in it?”

Church reached around behind Caboose and smacked Tucker upside the head.

“According to the brochure,” said Wash, strolling over to join them (or maybe just trying to be closer to the emergency exit as they neared the dock), “the water on this planet appears black on the surface because of a mineral in the soil.”

Caboose mulled this over for a moment. “Neat.”

They bumped and bobbled along as Grif struggled to maintain altitude and pitch on his first landing approach. It usually took two or three tries if they didn’t want to crash and burn on impact, but they glided in, only slamming slightly into the docking bay before easily coming to a stop on the first attempt.

“Ha!” Grif shouted from the cockpit. “Nailed it.” Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 30

<< Chapter Twenty-NineTable of Contents | Chapter Thirty-One >>


Chapter Thirty – Getting Us Nowhere

The freezing rain is like thousands of daggers nicking every inch of exposed skin. He shivers uncontrollably, teeth chattering. Or maybe that’s the adrenaline. Screams fill the valley, mingling with the staccato bursts of gunfire. The tent next to him is burning—acrid smoke stinging his nose and making his eyes water. The flames dance in the night but offer no warmth.

This is wrong.

He struggles to maintain a grip on his rifle in the rain. His finger slips from the trigger. But it’s not raining. Blood covers his rifle. His clothes. The ground. Everything.

So very wrong.

It’s for the greater good, a voice whispers in his head. They would have attacked eventually. We weren’t safe.

He’s not so sure anymore. There’s just so much blood. It rains from the night sky. He stumbles around the bodies and pushes back the flap of a tent to find a man too injured to walk. The man begs. Not for him. For the child cradled in his arms. She clutches a doll, face coated in blood, eyes staring blankly.

Bang. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 29

<< Chapter Twenty-EightTable of Contents | Chapter Thirty >>


Chapter Twenty-Nine – Just Go See Her

Once again, Bellamy finds himself wandering the halls of the station with no idea where to go. The claustrophobia is unsettling. Heaven waves the doll in front of him, pulling him from thoughts of attacks and being trapped. She’s so gentle and… normal. He’s never seen grounder children play with toys. Of course, he hasn’t seen many grounder children at all. It’s like they mysteriously sprout into adults.

He wonders what things will be like for them in the Ark. They won’t need to fight to survive. Or hunt. Starving’s still an option, though. There won’t be any wars if Bellamy has anything to do with it. They could go to school and make friends and just be kids. He looks down at Heaven, mumbling to her doll. It’s what he wants for her. What she deserves.

Logically, his head also understands she deserves those things with a stable home no matter what his heart wants. And as Raven pointed out, he had a tendency to put his life at risk without any thought. That is not a stable home. Read more…

The 100 fic: I Wanna Be Your Left-Hand Man


An accident takes something from Bellamy that he can never get back, but he has Clarke to get him through.
1597 words | [PG]

It hurts. Everywhere. Bellamy’s vision blurs. Sound is muffled by the fog in his head. He tries to roll, but it sends a stab of pain across his chest.

Ribs broken then.

He moans, getting the attention of whoever is with him.

“Don’t try to move.”

“Clarke?” he croaks. “What-”

Her hands press his shoulders down gently, but he’s too weak to fight her anyway. “Just stay calm and don’t move.”

She’s using her stern doctor voice. It’s a step away from her I’m-going-to-shoot-you-in-the-head-if-you-don’t-listen voice. He rests his head back as everything spins.

“You’re doing great,” she says—softly this time. “Real good.”

He’s so confused. “Is that a surprise?”

She blinks at him. “Do you remember what happened?”

He searches his memory for something. Anything. It’s all blank. He shakes his head slightly, sending waves of pain down his neck. “What happened?” Read more…

Red vs Blue fic: Left Behind


607 words | [PG-13]
Carolina and Tex get left behind after a mission gone wrong.

They never come back from their last mission.

North and South. Maine and Wash. Connie and York.

Just gone.

Now the last search team is missing. Florida and Wyoming went out two days ago. They should have been back by now.

Carolina paces the length of the landing bay, biting her nails—a nervous habit she thought she kicked in high school. The rest of the crew is on edge and give her a wide berth, but she hears them murmuring about it. Them. Her. All of it. She wants to scream at them but bites her tongue.

The door to the landing bay flies open, startling her just as the klaxons start blaring, red lights flashing. Tex looks around, spotting her. “They’re coming in hot,” she shouts. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 27

<< Chapter Twenty-SixTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Eight >>


Chapter Twenty-Seven – Way More Drama Than I Can Deal With

“Bellamy!” someone shouts as he turns the corner into the public area of the station. Harper.

Now what? “Yeah?”

“Hey, we’ve been looking for you. We called you on the radio.”

“I don’t have a radio.”

She snorts. “We eventually figured that out. Abby wants to see us in Medbay. Checkup.”

Great. He sighs, falling into step next to her. She fiddles with the bandages on her hands then shoves them under her arms when she catches him watching. She looks way too much like a kid for his taste—small and lost. He doesn’t like it. “How are you, Harper?” he asks. “Really?”

“Hands still hurt like a bitch but-” She trails off for a moment, thinking. “I’m alive so I guess I’m okay.”

He continues to watch her out of the corner of his eye. Her gaze is locked to the floor in front of them, brow furrowed. There’s a scar that runs down her jawline—pale against her tanned skin. The tip of the iceberg. With Harper, most of her scars are buried deep, hidden beneath the visible ones. He hates that he couldn’t protect her from that. Read more…

Red vs Blue fic: Nightlight


561 words | [G]
There are still a lot Wash has to learn about the inner workings of Blue base now that Epsilon is gone. Like Caboose’s sleeping habits.

The knock on the door is light. For a moment, Wash isn’t sure he heard anything, but there it is again. A soft tap, tap, tap. He rolls over, checking the time on his computer terminal. 0124.

“This better be important,” he grumbles, hauling himself out of bed. “I was sleeping good. Sort of.”

He’s ready to dress-down the idiot waking him up, but it’s Caboose standing there, shifting from foot to foot and fiddling with the edge of his t-shirt.


“Oh, hey, Agent Washington. Did I wake you up?”

“Yes, you did. It’s one-thirty in the morning, Caboose. What’s wrong?”

“Oh.” He pulls on the hem so hard it tears. His shoulders slump. “I was just kind of having a problem.”

Wash’s brain is still fuzzy from sleep, and he really doesn’t feel like dealing with Caboose tonight, but he pulls in all his frustration. “What kind of problem?” Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 26

<< Chapter Twenty-Five | Table of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Seven >>


Chapter Twenty-Six – Treading on Dangerous Ground

Nicole’s quarters are on the far side of the station. As they walk, Cara attempts to teach Heaven how to skip. The younger girl tries enthusiastically but only manages to run, stop and hop with both feet. Cara finds it hilarious and keeps trying. When Bellamy glances at Nicole, she has a wistful smile on her face. She’s a great mom.

“So where are they moving you to?” he asks as they turn the corner into one of the residential areas. Cara grabs Heaven’s hand and pulls her towards a door decorated with magnets.

Nicole punches in the lock code. “Only up one level. It shouldn’t be too hard of a move.”

Bellamy frowns. “B deck? That’s mostly single rooms.”

“I know.”

“They know you’re having another baby, right?”

She laughs. “Actually, we volunteered. With the influx of new Grounder families, they needed the extra space.”

Bellamy looks around the room—it’s about the size of the one he grew up in so he knows how crowded it is already with just three of them. Adding another child would have made things tight, but now they are moving to an even smaller one? That’s going to be rough with two kids. Read more…

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