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The 100 fic: Weather the Storm With You


1828 words | [PG]
Bellamy gets more than he bargained for during a hail storm. Like a wet, angry, sobbing Clarke in his tent. Started for Camp NaNo 2017: inside.

The rain came out of nowhere—the kind that drowns out all other sound and pulverizes the ground into a muddy mess in seconds. And to think, Bellamy used to like the rain. Thought it was magical and refreshing that first night on the ground. Now he just feels wet. He throws open the flap to his tent, grumbling about rain and mud and anything else he can think to curse.

They’ve been on the ground less than two weeks and have already endured a hurricane and countless other storms. He’s tired of being cold and wet all of the time. His jacket catches on his arms when he tries to take it off. He slams it onto the ground in frustration when he finally gets unstuck then runs a hand through his hair, pushing it out of his eyes with a sigh. He really, really hates being wet.

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and raise chickens

Spoilers for:
The 100 | season 3, episode 15





Otherwise known as:
Miller and Bryan make the cutest couple. Fact.
I have too many emotions right now.

I’m sorry I stabbed you

Spoilers for:
The 100 | season 3, episode 16




Otherwise known as:
The bromance is back on!
What’s a little stabbing between friends?



Awww… the feelings… so many feelings

And bonus bonus:


No hard feelings, right guys?

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