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Stargate SG-1 fic: Boredom Buster of Galactic Proportions

Written for a challenge at [info]stargateland. It only had to be 150 words but I can’t ever do anything short.  So this is what you get…some cracky crossover nuttiness.  Not anything spectactular but it’s 2am on Thanksgiving morning so what do expect.  And, yes, I’m cooking later today so I really should be in bed but this begged to be written.

Boredom Buster of Galactic Proportions
by jennickels (aka Jen Connelly)
Stargate SG-1/Farscape
gen (sort of John/Aeryn)
517 words
rating: PG
WARNINGS: cracky crossover

Missions have gotten kind of boring since the defeat of the Ori but SG-1 has finally gated to a planet that offers something interesting to ponder.

don’t own… wish I did, but I don’t. No infringement intended.
The planet they gated to looked like just about every other planet. Daniel sighed. He had to admit the thrill of adventure was waning even for him. With the Ori defeated, the Goa’uld all dead—except for maybe Ba’al because you could never tell with that guy—and peace reigning in the galaxy things were just getting…

“Boring.” Daniel glanced over at Vala who stood next to the DHD, her hands on her hips. “A snooze fest. A snore.”

“You’re being dramatic,” Cam told her.

“Of course I am.”

The colonel rolled his eyes. “Well knock it off.”

“Like that’s going to work.”
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Yeah, stayed up way too late watching Farscape last night.  I’m on the last episode of season 3 but had to call it quits by the opening credits.  I’m not even sure what was going on.  By then it was 1:30am.  I finally got in bed around 2am and passed out.  I didn’t even hear my husband get up for work at 3am.

Then Jack woke me at 7am (I think it was).  Five hours of sleep is not condusive to productivity.  Actually I felt pretty good this morning.  I had the chance to go back to bed.  Most mornings the kids get Jack up and get him breakfast.  They’ve been doing that on their days off (and sometimes on school days) since he was like seven months old.  But I decided I’m going to do burgers and stuff for Labor Day and knew I needed some stuff at the store.

And it’s supposed to get hot today.  My only chance to get to the store was in the morning before it heated up so me and Jack left at 8am to walk the mile to Safeway.  We did our shopping and headed home (took me 65 minutes total) and even by then I fould feel the heat rising.  It’s supposed to get up to 90 today.

So, anyway, I’m sleepy.  One 20oz bottle of Diet Coke isn’t enough to keep me awake for the day, lol.  I decided to just take it easy today so I’m typing up a story I wrote back in March (well, started in March, it’s still unfinished).  It was going well until lunch time when I had to eat and then go find the notebook I wrote the rest of it in.  Now, as I’m typing I keep screwing up every other word.  I miss letters, hit spaces in the wrong places and have to constantly go back and correct stupid mistakes.  I get totally dyslexic when I’m tired.  I think it’s time to call it quits on that project until I can get some rest.  No point in going cross-eyed typing when I’ll have to go back and fix half the story later.

Instead I think I’m going to knit (if I can concentrate on it) and catch up on Warehouse 13 (I’m 3 eps behind).  Hubby should be home in an hour and then I’ll try to sneak in a nap before I have to cook dinner at 4pm.

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