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Conversations With My Kids

I made a new tumblr just to post the silly conversations I have with my kids.



Conversations With My Kids



Writing Pompt #1

Use this piece of dialogue in a story.

Prompt: "What I lack in common sense, I make up for in sarcasm."

Based on something my twelve-year-old daughter said to me today.

HuffPo comment exchanges keep me entertained

I read the Huffington Post. Occasionally I like to comment on topics I have an opinion on. Lately I’ve been much more opinionated.

In case you didn’t know, I’m an atheist. I’m a liberal. I’m just short of being a full blown socialist (I know it would never work in our greedy, self-centered society). So the topic I comment on was Atheist Billboards To Flood California City As Non-Believers Make Holiday Push.

You can see why the topic caught my attention. Mostly I was there to laugh at the antics in the comments but then I posted a few things and some guy got all pissy with me.

This is how it went down:

prayer1 prayer2 prayer3 prayer4 prayer5

I didn’t start the exchange but I couldn’t resist the comment about praying not really helping. To the believers that read my blog: I apologize for offending but I’m not going to sugarcoat my beliefs. I’m just not usually vocal about them but this guy hit a nerve with his “holier than thou” attitude. Apparently I really pissed him off with my comments. I especially like the “you’re pathetic” comment. At least he spelled, “you’re,” correctly. I’ll give him points for that. But overall he comes off as a slathering idiot fanatic which is probably not what he was going for.

And I suppose I could be seen as immature for pushing the issue. But sometimes I just want to be a kid. Trust me, I don’t always antagonize the fundies.

Blast from the Past

I haven’t watched this in years but Nora (my 7yo) brought it up and I had to go find the video. So freaking funny.

Stargate SG-1 comic: We Need Help

Or maybe it’s just me that needs the help, lol.  For the [info]stargateland  comic strip challenge.  This is my first comic strip and I almost didn’t do this challenge.  Not my kind of thing but I saw these caps when I was looking for stuff for my Sam icons and couldn’t resist.  I love Jack’s expression in the last one.

The story makes zero sense to don’t try to hard to figure it out.  It was just the first stupid thing that came to my head.  I should be finishing up my sg1friendathon story but, no, I’m making icons and comic strips instead.  At least I’m clearing out the challenges I have due this week so I can focus on bigger projects (and boy do I have a bunch… more on that in another post, though).  Without further ado:

Haven’t been updating or doing much scrapbooking this month.  My computer is slowly dying on me.  It crashed just after Thanksgiving (in the middle of finishing my NaNo novel).  I finally got it running outside of safe mode but when I tried to install a game last week it crashed again.  It took me almost four days to get it out of safe mode.

I can run PSE6 so I can scrap but I just haven’t been inspired since the computer problems.  But I have gotten a few pages done.  This one I did yesterday.

flower fingers

This is my youngest daughter.  She’s a hoot.  I mean a real riot.  Every day she surprises me with the things she thinks up.  She’s only 2 1/2 but is so mature that I sometimes forget she is still a baby.

Yesterday she came into my room and said, “look, Mommy, flower fingers,” and held up her hand.  On each finger she had a plastic flower from her block set.  She thought up this all on her own and then posed for the camera.

Today she comes up to my door and I hear, “Mommy, look at me,” and when I looked over she pulled her pants down to moon me and started dancing around singing, “shake my booty, shake my booty.”  She thinks mooning people is the funniest thing in the world.  Can’t say I raise ladies around here.

kit: when lena smiles by creashens available at twolittlepixels and catscrap
font: poor richard

teehee–about the election…sims 3 style

Dr. Horrible on itunes

I just checked itunes and Acts 3, 2 and 1 of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog are #1, 2 and 3 for TV show downloads right now.  How awesome is that.  If you want to catch the show while it is still free go to drhorrible.com and watch right now.  By tomorrow night they will be gone and then you have to buy them from itunes or wait for the DVD.

They will be available at itunes until the 29th for $1.99 per act or I bought the season pass for $3.99 and now I’m waiting for Act 2 and 3 to download (I downloaded Act 1 a couple days ago but forgot all about logging back into itunes to download the other 2 parts…my husband is the itunes person, I don’t even own an mp3 player).

Dr. Horrible is finished

I am actually quite sad.  I’m sad that the show/movie is over.  It was such a great story and fun to watch.  And I’m sad about how it ended.  I should have expected that from Joss, though.  The guy never gets the girl in the end.  Poor Angel got screwed over twice.  He never got to be with Buffy and he never got to be with Cordy either.  Buffy didn’t end up with Angel or Spike, the two that loved her most.

So what posessed me to think Dr. Horrible would end up with his love.  I was almost in tears.  And the whole thing pushes Billy (why does it crack me up that his name is Billy) over the edge and he really becomes evil.  Captain Hammer loses it which was the best.

The songs were great.  I’ve watched Act 1 three times and now have the songs stuck in my head.  I plan to get the soundtrack whenever it is released.  I was really cracking up in Act 3 when Hammer was singing to the homeless people, he would lift them up and then insult them in the next sentence.  It was hilarious.

All the Dr. Horrible/Penny songs were great.

Joss needs to do more of these.  It was fun, hilarious and unique.  If you want to catch it go see it now at drhorrible.com.  All 3 acts are up now and you can watch today and tomorrow and after that they go bye-bye (well, you can still download them from itunes fora while…for a price).  I’ve got them on itunes and plan to buy the DVD, too.  I’m such a nerd (I write as I sit here in my Dr. Horrible shirt that I bought at jinx.com–I’m just plugging everything tonight, err, I mean this morning).

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