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Wanna play a game?

I did this game with my seven year old daughter (Nora) to help her brainstorm for her YWP project. I gave her a basic character to start with: one of her characters from her Sims game which happened to be her as a fairy. She has pink wings.

Then I asked her if the fairy was a normal person in their world or something different. She chose different. The next question was she a big fairy or a teeny, tiny fairy. She said tiny. And from there we just kind of developed the character and storyline. It’s very simple since she is seven but I loved the idea so much I wrote it down for future development.

Anyway the game would run similarly. We all start with a blank character. Just a cutout of a human shape. Or a wire frame to mold onto.

I’ll ask the first question which will have two choices. Pick one and reply to my comment. The first person to comment can ask the next question (can be anything) but keep the choices down to two or three. This is supposed to be a basic idea, not in depth development.

So any of my 8 followers want to play? Want to pass the game around to your own followers who like to write or just want to have fun?

I’ll start us out in the first comment. Remember we’re starting with a blank human for this challenge (we can do other concepts like settings or plots later).

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