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Day 62 of Isolation: Distraction

Seguing from yesterday’s lament about reality, I thought I’d post a little about the things I’ve been doing to distract myself while in isolation, and especially, while in quarantine and alone for two weeks.

Besides Netflix/Disney+ and hanging out on Tumblr (which often has many of the disadvantages of Facebook because of the inundation of political posts), I’ve played a lot of games on my phone.

Egg-inc-iconRecently, my new favorite is a game called Egg, Inc. which is just a really dumb game where you own a chicken farm and have to earn enough to get better eggs to earn even more.

You start with regular ol’ eggs that are worth $.25 each and then just start producing as many chickens as you can. You then use the money earned to research how to have more chickens, how to lay more eggs, get more space in your hen houses and vehicles, and earn more per egg. You have to build more and bigger hen houses to keep the chickens and buy bigger vehicles to deliver all the eggs. Occasionally, you get gifts of money, “boosts” and other things to help you or you can watch short (like a few seconds long) videos to also get these gifts.

It’s a little slow going at first because you don’t earn much, but once you get enough money, you can upgrade to a better egg that gets you more money. You have to start the research all over. Then you move to the next type of egg. Eventually, you stall out, though, because things cost way more than you can earn so there’s this thing called “prestige.” While you’re earning regular money for the eggs, you’re also collecting “soul eggs” to activate when you prestige. Which means you start over from the first egg but keep some of your bonuses. You earn a lot quicker with soul eggs activate.

I’ve gotten most of the way through the eggs in just a few days, although I’m playing for long spats of time because I’m so bored. Read more…

Day 29 of Isolation: Happy Meeple!

If, like me, you’re really starting to feel the boredom of being stuck at home, here’s a fun little site to visit.


logo_80_with_shadowHappy Meeple is a place to play a few board games online against other bored people or against AI “bots” (if you tend to shy away from human interaction even in your isolation).

title_SOLO_RBThey currently have eleven different games you can play from easy to needing brainpower to strategize. My current favorite right now is Raging Bulls because it’s a single-player game (the others are all set up as two-player). It’s also a bit of a logic puzzle where you have to divide a field up to separate five bulls. The roll of the dice makes things a little tricky.

The site is free but operates on a fee-per-game model where you pay “food” you grow and that is replenished every few minutes. Usually, by the time you’ve finished a game, you’ve at least gotten one or two food back but the games cost anywhere between 2 to 10 food. And you have a limit of how much food you can save up at a time. Of course, you can pay real money to unlock unlimited plays for various amounts of time (and sometimes you can win unlimited playtime–I got four hours the other night).

Despite that, it’s still a fun little site to check out and play for a little bit.


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