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Book Review: The Supernaturalist

Review of The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer

supernaturalistsStarted: 9/24/13; finished: 9/25/13

Goodreads rating: 3/5 stars

my rating: OK

pages: 267 (paperback)

found: library

I originally took this book out hoping to convince my twelve year old son to read it but he just rolled his eyes without looking at it. Since it was there I figured why not.

This is an older middle grade novel and the main character is fourteen year old Cosmo Hill—named for the place he was found abandoned. An orphan, he is sent to Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys. Life is bleak for the orphans. They are subjected to all sorts of tortures in the name of science, used as human guinea pigs.

But Cosmo has dreams of escaping and when he gets his chance he goes for it. He finds himself wrapped up in the world of the Supernaturalists—a group of quirky kids that can see interdimensional creatures just like Cosmo can. He joins their quest to save humanity from the life-sucking monsters but are they really saving? Or doing more damage than good?

There were some interesting twists and turns that kept me interested in the story although I found it a little slow and simplistic. Probably because I’m much older than the intended audience. It’s an OK book that I gave three stars to at Goodreads. I’m sure fans of Colfer’s other works will really enjoy this book.

Book Review: From What I Remember

Review of From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas

fromwhatirememberStarted: 9/22/13; finished: 9/24/13

Goodreads rating: 4/5 stars

my rating: COOL

pages: 462 (hardcover)

found: library


Well, I’m back to teen romances, lol.


There’s a saying: what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. And that’s probably what these four teens wish could happen.

Kylie is the stereotypical good girl—valedictorian of her class, perfectionist, uptight.

Max is the super hot, superficial, self-involved golden boy of the school.

When the two are stuck together on a project the day before school ends conflict arises. In the fact that Kylie wants to do the assignment and Max doesn’t. Somehow Kylie convinces Max to show up for a little interview, swearing she’ll right both essays. But then things just go to hell when Kylie’s laptop is stolen and she goes on the chase. Max is a little shocked but can’t leave her to fend for herself.

Next thing they know they’re in Mexico driving a truck full of stolen electronics being chased by gang members. Luckily Kylie has family near by.

Kylie’s best friend, Will arrives with their passports to save the day but that’s when the real adventure awaits because in Mexico they sure know how to throw a party.


The book starts off with the shocking revelation that Kylie and Max are married. Flashbacks show all the events leading up to that moment when Max’s girlfriend, Lily, shows up to witness the sordid aftermath. The rest of the novel follows the group as they try to get out of Mexico and make it to graduation in time, hopefully with their dignity intact. It’s not going to be easy with the crazy gang after them again, suspicious border patrol and a race across California.


I really enjoyed this book. The growing relationship between Kylie and Max seemed realistic and fun. Full of flirting, longing and angst. Will was a great side-kick to Kylie although he caused my trouble once he arrived—running off to enjoy the nightlife. Max’s best friend, Charlie, is an actual nice guy that almost worships his friend and Lily is the catty, bitchy girlfriend that almost screws everything up between Max and Kylie’s budding relationship.

This was a fun read recommended to anyone who loves snarky banter, a little action, and a touch of angst in their teen romances.

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