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Eureka bad!fic: I’m the New Boss

I wrote this for a scifiland challenge.  I think I’m getting better at writing really bad!fic.  I just kind of went with it and the fact that I couldn’t remember details of the show kind of helped.  Made the writing even worse.

I’m the New Boss–a bad!fic
by jennickels (aka Jen Connelly)
really bad OC
rating: none
WARNINGS: have something to soothe your burning eyes after

There’s a new boss at Global Dynamics. Only no one knows it yet. No one knows it cuz it’s me. I’m Avril Summer Raiyne. Yeah, that’s what my mom named me. Awesome isn’t it.
Anyway the new boss got to Eureka today. Everyone in town was watching her when she went to that cafe place. She ordered her favorite–a banana split with real hot fudge. She heard no one gains weight in Eureka cuz they have some kind of super food that doesn’t make you gain weight. Cool. So she left and then walked down the street towards the Global Dynamics building and everyone was staring. I like it when they stare. It’s cuz I’m beautiful with a capital B! Read more…

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