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Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

From a fanfic:

When he looks at Octavia he sees his best friend–the person he swore to protect with his life. And now he knows he did nothing but fail her. He kicks off his boots then nudges Octavia over so he can climb into the bed. He tugs the pillow from her hands and tucks his arm under her head. She sniffles into his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, O,” he whispers.

Camp NaNo April – Day 23 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Twitter-HeaderToday’s story is completely different for me. Not only is it a modern AU, but it’s themed. My first ever celebrity AU. These things are my guilty pleasure. I mean, not just in fanfic. Last year, I read every book on my shelf that had a celebrity theme–singers hiding out in small towns, kids of famous people, finding out your online crush is famous. My 2015 NaNo novel was about a girl whose famous brother comes to live with her which disrupts her entire life. This is my trope.

But it’s the first time I’m trying anything like this. I had fun writing the first few scenes.

Day 23: writer’s choice

When Octavia told him she was struggling to make ends meet in L.A., Bellamy thought the brotherly thing to do would be to pack up his life and go help her. After all, it’s pretty much all he knows how to do.

He hasn’t even had a chance to skim the want ads before Octavia is roping him into helping her with her job designing costumes at Arkadia Studios. When he said he was going to help, he meant paying the bills, not carrying her boxes.

L.A. is a completely alien place to him, but Octavia seems to have adapted well. She knows how to move through traffic like a NASCAR driver, knows where to get the best coffee, and knows how to sweet talk everyone she meets.

He’s starting to think helping her out won’t be so bad until he hears the tantrum coming from the dressing room down the hall.

The End.

Didn’t get too far, but I have plans. Plans, I tell you! Lots of fun bickering, angst, and a slow burn romance. Why can’t this be written already?


The girl noticed Bellamy, her eyes widening as she stepped all the way into the room. She was about Octavia’s height and age with blond hair hanging just past her shoulders and bright brown eyes. She leaned against he door frame, crossing her arms over her chest. “Who’s your friend?”

“Nobody.” Octavia handed Bellamy the plastic wrapped dresses and grabbed the coffees. “He’s my brother, and we’re going to be late.”

The girl fell into step next to them. “I’m Harper, by the way. Assistant to the assistant to an assistant of someone that isn’t important.”

Bellamy arched an eyebrow. “Then what exactly do you do?”

“Hell if I know. Mostly I run around reminding people that they’re late. It’s not as easy as it sounds.”

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Handle with Care – share (day 6)

Camp NaNo April – Day 9 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoI have something important to say…

Today is 100 days of writing without missing a day. This is my second longest streak to date. The only longer one was years ago, and I believe I made it around 160 days before my gall bladder mutinied, and I had to have emergency surgery.

Also, I wrote over 16k words today. And I mean they are all creative words. That doesn’t count the couple thousand brainstorming words I put in. I am on a roll today.

I also haven’t slept in 34 hours, so that kind of dampens things.

Maybe it’s time to just get to the recap, then.

Day 9: Heaven

Thunder cracks in the distance as clouds gather over the mountains. The forest is eerily quiet without the familiar sounds of insects and birds. The planet is dying and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

Bellamy watches the silent trees for trouble, but there’s nothing. The animals are all gone. The grounders have fled to Arkadia or are trying their luck in Polis. Another rumble of thunder sets him on edge. They’ve been waiting months for the black rain to start. Every dark cloud, ever rumble of thunder, every shower of rain threatens to be their last.

Bellamy does not want to be caught out here. He watches the horizon. Lightning snakes across the sky. Already the air is electified. It won’t be long. Miller holds up a test tube and shakes it. He looks up at Bellamy with a grim expression.

“No good?”

Miller shakes his head then tosses the tube into the woods before wiping his hands on his pants. “Tainted.”

Bellamy sighs. “That’s every stream within five miles. There’s no clean drinking water left. Nothing will survive out here.”

“We can’t save everyone, Bellamy,” Miller mumbles. Lightning flashes, and the thunder that follows is closer. “Let’s get the hell out of here. We’re not going to find anything.”

They start walking at a steady pace, the storm trailing behind them. They spent the last two days going through every Grounder village they could find looking for refugees. The grounders that didn’t try to kill them also didn’t want their help. Most had moved on to Greenbriar or headed to Polis, mistakingly thinking their city would protect them. They wouldn’t listen to reason no matter what.

Bellamy hated to think of what will happen to them. But he couldn’t force them. They pleaded for over an hour at the door of a widow with five children. He could tell she was already getting sick. They begged to take the children, but she refused. The thought coils into his stomach, making him sick.

Next to him, Miller snorts.

“What?” Bellamy asks.

“I just never thought we’d find ourselves back here. You know, locked up in that tin can. After everything.” He shakes his head. “But, hey, Alpha Station. Better than being stuck in Mecha.”

Bellamy chuckles. “Just be glad it wasn’t the Skybox that survived the crash.”

Miller visibly shivers making Bellamy laugh again. A crack of a branch to their left has them both tensed. It’s getting late, and the storm clouds aren’t helping visibility. Just when he thinks it was nothing there’s a crunch of leaves. Bellamy uses his hands to signal Miller to go around the left while he flanks on the right. They move silently, in sync after all of these months on the ground.

They move slowly, careful not to alert whatever might be there. From the scuffling noises, it sounds big. Bigger than a rabbit or fox. Not that they’ve seen many of those around lately. But anything could possibly be food.

Bellamy’s getting closer. He hears a growl from his left and realizes the animal is hunting something else. Two for the price of one. He sets himself up to take out the predator once it’s captured it’s prey.

Through the brush, Bellamy sees sleek black fur rippling over smooth muscle. One of those pumas then. God, he hates them. They’re fast and savage, and their nails are like razors. Niylah swears Clarke took one down all on her own with only a knife. Clarke will neither deny nor confirm that Wanheda myth. Bellamy’s not sure if he believes it, but it’s Clarke so anything’s possible. He smiles at that thought, but then curses himself for losing the puma in the trees.

He hunches down, weaving between low branches, searching the surrounding area for a glimpse of black. He hears a whimper from ahead and presses up against a tree. He peers around. The cat is off to the right—its yellow eyes glowing through some ferns. To his left, the prey. Bellamy gasps. He glances back at the cat as it readies to pounce, and without thinking, he moves.

The cat races forward at the same time Bellamy does. He launches himself at the cat’s prey, grabbing it around the waist and rolling. It screams. Something slices into Bellamy’s shoulder, but he doesn’t let go. He curls around the small body in his arms as the cat screeches. He can feel it’s breath on his neck. Jesus.

Then there’s a pop pop pop and a howl. Feet pound up behind him, but Bellamy can’t move.

“What the hell are you doing?” Miller shouts. “Are you insane.” Miller grabs his shoulder, pulling him over. Bellamy falls onto his back , losing his grip on the small girl. She looks up at them with a quivering lip then starts to wail. “Shit.”

To be continued…

SURPRISE! Instead of a recap and a bonus quote, you get the entire first chapter of this fic. I don’t normally publish unfinished fanfic, but in all honesty, I’m too tired to write a proper recap, and this story is already 17.5k words long after writing for two day.

You know what, you talked me into it.


Their laughter wakes the girl. She sits up, rubbing her eyes. Her face lights up when she sees Bellamy, but as soon as she notices Clarke, her eyes narrow. Bellamy tries not to laugh.

Clarke frowns. “Why doesn’t she like me?”

The girl’s eyes narrow even more like she’s trying to bore a hole right through Clarke. Bellamy can barely contain his amusement which gets a glare from Clarke. “I’m sorry,” he says, desperately trying not to laugh at her. “I don’t know why she doesn’t like you. I mean, what’s not to like?”

The look on her face challenges him to finish that thought. His heart flips, but there’s no way he’s having that conversation here or any time in the near future. He pushes all of that confusion and frustration into a little box and stuffs it far in the back of his mind. Instead, he lifts a hand, ticking off each thing on a finger. “You’re bossy. A know-it-all. Way too-”

She grabs his hand, squeezing his fingers hard. Bellamy just laughs.

Clarke rolls her eyes, a grin pulling at her lips. “You suck sometimes.”

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Camp NaNo April – Day 7 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoWow. A whole week. I made it. And I reached my goal. I’m so proud.


Hopefully, I’ll be revising and posting the finished stories in the next couple of days. I won’t say an exact date because I’ve had a lot of drama in my life, but definitely in the coming week.

I plan to take the next few days easy. Catch up on The 100 (I’m behind–currently on s4e4 which nearly killed me) and crochet (because I’m a nerd that way).

Anyway, check this post for more info on why I’m rambling on every day.

Without further ado…

Day 7: annoy

Yesterday’s prompt managed to take a dark moment and turn it into fluffy snowballs. Or fluffish snowballs. If that’s a thing. There were some tears, but it was mostly a sweet, touching moment between two people that have been forced together by circumstances. And who like each other a whole lot more than they’re willing to admit.

Today’s story is a lot like that. Except that it takes place in season four. Bellamy and Clarke have been friends for a long time. And there are no tears.

But I swear, it’s really the same. I mean, Bellamy still knows how to annoy the crap out of Clarke without breaking a sweat. Only this time the audience includes her mom and Raven who keep giving her those smug looks.

They’ve been stuck inside the Ark for two years already, and almost everyone is going stir-crazy. Bellamy’s way to deal is to visit Clarke in the medbay every single day to annoy her. Her mom thinks it’s cute. Clarke isn’t amused. At least that’s what she keeps telling everyone. She wishes people would believe her, but that might have something to do with the stupid smile he puts on her face whenever he teases her.

Or flirts. That’s what Raven calls it. Clarke isn’t sure she’s ready to even contemplate flirting with Bellamy. And she doesn’t appreciate Raven pointing out that they’ve been flirting since the day they met.

Sometimes she really hates her friends. And her mom. And sometimes Bellamy. But not really. She’s so screwed.

The End.

Actually, what I wrote wasn’t as good as my recap. I put a little bit of a spin on it so that it sounds like how I originally wanted it to sound. This is only the first half. After Clarke has made her decision, it’s her turn to annoy Bellamy in front of all of his friends.


“You going to movie night tonight?” he asks, swinging his legs like a little boy.

I frown. “No.”

“How come?”

I shrug. “I have to work.” It’s a lie. Across the room I see my mom stop her examination of Raven to listen. Crap. They better not say anything.

“You’re the boss’s daughter. Can’t you like use that to your advantage or something?”

I spin, hands on my hips. “I wouldn never do that.”

My mom chuckles which just encourages him. She’s such a traitor. “Come on, Clarke. It’ll be fun. You remember what fun is, right?”

Not really. I go back to resterilizing the clamps.

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Sorry, no snarky epithets today.

The 100 (tv) fanfic: Always & Forever

always[Bellamy & Octavia]
Just a little snapshot of a cold night on the Ark for young Bellamy and Octavia.
673 words | rating: G

Bellamy was half asleep when a small hand rocked his shoulder.

“Bell?” Octavia said softly.

“Hmm?” He didn’t bother to open his eyes.

She didn’t say anything.

He counted to ten in his head. He had a test in the morning in physics, and he needed a good grade or he’d be stuck cleaning toilets the rest of his life. “What do you want, Octavia?” he mumbled.

“I’m cold.”


She made an exaggerated shiver. He popped one eye open to look at his ten-year-old sister. She wore only her nightgown which was just one of his extra shirts that was way too big on her. Captain Wigglebottom, her stuffed bunny, was tucked tight to her chest. She shifted from foot to foot as if to prove how cold the ground was.


He propped himself up on his arm. “What?”

“It’s cold in here.”

“It is. You should put on some warmer clothes.”

She crossed her arms, pouting. “I only have one outfit and Mom is washing it.”

His face flushed. “Oh.” He glanced over to the empty bed Octavia usually shared with their mom. She’d gotten into the habit of disappearing at night. Bellamy didn’t ask a lot of questions because he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answers.

Octavia bit her lip, waiting. Part of him wanted to tell her to get lost. She had her own blanket, and he needed to get some sleep. But she looked at him with big, watery eyes and a quivering lip. Whenever he got frustrated with her, he tried to remember that she had no one else. Her entire existence was this room. Him and their mom—that’s all she knew. As socially awkward as Bellamy was thanks to his circumstances, at least he could say he had friends. He’d even had a girlfriend or two. Octavia had nobody. And never would. He was her only friend.

He sighed then scooted over, lifting the blanket. She dove in next to him and curled up to his warm body. He yelped when her ice-cold feet touched his legs as she squirmed around, looking for a comfortable position. Sliding his arm under her neck, Bellamy pulled her close to keep her still as much as to warm her. Soon her breathing evened out, and he could tell she was falling asleep.

Bellamy laid back and stared up at the ceiling of his bunk—the little seven by three foot space he could call his own. The bed wasn’t made for two, and even with Octavia’s tiny frame, it was a tight fit. But he didn’t complain.

For one, he was a lot warmer with her in the bed with him. And two, he had to admit he kind of liked having her close. They shared a bed when they were little until around the time he turned twelve, and well, his body started changing. He demanded privacy. At six, she didn’t understand why he kicked her from the bed. Now he regretted it because he always slept better with her near. That way he knew she was safe.

He covered his eyes with his free arm and tried to fall back asleep.

“Bellamy?” Octavia mumbled into his chest.


“You’re the best.”

He smiled at the ceiling. “No, you’re the best. Just next time, don’t leave your feet outside of your blanket until they go numb before coming over here. You’re not fooling anyone.” He jabbed a finger into her ribs. She giggled and tried to touch his leg again.

“Okay, time to go to sleep,” he said with a yawn. “Or you’re going back to your own bed.”

“Would you do that?” Her voice sounded tiny.

Bellamy stared at her for a long time. He couldn’t believe she thought he was serious? Octavia looked back at him, eyes wide, her lip caught between her teeth. He brushed the hair from her face and kissed her softly on the forehead. “No. I’ll always let you stay, cold feet and all. Always, O.”

And he meant it.

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