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Day 27 of Isolation: Kickstarted


I meant to post this the other day when it came but forgot. Just like I completely forgot I backed this Girl Genius Kickstarter. It was a nice little surprise when it arrived on Tuesday (and so far no coronavirus has infected me from its pages, lol). It is so very pretty.


I got the softcover edition which came with the Envelope of Madness that included all those other goodies. In fact, I ordered a second Envelope just to have extras. The only real question is which sticker do I put on my laptop?


I know I could put all three, but I don’t want to crowd things. I’m leaning towards the coffee one.

I’m still waiting on all the other little things I ordered that weren’t flat. I got a set of tags to hang on my bookbag and a pin, I believe. It was so long ago that I filled out the form that I don’t even remember. It will be another fun little surprise.

A closer look at this beauty. I wish I could have afforded the whole package of all of the previous books because this is just so amazing. Volume 18 is one of my favorites in the entire comic simply for all of the interactions between Gil and Tarvek and Bang being her badass self.


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