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This is the second year I signed up for the goodreads.com reading challenge. Last year I only started to get back into reading at the end of summer and signed up to finish 30 books between August and December. I went 20 books over that.

So this year I signed up to read 115 books for the year. I felt that was a decent number (about 2 books a week). By May I had read 54 books and was like 19% ahead of schedule or something like that.

And then I had to have my gallbladder out and I couldn’t read or write on the pain medication they gave me. My eye muscles would get too lax and I literally could not see straight since they kept crossing. After that I was depressed (the meds I was on for that weren’t working any more) and I just quit reading. And writing, but that’s another post.

Well, back in June I bought a few books that looked interesting but I never got around to reading them until September. I started reading one but it wasn’t holding my attention but I wanted to read. So I got on the library sight and put a few books on hold. Since September 5 I’ve read 14 books. I’m reading 2 different books right now. One is a paperback (Forget You by Jennifer Echols) and one is digital (Where My Heart Breaks by Ivy Sinclair that I got off NetGalley). I’m also perusing a writing help book (Writing Great Books for Young Adults) that I picked up at Barnes & Noble the other day.

According to my goodreads counter I’m still 20 books behind (about 18%). Ugh. I have 8 more library books to read. A bunch are due back on the 22nd and the 25th. And I’ve got 4 other books at NetGalley on my shelf.

But I’m also prepping for NaNo so I’ve been outlining and writing character backstories and OMG there is no time. Not sure I’m going to finish this challenge this year. If I hadn’t taken 4 months off from reading I’d probably be done already.

Anyone else doing the reading challenge? And if you are how far along are you?

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