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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 26

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Chapter Twenty-Six – Treading on Dangerous Ground

Nicole’s quarters are on the far side of the station. As they walk, Cara attempts to teach Heaven how to skip. The younger girl tries enthusiastically but only manages to run, stop and hop with both feet. Cara finds it hilarious and keeps trying. When Bellamy glances at Nicole, she has a wistful smile on her face. She’s a great mom.

“So where are they moving you to?” he asks as they turn the corner into one of the residential areas. Cara grabs Heaven’s hand and pulls her towards a door decorated with magnets.

Nicole punches in the lock code. “Only up one level. It shouldn’t be too hard of a move.”

Bellamy frowns. “B deck? That’s mostly single rooms.”

“I know.”

“They know you’re having another baby, right?”

She laughs. “Actually, we volunteered. With the influx of new Grounder families, they needed the extra space.”

Bellamy looks around the room—it’s about the size of the one he grew up in so he knows how crowded it is already with just three of them. Adding another child would have made things tight, but now they are moving to an even smaller one? That’s going to be rough with two kids. Read more…


Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 25

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Chapter Twenty-Five – They’re All Going To Be Fine

They wander down to the mess hall—Bellamy’s heart up in his throat. He keeps smiling at Heaven as she skips next to him, but his nerves are shot. What if his friends are there? What if people stare? What if Indra decides to just take her away then?

So what? She’s hungry so it doesn’t matter. You suck it up and get her some food. Because that’s what paren-

He cuts the thought off before it can go further. The mess hall, thankfully, is mostly empty except for a group of chairs in a semi-circle in the corner—children crawling all over them, laughing and shouting.

Right, story time. Is it really 10 a.m. already? He doesn’t have a watch, and his internal clock has been out of whack for days.

Heaven notices the kids, too, pulling him in their direction. He bites back a groan. He was hoping to just grab some food and go back to their quarters. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 24

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Chapter Twenty-Four – He Can Afford to Give Her This

The door to the Guard office is locked so Bellamy punches in his code and flips on the lights. Heaven starts looking around, opening storage cabinets and poking in dark corners. He digs through the desk drawers until he finds what he’s looking for—an old paper accounting journal. The pages are brittle and yellowed with age—the writing too faded to be of any use. Paper, pencils, crayons. That kind of stuff is hard to find in a world without manufacturing. After a hundred years, most all of it in a two-hundred-mile radius has been found and used.

But he can afford to give her this. She happily sits on his lap scribbling with what’s left of her crayon. Bellamy just watches her. The hair at the back of her head is still a tangled mess. He doesn’t have a brush, so he combs through it with his fingers. She doesn’t seem to mind as long as he’s gentle. He slowly works through the knots, but some patches are so matted, there’s nothing he can do. He continues to play with her hair anyway. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 23

<< Chapter Twenty-TwoTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Four >>


Chapter Twenty-Three – Last Chance to be Happy

The earlier crying wears Heaven out, and eventually, she goes slack against Bellamy’s chest. Trying to get comfortable is difficult with thirty pounds lying across his bruised ribs, but he manages as best he can. His hand smooths down her hair like he did that first night. She moans, reaching out for him but doesn’t wake so he slides her higher until her fingers twist in his hair and she lets out a sigh.

The infirmary is quiet. That should be a good thing—no new catastrophes today—but it’s leaving Bellamy with nothing to do besides think. And remember. That’s always dangerous.

He’s lost track of how many people he’s directly and indirectly killed. Hundreds at a time by misguided decisions. Dozens by his own hand. He shivers, remembering the first. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 22

<< Chapter Twenty-OneTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Three >>


Chapter Twenty-Two – We’ve Been Looking All Over For You

Bellamy hears a keening noise in the distance before they turn the last corner to Medbay. His heart catches when he realizes what the sound is, and he picks up his pace without waiting for Kane. He’s nearly to the door when Jackson rushes out.

“There you are,” he says with a relieved sigh. “We’ve been looking all over for you.”

He follows the doctor inside, heart racing. Abby is pacing back and forth across the room with Heaven in her arms. The little girl is screaming, back arched, face red and tear-stained.

“Found him,” Jackson shouts over the crying.

“What’s going on?” Bellamy asks although it’s pretty obvious.

And just like that, the screaming stops. Heaven’s head snaps around. She squirms until Abby puts her down then she runs, bare feet slapping against the cold deck, right into Bellamy’s arms. She buries her face in his neck and starts bawling. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 21

<< Chapter TwentyTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Two >>


Chapter Twenty-One – Like a Coward

Somehow Bellamy ends up in the cargo hold. It’s as good a place to hide as any.

Hide like a coward.

He doesn’t remember hitting the wall, but pain screams up his arm. He ignores it, sliding down the wall to sit. He jams the heels of his palms into his eyes until they feel like they might explode. Color blobs pop in his vision when he opens them again.


He needs to get a grip, but the sick feeling in his stomach won’t settle. He takes deep breaths, counting to ten before letting each one out like his mom taught Octavia to do when she was scared.

It’s not doing much for him now, though. He bangs his head against the wall as the tears finally fall. He hasn’t let himself cry before. Not over this. He doesn’t get to cry over this. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 20

<< Chapter NineteenTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty-One >>


Chapter Twenty – The Question of the Day

No one answers Raven. Miller picks up his chair and sits back down next to Bryan. Bellamy scoops Murphy’s spilled food into his discarded bowl with a sigh. Clarke just stares at the table. Her knee isn’t touching his anymore, and it leaves him feeling cold.

Raven keeps looking around the table. “What? What did I miss?”

“We’re going to have to do something about him,” Bellamy finally says, pressing at the sore spot between his eyes.

“Murphy?” says Miller. “I say we jump him out back and steal his lunch money.”

Bellamy sighs. “I mean Jasper. He’s not getting better. And he didn’t want to be in here in the first place. He’s a loose cannon.”

Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 19

<< Chapter EighteenTable of Contents | Chapter Twenty >>


Chapter Nineteen – We’re Not Calling Her Petunia

As they walk to the mess hall, Clarke rubs it in that he missed some real food at breakfast. Eggs and ham and spinach. He tries to look angry, but the smile on her face sets his heart fluttering, and he has to spend the entire time trying not to grin like an idiot.

A shot of energy bolts through his arm when she accidentally brushes against him.

Get a grip, Blake, the voice tells him. Before she realizes you’re a desperate fool.

Probably too late for that.

When she continues to bump into him, he starts to wonder if maybe it isn’t an accident. The flutter in his heart moves to his stomach. She grins up at him when she realizes he’s staring.

Like. A. Desperate. Fool. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 18

<< Chapter SeventeenTable of Contents | Chapter Nineteen >>


Chapter Eighteen – She Hasn’t Stabbed Me With a Pencil Yet

Bellamy ignores the stares and hushed comments as they navigate the dull corridors of the Ark. He always felt so confined growing up. Their space was finite—nowhere to spread out. Nowhere to escape or be alone. This is worse. The Ark was massive, as small as it felt sometimes. The wreck of Alpha station is suffocating. He feels like the walls are closing in already. He tries to push away the thoughts, but they creep in when he’s not thinking about anything else.

Lost in thought, he nearly collides with someone as they turn the corner. Niylah stumbles back, eyes wide in shock.

“Sorry.” Bellamy’s already stepping around her.

“What happened to your face?” She sounds genuinely concerned.

Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 17

<< Chapter SixteenTable of Contents | Chapter Eighteen >>


Chapter Seventeen – They’re So Cute At That Age

Bellamy ignores Kane’s shouted orders to come back. He really doesn’t care and has more important things on his mind. Let him fire me. Solves my problem. There’s nothing wrong with being a tailor.

The voice laughs because he knows Bellamy could never give up the responsibility.

It takes a good twenty minutes of walking before he starts to calm down. He finds himself among the makeshift homes families have built out of whatever scraps they could find. Arkadia is becoming a village.

Was becoming

Read more…

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